Thursday, April 26, 2012


I was away for a looooooong time without any prior notice!

The past few months have been really busy, and yeah I sure can be more hardworking but I didn't. *guilty* :X And then it comes to a point where I actually fear blogging because I don't know how to start and everything sounds awkward. But I really miss blogging so I'm just gonna speed-blog anyway!

Here's what I have been busy with:

After Chingay, I met up with my friends from UB for Ramen at The Gallery Hotel. It's super hard to find, but ramen totally worth the search.  I vaguely remember that I've been there once with my ex-boss when interning at his events firm.


That same night I went on a solo Thaipusam trip for my school assignment (Spring semester has just begun and already bombarded with work!).

It was a very interesting experience. My boyfriend had to work the following day so he couldn't come with me, and also he hated crowds, so I had to go alone.  I didn't dare to enter the temple initially because I stood out from the rest of the followers, and I wasn't there to pray but just looking silly with my camera, so I observed by the fence outside.  Then the smoke got thick and I got tired from standing, so I decided to just enter the sacred holding place.

I also spoke to a few of the believers in temple as they get ready. Witnessed actual piercings. It was fascinating.  The place was mad packed though, had sweaty bodies swiped my face several times as they try to make their way out of the temple after 12am.


Two days later,  my boyfriend went to the Timberland Rough Seas launch with me at One Fullerton by the pier.  We had lots of fun with other bloggers there (Bai capture instant photo machine is GREAT) and tried on their latest shoe designs (anti-slip, even against water). 


Then on Valentines' Day, I did a personal shoot project thing with Sam and Hoong for their portfolio for a competition. I hope I helped and not ruin their chance of even getting an interview. :/ 

It was scorching hot that morning, and we went all the way to (the ulu part of)Woodlands!  By noon time after lunch, I was super drained.  That was really really fun though.  This is one of my favorite shots from that day. :)


In February, we also went to catch Wongfu Live! in Singapore at Suntec City. It was quite a letdown though. The queue was long, and it was free seating. Some of the (young) fans have started queuing since 12pm! Walao. My boyfriend only knocked off in the evening 有没有。 Our seats were quite far back, couldn't see Wongfu at all.  Also! Ted wasn't even IN Singapore. Like what the hell, then I pay money to see them for what?

Wesley (left) and Phillip (right) kept us fairly entertained throughout the two hours.  They mostly talked between them, cracked a couple of jokes, and we watched some of the productions (again).   Overall, I thought it was quite a waste of money and time. :(


March came and the first event we attended was Oasia Hotel's Blogger Party at The Living Room (on the 22nd floor with a panoramic view and outdoor lap pool!). We had a tour of the rooms and other facilities as well.


A few days later I hosted another Cosplay event at The Cathay!  That gig lasted for 3 days. Every year, I get to know them (both cosplayers and musicians) a little better, or at least I appreciate the Japanese culture, which also made me want to visit Japan so bad! :/

J-Obsession 2012 left an impression because the participants had put in so much effort, I met some amazing girls, and also found out that my best buddy's ex-best buddy was a performer and sings DAMN well in Japanese. :D


The following day, I flew off to Taiwan with my family.  Because my dad insisted on this 2-week trip, I had to cut classes and missed exams to make it possible. I was so exhausted by the end of every day since I planned the itinerary, guided my family to unfamiliar destinations,  and still have to meet deadlines at night.   But we covered quite a number of places on this trip! I am hoping to blog about it separately.  Hehe.


The month of April holds three days that are birthdays to the three most important people in my lives.  We celebrated the birthdays at two different dimsum venues: one at Swee Choon (Y I DUNNO ABOUT THIS YUMMY PLACE) with Tea Cosy's cupcakes, and another at this small shophouse coffesop along Upper Thomson Road (ee, not nice one, don't go).

Gonna celebrate my loverboy's birthday this coming week! :)

After I came back from Taiwan, I hopped on board another Hokkien Huay Kuan drama production - Newsy.  Took on the role of graphic designer (mostly), cum photographer cum makeup assistant.

Really proud of my design works though! Haha. It was all done on a very short notice okay, mai hiam. 

Anyway, really loved production periods coz' the rehearsals were so funny, great bonding sessions and I saw Baby's passion again. We also grew closer during this period of time. <3 

Just two weeks ago, I went down to Raffles City for the Spring Illusion Fashion Show and tried out the augmented reality shopping experience. Pretty cool to try it in real life! (In late 2010, my UB friends and I did a project on augmented reality and suggested during our presentation that it could be used for shopping. This is now REAL! How cool is that?)


That weekend, my loverboy accommodated to my request to go to a carnival organised by SCGS.  The tickets were already bought during Chinese New Year from my cousin! Pay already then don't go meh? Gotta admit that the parking was a bitch though. We waited so long we completed a karaoke session in the car. :P


Hours later, we met up with Royston and Si Yu to go Sentosa. Us girls are ready to run the Nike Goddess BFF 5K Run! I've NEVER done a 5K before so I am satisfied with my results, especially when I haven't ran in years.  The boys were there to support us, and clearly to ogle at girls too (>,<) (there were nearly 5000 of them!).

All the runners' name were printed on the board but I gave up after 5 minutes. It was pouring and we were shagged and sweaty.  The cold hotdog bun given to the finisher was really blah.

When asked about how I feel after the run, I answered,

"5K was a lot farther than I thought"
 After 3KM, it got quite bad. Had to pause and rest for every 250m or so. Lousy.  I also CLEVERLY signed up for 10K at Sundown Marathon next month.  #fail

I better start running more  if I don't want to collapse during the run (very paiseh).


Last week, my romantic relationship officially turned 2 years old! These two years were not easy, but I'm so glad we made it. So many of our friends have placed bets as to how long we would last before, and none of them bet more than 6 months. Yet here we are, 24 months and happy. :)  I love you TCG! <3


Currently studying for my final exams this week; and having rehearsals for another drama production (and this time I am acting in it!). I iz very happy to have a role in the show, albeit a small one, and act alongside the veterans in the industry. ^^

Tickets are already for sale on Sistic! We'll (the boyfriend too!) be performing at the Drama Centre on June 16. :)

Okay gonna start studying now, shall blog soon! Powered by Blogger.