Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cafe Del Mar Relaunch Party 2010

July has been a very electrifying month.

First I have my new Mac (yes!) and I have also successfully converted Sis and Dad to a Mac user too. Heh.

Secondly, I managed to sell away my pair of extra Jay Chou concert tickets and am looking forward to his show this coming weekend! I bet fans in Singapore will be bowled over by just his mere presence.

Thirdly, I'm back to working part-time (hate the hours but at least it's paying for my meals) and sold my PSP too.

Then there's also my Bintan trip which I enjoyed tremendously, looking forward to travelling again.

It's also a month of parties, only that it began last month with Cafe Del Mar's (CDM) Relaunch Party 2010! Love the ice sculpture by the buffet table for us VIPs. :D

CDM advertised at Catalog magazine for this event and I'm thrilled to have won VIP invites + a $50 F&B to spend on the actual day! A pity Green Man couldn't join in the fun because he has to work (sigh).

The last time I visited CDM was about the year back, frolicking by their pool and having shooters. I still love the bar-by-the-pool concept by the way, still uber cool.

I had the company of female friends instead, and because Mei Jun also won VIP invites, we could bring in more friends!

Upon arrival, we registered in exchange for wristbands and goodie bags. Yes she looks so happy because the goodies in the bag was pretty awesome - we each have a pair of sunshades, a notebook, tag necklace, bracelet and vouchers.

Check out the shades with the word "Cafe Del Mar" carved on it.

We had used the voucher on their Mixed basket.Because the weather was terribly humid, we had found a quiet spot by the corner to while away 6 hours. Hur.

I was the only one who had an alcoholic drink, and although it was recommended on the menu, this concoction of Tequila and redbull tastes horrible! It should have been "Must Not Try!", yikes.

Since it was a party, there were activities lined up and we decided to explore the vicinity. We were a little early, the flea market wasn't even set up! Haha.

Free ice-cream was available in four funky flavours. I had mine in Guinness and white chocolate. These were provided by Seventh Heaven, and apparently you can customize your own flavours too! Awesome.

We went on to visit Lyndia at her Tarot Card reading booth, where question reading was available. The girls wanted to ask on Relationships, so I followed suit and Hui Tian even recorded a video of my reading!

I got to say all her readings about us were pretty accurate, we might even consider doing a full reading with her! Don't know about you, but I kinda believe in Tarot Card Reading and Palm Reading and the likes. Hur.

The airbrush tattoo booth is probably the most popular amongst the scantily-clad bikini girls. We only went to do ours after they left (for obvious reasons!). Heh. Mine's a batman right at the back. I'm even more convinced to get my real one done. Hmm.

Paul & Joe had a booth by the entrance with two of their Princesses providing free makeover using their cosmetic products from its  new Summer collection.

Oh we had plenty of fun at this booth, it's also where the girls urged us to join their search for Miss Sahara 2010 in one of their upcoming event.

All we had to do was to upload a picture of ourselves with a P&J product on their Facebook page.

Here's what we took:
Mei Jun

Yong Lin

Hui Tian


In the end, I was the only one who sent my photo in and called for support in terms of voting on FB! -,-

Even the moisturizing  mist smells so nice, but more importantly helps to moisturise the skin and get rid of the icky sticky feeling on the face.

I found Claresta very familiar on the day I met her, yet we couldn't pinpoint how we'd met before. Hehe, but we became friends anyway! :D

By then it was 4pm and we had more time to kill, so we strolled along the beach, past Wavehouse...

... And began a string of beach camwhoring. 

Most of the time, I was helping the girls to capture glamourous pictures like that to replicate the feeling of a paparazzi shot. I must admit though I really do like some of the pictures I took of them. :p

Yong Lin insists on having emo shots instead. Just kidding!

Mei Jun have more than one of these stylish shots. The sky's so blue!

The lighting was ideal for camwhoring.

Hui Tian tried VERY hard to mimic after Mei Jun. Haha.

"Quick! Take a picture of me now! Very natural! Got wind! Hide my teeth!"
Then my camera died on me, and we depended on theirs for the rest of the night. The night scene was much more happening, with a lot of people streaming in enjoying the new food selection prepared by Cafe Del Mar, wine, booze, babes and photographers.

Special performers like fire-eating men entertained the crowd by the pool and outdoor daybeds.

Had a dip by the pool alone and talked chatted with a young English man (guy on left), quite a charmer, but Green Man is on the way! I think he was bored because his couple friend keep making out in the open and nobody talked to him. Haha.

We left soon after Green Man came to start the second part of the night.

Thank you Cafe Del Mar and Catalog for the outdoor fun!

 Love the goodies, keep it up! :)

P.S. Will be updating on Paul & Joe Miss Sahara contest next! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Rottweiler For Adoption

Reblogged from Bear:

(click to enlarge)

A female Rottweiler has been abandoned and now waiting for adoption. Sincere interested parties may contact Bear or Wei Xiang.

Please be a responsible dog owner. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Nuffnang: The Sorcerer's Apprentice!


