Thursday, August 27, 2009

"New Dragon"

Just so if you're bored and want to watch a mini performance:

Spot me! And I think the video is badly taken! :(

P.S. Start from 00:30 onwards if you want to save time. Heh.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okay maybe it's just me but I haven't seen or heard any advertisements on Sing$.

It was only when barflies start plugging them on Plurk that we made a last minute decision to catch it. Indeed, it was a decision well-made. :)

This musical includes some of the the major local performers - Kumar, Hossan, Dim Sum Dollies, Lim Kay Siu, Sebastian and Najip - and they're all so good at what they're doing!

Not only do they sing well,  they are also funny! We caught the final show and the seats were almost all filled from the first floor to the last!

The 150min-long comedy has incorporated some of the political issues Singaporeans face such as the Durai case and the recent Ming Yi scandal.

I especially enjoyed the Michael Jackson tribute which Hossan danced to Jacko's number.

All in all, the conversations were witty and funny. The characters accurately reflecting each stereotypes they fall into (very sad but very true). I must also add that the set designs were excellent. It was a drama that we enjoyed very much, if not for the poor choice of seating.

Like what Kumar jested at the beginning of the show,

Cannot see me har? Then pay more to watch lah!

This information booklet was given on site. I absolutely adore the design! I hope I can create something like that one day. :/

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So last Monday marks my third entry into the location I'd like to call "Haybee" since some time back (just because it rhymes well and I can sing to it).

Well since I've been keeping my passport, I think it only makes sense if I start utilizing it. :P

The reason I was there is to get some rice, gum, my Safari plasters! and basic necessities, but as you know, shopping don't end just like that so easily. Heh.

Am I the only person who detests that the White Card system is back on? It's really damn leh cheh. Not to mention filling my particulars in a moving car with a shitty pen.

I was admittedly behaving like a little girl because I've never really drove (driven in this case) into JB before, so it was rather exciting.

The first stop of the journey was Tesco and midway there the driver actually took a wrong turn and we ended up in some ulu highway that scare us a little (one way only you see). It was after 10 mins of driving on, and making stupid jokes about ending up in KL that we see a huge U-turn. Phew. Talk about loosening up the atmosphere.

The Mamee/Twisties were very affordable over there, but didn't get any. Two packs of 10 for RM5!

Basically, I also strolled along the aisles of other foods to see whatever I can get before I found this:

For some odd reason the car was left with a shop that does the exterior cleaning (which I think is well-deserved, tsk) while we shopped at some Plaza (can't recall exact name).
I practised good self-discipline by not visiting any shops that sell clothes. I decided to check out the hand-me-down books sale downstairs.
Almost bought this book:
Just kidding. Even if I have the lyrics, I don't know how the tune goes. 
Howdy, go wild? Yeeha?

There were really odd titles as well -

In the end I bought the books that look great (the vintage kind) instead, figured I can double up and use them as decorations in the future. :D

These include "The Winged Seed" and "The Great Gatsby", just to mention a couple.

I was supposed to bring the driver to good food places - I only knew two - the Taiwanese-styled Cafeteria and Japanese restaurant, which I do not have the addresses at all! So there's no way I could guide the way there. :( Sigh.

Anyway, dinner was settled opposite the Old Town Coffee place I went the last time with Alan, Shy and Co. to eat Tze Char.

Mommy called then, and in time of panic, I ordered a funny new drink:

I couldn't get used to it at the first sip, but the taste grows on me. It's a great drink to simmer the fire on the palate.

The grilled foods were tasty (but damn spicy to me) and I love the mangoes (just the way I like it - sweeeeeeet) !!!!

I had the craving to eat 田鸡, in addition to the “老鼠粉” (when I was younger I always thought they were rats' tails chopped off and cooked =,=") we ordered.

I was damn stuffed when we were done. The digesting part was spent at a DVD store *coughs* viewing the movies/dramas/songs discs avaiablle. See only.

By the time I reached home it was rather latee, but it was a fulfilling trip! Thank you Friend. :)

P.S. I bought five packs of the plasters! Yay.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Two Whom Still Make Me Smile

About a fortnight ago, it was time for us three to meet up again.

Fung only joined us after Up in 3D (which was fantastic by the way, and I'm so going to get the hard copy {or the like *coughs*}).

