Sunday, December 2, 2012

N.E.mation! 7 - Zenith & Madeforsam Working Hard!

N.E.mation is still in the midst of production and I'm pretty excited to see how the animations will turn out!

When I met up with team Zenith the first time, two of the team members weren't present. The two girls Sheryl and Felicia insisted that I should go down again to meet Janice and Sumithri because either one alone is "powerful" enough (in terms of energy and chat power LOL). True enough, when I first spoke to Janice, I immediately understood what they meant. HAHA. Shall attempt to take a video of her next.

Sheryl was forbade to join N.E.mation again this season because of the late nights/lack of sleep she has to go through, but she secretly signed up anyway and Zenith is now in the Top 10! Her parents were actually rather unhappy about it and even implemented a curfew!! She also shared that she was locked out of her room and she had to sleep on the couch.  But I really do admire her perseverance in wanting to be part of this despite having to go against her parent's wishes.  #BRAVE

Last year, they were so lethargic by the last day they slept till 5am the following day after finishing their animation LOL. After which they took the first bus to go home and sleep some more before coming back on Saturday to clean up. TALK ABOUT SENSE OF COMMITMENT!

So this year's game plan is to allocated tasks more efficiently, since Sumithri and Janice both have CCA commitments. Poor  Felicia is the one who can come back every single day to work on the animation:

She has brought along her big furry Pluto friend which is her birthday present from them last year. Awww. <3 br="br">

This year's project is more complicated than the last, because there are a lot more of prep work needed to be done - from cutting the paper/card details to painting it to give it more depth and liveliness - Zenith  girls even have to cut out backgrounds from thick cardboard which they find challenging.  7 Scenes in total!!!

Zenith girls want to challenge themselves and hope to do better than last year. They believe that they can because they have a much stronger story this year.  They are building on each other's strength to try and win this!

Sheryl said and I told her I would quote, "We should't compare with others, we should compete with ourselves..."  

Then all of us went EEEEEYEEER, hahahah.

Okay lah, very inspiring!

I still have yet to meet Sumithri, but was told she will always sleep on the floor, and the girls will always try to wake up her with a scary Korean song.  LOL.

When in crazy mode, Zenith also made friends with neighbour Royal Pototoes. Hahaha

* * * * *

Creative representation of themselves

Madeforsam are the only Dunman students who made it to Top 10. This all-girls team is extremely talented!  Their work shines through and you many have liked their work-in-progress images on the N.E.mation Facebook page! *happy for them*

Because of the intense clay scuplting, Zoe mentioned that her jacket has gotten dirtier and dirtier everyday.  Their "studio" is very very cold, so Xiao Cong wore her fur coat.

Madeforsam have also brought their furry friends into the studio to provide some company. A temporary bed was also set up in a corner for whoever needs a break.

At times when the girls get tired/sian, productivity will be low, BUT! Their energy level picked up after some rest (and fun!).

They also have guitars in the tent because 2 of the members were supposed to have guitar intensive training.  

The girls are the rather quiet kind, they prefer playing music while working. Once in a while, they  will "explode into a sugar rush", followed by bouts of mad laughter, then it all goes silent again.  Cycle repeats.  Funny group, aren't they? :)

Madeforsam respects each other's working space

Madeforsam can be described as a random, non-conforming group bursting with creativity.  I had a random encounter with Zoe where I was asking questions halfway when she offered me a candy cane, which I couldn't differentiate whether it's real (for consumption) because of the bandage quiz. What bandage quiz am I talking about???

Here it is:

They made the fake bandages look super realistic!!  Some were real, some weren't. So I thought she had molded a fake candy cane to trick me too, hehe.

Both teams told me that they are slightly behind schedule, so all of them need to "OT"!

So much hard work has gone into the animation and of course both teams really wish to win and go to USA for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

So please vote for them when the voting phase begins okay! Will update on my blog~ Powered by Blogger.