In this entry, we're on a topic of my favourite genre - Fantasy and Magic. Disney Studios has once again prepped us for a spellbound journey in the upcoming movie The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

Produced by the same person who brought us The Pirates of the Caribbean, I am really eager to watch this movie starring Nicholas Cage(as Balthazar Blake) and Jay Baruchel(as Dave Stutler){last saw him in She's Out Of Your League and he's so funny}.

To create the magical feel of the movie, this is what I've created:
(click to enlarge)
It's from a tutorial I learnt HERE, and pictures from the official movie site. (Thank you!)

Here's the trailer if you haven't already seen it (they've been investing quite a bit in the big screen ads):

Of course I'm going to expect elements of magic like fire, water and even lighting! The cuts from the trailer are quite hilarious aren't they?

B: Every sorcerer needs, a nice pair of pointy shoes.

*B throws shoes to D*

D: These are old man shoes.

*D looks at B's black oxford pointy shoes*

B: Excuse me?

D: Er, I love them. A lot.

But if I were a sorcerer, I would want to possess the ability to teleport. or in Harry Potter terms, disapparate! Not flying, mind you, it's a spell/power used by witches/wizards/sorcerers to travel instantaneously.

I would then use my acquired skill to travel the world and bring news/information around the world to us. I'm no superhero so I doubt I can "save the world". Maybe I can help lost families reunite or help a person to travel with me to see their long-distance partner. Something like that would be cool.

Catch The Sorcerer’s Apprentice Movie starting from 22nd July 2010 and join the Walt Disney Studios Singapore official Facebook and Twitter page!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Litte Bit

Li Bing's Little Bit Shop carries customized canvas totes. Her blogshop is fairly new, so I decided to be one of customers and ordered mine to look like this:

Well I wanted a design related to my blog, hence the 'Thiang Strikes' and also because lightning bolt goes with 'strike', geddit? :p

Also, super in love with the shades of green and little triangles within the bolt! Heh.

I've already tried carrying my laptop in it, so it's pretty sturdy. You can get yours too if you like (do the Moley one!). :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Grandma Turns 67

Ah, the feisty woman.

At her age, she's having the time of her life now, travelling around the world every week/month, taking breaks in between to take care of her two grandsons. I really do hope she's happy.

It was a simple fare at her place, with a buffet line and a durian cake (her favourite).

Green Man overslept, he was supposed to join me and a few other friends for a swim first. Surprisingly, he took a bus with me instead.

Unlike the senior citizens I've encountered, this woman is neither frail nor gullible. She can still get the way she wants things to be done. Heh.

That's the whole extended family excluding dad, who had to work that night. Looking at my cousins growing up so fast makes me age a little faster (and I'm not even 21!). :(

Grandma pulled me close to her right before we took this picture. She said something in my ear that I wasn't supposed to tell anybody, but it was hard to resist! A warning for me not to introduce another new face to the family again after this, and I'll definitely work on it ma'am!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Catching Up With Plurkers

Mmm it's been raining the entire week, Singapore feels so damn refreshing once again. However, the bumps on my legs and arms have yet to recover at all! In fact, it just seemed to have gotten worse today again. Sigh.

Right now, QQ's enjoying the cool breeze at the balcony and looking at her just reminds me how unqualified I am to be a dog owner.

Anyway, when I returned from China, managed to meet up with Rach and TK for dinner. We went to Bugis area (I think ) for some herbal-ly Bak Kut Teh, tastes great but not cheap though.

It was the same night TK introduced me to Sogurt. Apparently I'm the last to know of the place. :(

1) Choose your cup size (for the yogurt!).
2) Dispense yoghurt from machine (DIY). They have a variety to choose from - Green Apple, Strawberry... they update it daily.
3) Add toppings (from near the cashier) if you want.
4) Weigh and pay up.

A big bowl of yogurt shared amongst the three of us costs $20. Expensive? Yes. Entrepreneur concept? Excellent. 

The chocolate-flavoured one may sounds nice in your head but erm, yucks. Aloe vera, almond slice and choco-balls are my favourite toppings.

Sogurt works with loyalty. For every $5 spent, you'll receive a stamp.
 Rach and TK bought a pair of the geeky specs and I fell in love with it. Hur. He also had the bloody bear soft toy from a kiap kiap machine. -,-


Dinner last week was with social media guru cum blogger, Daphnemaia and TK.

Yes, "coincidentally" TK was wearing the same shirt as the previous time I met him.

Thank you Daphne for queuing for us at Mr. Curry! Heh.

I had dined there twice before and rather like the place but after this trip, nah. Check out Daphne's pathetic Enoki Bacon - all shrivelled,  limp and cold! Yikes. And this dish costs $5.90. Outrageous.
Not enough manpower doesn't mean you should sacrifice the quality of the food!

My jar of fattening Matcha Latte.

It was a lazy Friday evening and we were all waiting for the football match to start, so we went Sticky to check out the candies. TK and DM were both mesmorized by the making process while I just can't decide on which jar/packet to buy and keep testing the samples. Hahaha.

<< This 'Yi Xuan' wanted a milk bottle design in her candy but we all thought it looked more like Changi's iconic airport control tower, no?

One last narcissistic picture before I head out - Shine Youth Festival and MAAD at Red Dot! Powered by Blogger.