Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I Blame It On Microblogging!

Thanks to other micro-blogging platforms like Twitter and Facebook (where I am very active), I have been neglecting my REAL blog! Perhaps I should consider cutting down the time spent there and channel my energy here instead.

Feeling guilty about it now. Bleah. Schoolwork is piling up like one big pile of scrap paper.

I've been procrastinating waaaaay too much, played too much and even spent money on unnecessary things (I'm on a mission to save money for a July trip)!

Recently, I bought this handmade broomstick necklace (HP inspired) from Etsy:

Very pretty, madly in love with it, but later realised it doesn't go with a lot of my outfits and the handle broke off on the first day I wore it. -,- Never mind that because I've already fixed it with superglue. Heh.

Also, bought my first non-sale item from Zara:

Zara Basic khaki trench coat

I chose the one above the knee because I'm bloody short. There are other prettier designs but not available if you want them shorter in length. 

Fine, I used a voucher. If not I wouldn't be able to afford it.  Initially I purchased it for the ION Pets' Day Out "fashion show" to match my outfit with QQ, but they didn't want QQ to wear her yellow trench coat either. :( Oh well, gonna wear this in July!

In the midst of preparing for mid-terms and projects, I had the audacity to spend my nights playing LAN with Porcupine, Fung and Onion. 0,0

Before that we had New York New York, just because we're sick of the food in AMK Hub. :/

We shared the biggest ice-cream bowl ever, and I didn't even like it.

On a happier note, in February I won the second prize for International Volunteerism Photojournalism Competition 2011 with this picture I took in Nepal:

A gemeinschaft society: Students at Shree Tauthali Primary School forming a circle in the open fields, hand in hand, ready for a sing-along sesion.


On the day we engaged in outdoor learning, a bright patch on his soiled pants caught my eye. His family was too poor to even afford needle and thread. A band-aid on his buttocks? There, problem fixed.

The prize presentation was held at ITE East College, where the NYC-IVA International Volunteerism Seminar 2011 took place well. The place was very well set up, displaying all the past and current projects. 

The turnout was quite huge, filling up the entire function hall. It was also my first win in a photojournalism competition, so it's a huge achievement for me okay! :3 The other picture I sent it in was also nominated (published in the booklet they handed out but not uploaded on their Facebook site), so happy. Hehe. 

Here's the winning photo, by Ke Jia from SMU:

Learning is a blessing, teaching is a gift
Eager students peer through a hole at their foreign teachers. Corruption and financial constraints have caused a severe shortage of teachers, depriving students access to precious resources. As foreign teachers, we try our best to fill the void in education, as a way to ensure progress in Nepal.

And 3rd prize winner goes to Shyan from NTU:

Her son calls to instruct the caretaker but refuses to speak to her

Forgotton Faces
This project seeks to address the rising trend of "discarding' old folks in Singapore. As children grow up to set up their own families, the old folks are often seen as a burden, living together and providing care for them have become a chore. Therefore many send their old folks to homes or simply house them in a 1-room HDB flat. And these 'homes' where they are living in, are not where their family is. And slowly, the frequency of visits reduces, eventually they will be totally severed from their children, living seperate lives.

Our pictures exhibited behind the audience

I was representing SIM, and I'm the only female (Shamelessly plugging this to disprove stereotypes about my school and females)! I met this cocky retired man who was being an ass trying to put me down and having the elitist view on adopting kids from third world countries, so I countered his argument and walked up the stage with the "WHAT UP" attitude (if you watch HIMYM), back at him. Yes, I'm egotistical like that. 

Then two weeks back there was this phenomenon called the Supermoon where the Moon is closest to the Earth, so I took a snapshot from my phone before I went to bed. Not very big from the way I see it, but super bright. 

The next day, it was my monthsary with Porc but I had a hosting project at *Scape, so we didn't celebrate it. But his little gesture of slipping a card into my bag surprised me. 


A Job Well Done... a girlfriend, a host, a daughter
... ...
On the other hand, I haven't done anything in return since Valentine's Day. 3:X Okay lah, I have plans in mind and still progress. Just got to get my school work out of the way first...

Friday, March 18, 2011

Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party 2011 x Upcoming Weekend Appearances

 The hippest party last weekend - Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party - was held at the Red Dot Design Museum, The location was previously kept secret, and only made known to the invited guests! I was lucky to be part of the scene at thanks to NuffnangSG that I won the invites.

I had dinner with my buddy before that, and this was what I wore for the event.

My super tight origami-ish dress but I love it. It's a gift from the BF.  <3

We reached pretty early at 9p and already the people have started partying. Many guests were taking  in front of the backdrop in front of the museum. We skipped that went straight ahead to get ourselves verified. :3

Cute little Johnnie on my arm. :D

The registration took longer as usual because Johnnie Walker had decided to make use of social media to spread the joy. At the entrance, each guest had to log into our Facebook, Foursquare and Twitter account, and sync it with this tag:

 We wore this silicon bracelet throughout the night to 'check-in' at different parts of the venue - Toyko Room, London Room.. 

This is something new, a social media platform named to enhance consumer engagement. Each bracelet is tagged with an ID number and when we tapped in at the check-in machine, we will automatically be 'checked in' at the party and will update on our FB/Twitter/4Square accounts.

See how my buddy did it - just by tapping and after a beep sound, it's done.

You can read more about at Johnnie Walker Party on DK's blog.

Also, there is a wall that showcases a list of guests that have arrived at the party. Can you spot my name?

