Thursday, September 25, 2008

Form Of Relaxation

*Swings out vacuum cleaner*

*Vacuums dust and cobwebs*


I can almost hear the cringing sound of my fingers as I'm typin this sentence. It's been ages since I blogged and in fact, I have no idea how to kick off nor how exactly going about to write an entry. Previously I was dying to blog, because I have so many events that I haven't jotted them down here yet. But as I dwell on deeper in my "sleep" mode, or rather extreme relaxation, the urge seems to be diminishing with every second I spent walking aimlessly around the house.

So the two-week trips was fantastic (maybe not as great as before because I didn't get any fresh country air) but still, shopping was good and I manage to haul in some Harry Potter merchandise to add on to my beloved collection. Plus, I had a good company of my family, and my close friends.

Currently, Sis and I have been obssessed with this Hong Kong drama serial, Moonlight Resonance. It all began when we were in Macau (it was pretty boring IMO) and we stayed in the hotel watching all the good TV shows.

The only thing is, each episode is one-hour long, and I'm only onto Episode 3. The DVDs were rented so by right, they had to be returned yesterday. Sis went to check out with the auntie and she was kind enough to let us extend for a while more (which means I have to rush throughout tonight and tomorrow!).

I have it in ButtPop but there won't be any English subtitles. Knowing by my standards of Cantonese, I might as well not watch it without them. 0-0


I am still very much liking the blogosphere, checking the updated blogs and reading the interesting stories but I don't spend as much time anymore.

Since Daddy had completely thrown off the idea of buying Star World/MTV/AXN for me on Starhub Cable, I had to turn to the Internet for my dose of Gossip Girl S2, Heroes S2 and Desperate Housewives S5. It's so hard to find and keep up with these many dramas!

During this period, I did some Art & Craft:

And from another angle..

 Kudos to CrowdedTeeth for the creation. I'm going to make a few more when I finally get down to printing them out. Heh.

Speaking of ART, I am tempted to edit Xiaxue's ugliest photo (or so she claim) in her lastest entry. See if I'm up for it tonight. Hur. Already dragged it onto my desktop by the way (ya, I know you might see it as pointless).


With much regrets, the house still isn't ready to invite guests over (I don't care I'm going to throw a sleepover). The place in SK is no longer available.

 My baggage when I packed them.
And I moved over. Don't be surprised my living room still pretty much look like that. *major sighs* 
*Murmurs under breath* Because dad and sis refuses to clear their loot, always saying, "Will get it done by this weekend...." *coughs*

But I adore the spacious kitchen, and the lovely green colour I picked. The platform is very much neater than in the picture.
My room is still a mystery, and getting very messy...
As I recall the last time I hang out with a couple of friends at the pub, we were talking a lot on life, is that right?

 It's was a nice mini get-together session with them.

Lamont loved this drink so Kym and I decided to give it a shot.
When school resumes, I'm still going to see Kym because I'm in the same class as her for two modules. Heh. 
The GREAT news is, I'm in the same class with many close friends! The girl gang is finally back together. I am also one step closer to graduation and many goals I've set (yes, even with the pathetic grade I got for this semester).
To end this on a good note, I shall wish my little sweetheart Happy Birthday! You've grown so much and so clever despite your rebelliousness and poor health. I love you!

Do you like your Birthday suit that I bought for you? Don't you think it looks as if your face is printed on it? Heh. Powered by Blogger.