I realised a trend recently. We only meet up for a while for short talks, of which 50% of it was tainted by army talk! That means it left me texting away. Hahaha. I shall strive towards the board game outing that should have happened a long time ago.

Though we've already oddly stopped discussing in-depth about our life, I'm still glad I have you both in my life.  :)


Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ai Tong School Revisited

Last week DI had the chance to perform for Ai Tong's Alumni to celebrate its 85th Annivesary.

It was a Saturday afternoon that I have to revisit my Primary school in a grand total of what, 7.5 years? I cannot describe the emotions that run over me that day. It was mixed one with nostalgia and bits of sadness.

The Koi pond (left) that used to seem big to me now looks so tiny. It was also the venue where my classmate got pushed into after provoking another slightly deranged classmate.

Obviously I feel fuzzy about standing at the venue where I grew up for six years - my favourite hangout (the newly air-conditioned library then; And I love the Magic Fish book that is glittered and textured!), my favourite canteen stall (selling laksa and seaweed chicken), my favourite spot to play Starfish and badminton etc.

But on the other hand, I can't help but think time have passed by so quickly, it slipped through my fingers. It's one of those moments to sigh and think, "What if I can go back 10 years...", and to set all things right again, you know?

So as I walked around the school (and I think I talk a little too much because I keep pointing at random rooms and squeal "oh that's my chemistry lab room!", "oh that's the Science Garden and my friends always catch spiders there to scare me!"), images of my friends and I replay in my head. The alphabet/line/row that my class is seated during assembly, the sick bay which I visited when I accidentally punch a staple into my index finger and the toilets which were banned of toilet paper because the upper Pri lians keep on throwing them up on the ceiling.

If you're wondering why I only took two pictures if I miss ATS so much, it's because the camera ran out of battery! Darn.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Upcoming SOYJOY Roadshow

Two days.

Thursday + Friday.

12PM - 8PM.

Suntec Citilink (near Flash & Splash, Charles & Keith & Godiva Chocolate).

SOYJOY sampling and product knowledge.

Image from

Emcee - You say leh?

Go there.

Support + play games with me.

Karma, see it? Okay? :)

Thank you in advance. 

P.S. I sincerely hope Bellatrix Lestrange & Fenrir Greyback will avoid that venue for these two days because I really wish my mood not to be affected.

Note: Bellatrix Lestrange & Fenrir Greyback are just monikers to whom they are in real life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

New Haircut

Thiang haz a new haircut on yesterday:
What say you? :)
Note: This is one of the posts I wished I can ban some IP Addresses from. *coughs* bla... *coughs* Oh well. BE OBJECTIVE!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pasar Malam

The last time I been to a pasar malam was some time last year. So it came as a surprise when a pasar malam that lasted more than a week stopped by under my housing estate!

It was a Friday afternoon and surprisingly, Sis and I were chilling at home, both lazy and complaining about the non-existent lunch. We decided to go for a SHORT walk downstairs and see if we can grab any food.

As I picked up the keys, QQ made a weird yap and gave "the puppy look", with her tail wagging. Apparently she wants to come along with us. Sis was skeptical but I managed to persuade her.

QQ normally needs time to warm up before she can behave well outside. 
Though she did give us a bit of hell downstairs, I kept her in control.

Ah there! :)
Note: Uncle from the Chicken Chop stall asked if I want to let QQ mate with his male MS. (0,0!)

NY Restaurants

We had lunch last week at Illuma (the new Bugis shopping mall) and settled for Empire State because Sheylara recommended that dining place (according to my makan kaki that is.)

Since it was a new mall, the place is relatively big, smells nice and spanking new seats. We sat at the dome area while waited patiently for our food.

Our appetizer was their Mushroom soup that says, "Must try!". And indeed it is. It was so damn yummy.

We shared a pizza and the bacon chilli dog (which also has the sign! but tasted quite....bleh), but packed away half the pizza home, which ended up as my lunch the following day. :P

The restaurant's concept is very much like New York New York and NYDC (yeah because they're all from America) but I think this one does stand out a little more with appetizing food! In the menu there's a hugeass picture of their jumbo burger (something like NYNY's, only bigger), and I'm not sure if anybody can finish it alone.

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