The party also prepared a microsite to show the guests who were present at the party:

I couldn't find mine, only the bf's.

This is the first room guests will arrive in, also a cozy area to catch up, network etc. Chio!

Guests were served free-flow Johnnie Walker Black Label whiskey in special concocted cocktails. Alternatively, you get have it neat or on-the-rocks.

The three of us enjoyed the awesome music by DJ Skribble, who kept the crowd pumpin' with energy.

There were also model/dancers performing on the stage.

Dressed in elaborate costumes, they tried to bring out the spirit of Tokyo in the Tokyo Room.

My hands are too short, I cropped out the boyfriend. :/

Also, I bumped into DK, Nadnut and CCB! And later, Cordelia too. Heh.

Can't believe just the night before, we were clicking away on our mouse, playing L4D2 and Counter Strike. Haha. My other buddy refused to come because he doesn't drink. Sob.

Forgot the name of this drink but it tastes milky and sweet. Hurhur. Got a little tipsy!

I love how the furniture at the event is nicely customised to let Johnnie the man glow in bright yellow. :D I just hoped they had seats, my legs were aching from standing for so many hours without a break. :(

Met Anggeckgek for the first time and she offered me some perk-me-up tablets, Fresh Up, to prevent hangover the next day. Sweet!

Oh each guest was also given a Johnnie Walker pin, Keep Walking.

Spotted on Johnnie Walker's FB page, thanks to Nad for tagging! :)

We left early because we all had a long day, but at the entrance, the queue was looooooooong it looked like we missed out the fun-nest parts. :/

At a quick glance, I saw models, bloggers, celebrities... all svelte and looking smokin' hot. But now, looking forward to the race!

Tired, dishevelled, but happy! Err, I look a bit naked here, as though I'm holding on to my dress that's falling off, but really it's not.

Anyway, I'm finally hosting for an event again. This time it's at The Cathay for J-Obsession. I'll be there tomorrow and on Saturday.

Friday, 18 March 2011, 6.30 - 9.30p
Saturday, 19 March 2011, 2 - 9.30p

If you happen to drop by, say hi! I haven't done this for quite a while, hopefully I don't screw things up!

On Sunday, I'll be walking down a 'green carpet' with QQ outside ION Orchard for a doggie fashion show! So excited for my little girl, her debut fashion show, haha. I'll be thankful if she doesn't bark at every. single. stranger. there.

It'll be held outside the main entrance of ION Orchard, at the "garden" area that was set up for the show. I think the walk will be at 11am.

Speaking of Love by the Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan Drama Troupe (where I was from) will also be performing at the Drama Centre, National Library this weekend. Tickets can be bought through Sistic, or me, at $25 each. 

One more show has been added on Sunday night.

I'm also helping out (a lil') in the costume department. Heh.

What an exciting weekend!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Good Life

Gearing up for tomorrow's Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party! Yes I won the contest! So excited! I still have extra invites so if you wanna come, just drop me a message or something. :D

"The ultimate VIP race party"


A little random but I found a couple of pictures I took at St.Regis when I went there to attend a wedding dinner in January.

It was the grandest wedding I've ever seen, what with a dancefloor (and guests actually filled them up rather quickly and danced!), live band,  and dishes served individually.

This was the appetizer/ cold dish. So freakin' yummy.

No wonder St.Regis is known as atas! Even the door gift is so pretty. An exquisite papercut box filled with Hershey's chocolates and a cup warmer.

 Note the table setup! We had like 6-8 utensils by our sides we didn't know which one to use. 0,0

Can't believe I dressed down for the event because P said," Aiyah, is you getting married or people getting married??" It turned out that almost every girl in the room came in a gown, 4" stilettos, hair and face all specially done up. Arse.

So anyway the food is really nice and I stopped taking pictures after this coz' I was just focusing on eating.

The happy couple also had their photoshoot with this foreign photography studio and I LOVE IT.  The theme was so cute - Love Polarity.

Congrats Shu Yee and Gundy, have a blissful marriage! 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cafe De HongKong 新天地小厨

The best way for bloggers to bond is to have a good chat over good food. HP and I organized a mini dinner for old friends to gather during Lunar New Year and after much consideration, decided to try out Cafe De HongKong.

The restaurant is located at 586 Balestier Road, near Thomson Road. Most of the bloggers were late except Tracy, Janessa and myself!

But nobody could be as late as....Terence. He came nearly three hours after the meet up time, and we had nearly finished our dinner!

From left to right: Janessa, HP, Tracy, Clarence, Jian Hao and a bit of Carlsson.

Over the phone, I had pre-arranged 9 dishes (plus Yu Sheng! It's a must!) for all of us.

Our first dish was Supreme Tofu, which left me wanting for more.

The Stir Fried You Mai Cai with Dace Fish & Black Bean may look a bit cui here but is actually pretty yummy.

Jian Hao completely focussed on munching while Carlsson is reluctant to kiap veggies for Joanna.

Fortune Seafood Roll

Roast Chicken

Mongolian Porkchop

My favourite dish and Cafe De HongKong's house special - Fish Roe Fried Rice.

Joanna likes it too.

Golden Prawn with Salted Egg Sauce

Last but not least, the grand finale: Yu Sheng

We all had a super fun time during Lo Hei.

Will definitely see this group of bloggers soon! 
Cafe De HongKong - 

Contact: 6255 3865
Email Address:

Business hours: 11.30 am to 3.00 pm | 5.00 pm to 12.00 MN
They are closed on Mondays, except Public Holidays. 

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