Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Way To The Press!

My comment that was sent to the forum the other day, received some strong response from this obviously well-educated man.

I had the urge to write back a short comment, but had no time and energy to do so. :( However, his second last paragraph was a bit sarcastic though. Hmmm.

It's ok. :D I got my 5 bonus marks anyway! Heh. While reading his entry, I actually have to Google the many English vocabulary words he used. Now, I think I've learnt more good words!

And then it was Ah Ma and Uncle:

It just so happen that my uncle and grandmother went to apply for a mass wedding organised by an external organisation and bumped into each other when making payment. I can almost imagine their expressions. Like the saying goes, like mother like son, cute. Haha.

The wedding dinner will take place on the last day of CNY, I can't wait. It's an important day for me as well. :)

* * *
On another note, I realised something: be it a backstabber, credit snatcher or two-headed snake, it all boils down to one thing - to push one's responsibility onto somebody else's shoulder, hypocrite. As long as I keep a clear conscience, I am fine.

P.S. It is hard to believe what I know. I thought you were funny and helpful, a loyal friend even though you appear cold . That's how far you've come. Tsk, I despise you. Oh, I think I also left out the rest who thinks they're innocent like a white dove. My ass. I may be younger and less knowledgeable, but I think I'm waaaaaay nicer.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Damn, I miss them so much.

Was browsing through Friendster for academic purposes (no, really) and went to look at my old pals' profiles.

I swear if time could turn back....

cliche, but true.


To the people I've been close with.
Sorry ... for everything I've done wrong.
Can you all come back please? :(

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Three Eventful Issues

1) Puking at the Loof

Happy Birthday Chelsea!

Thanks for inviting me. :)

First time to an atas(slang for high-class) pub.
9 good-looking,rich people who spoke fluent English.
1 very expensive, exquisite, unique birthday cake with 1 candle.

3 glasses of pure quality champagne and I'm down.
15 minutes of giddiness and one massive vomit on the floor.
1 hour of da-ing (slang for drinking continuously, one after another).
3am night riding.

At 6am, I slept.

* * *
2) The Need To Write This To ST Forum...

And it got published! :D Heh. Yay, 5 more bonus marks to Advertising (desperate attempt to earn them).

* * *
3) Pasar Malam on a Thursday night.

We were on the way home on a Thurs night after having a great dinner with Jie Wei. The Pasar Malam atmosphere was tempting, so we thought a quick walk wouldn't harm.

We were walking and looking and discussing excitedly about our childhood experiences at Pasar Malam when this Turkish guy stopped me, and gesturing me to come forward to his side.

Neng prodded my back and asked me to go over while he volunteered to take photos. 0,0

Well, one can't be too careful so I was apprehensive, thus this expression:

Because he just held my hand and asked to take the knife and cut the chicken meat on this machine! I haven't seen this before, but apparently it's barbecued chicken, which smells pretty nice by the way. But the heat was making me perspire. And I dislike sweating.

Later on it became fun. :P
I loving this boyfriend shirt I'm wearing because they don't expose much flesh, is cooling, and Neng says I look good in them. Heh. :D

Thing is, it doesn't belong to the boyfriend's, it belongs to my father. Hur.
The Turkish guy look a tad bit spastic here:

And anyway, I don't know if he's just joking or not, but when we're done cutting the meat, he went,

Ok now the fun is over, buy one.

I think he saw the stunned look on my face. :(

There was another interesting vendor that caught our eyes. Popsicles! But the flavours are carbonated, such like those we drink everyday.

The night was humid so we decided to purchase one stick each. Super old school, quenches the thirst, and very nostalgic. :)

The variety of flavours are labelled in coloured duct tape, all put into one big metal pushcart.

Neng, being the older and wiser and definitely child-like, bought a CNY songs compilation CD and a clock for me.

We were seriously considering getting one of the cheaper pyjamas and Spongbob Squarepants towel but the auntie wasn't nice.
Neng insists that I need one of these so that I can wake up in time, but obviously it didn't work that way because I stopped the alarm, and dropped dead again (today).

You may want to know which clock he got for me.

If your guess is the beep beep square face kind, then you're wrong.
We got the lime green small Keroppi Frog one. Heh.

Nostalgic ah, nostalgic. :D

Friday, January 25, 2008

Failure to Launch

The result, as of yesterday night, was 2/7.

It was 2/7 previously.

I don't see any improvement at all.
And I'm asking why. I think, the problem might lie with me? Or are they just difficult to deal with?

* * *
I got back my Feature Assignment 1 yesterday, and surprise surprise, I did pretty well without consult (I was expecting a D really).

* * *
Some Mass Communication female student is so bloody irritating.
1) Walks into the lift, talking on the phone. (I can't see her so I close the door when she was about to walk in) Gives me THE eye, turn her head, and continue her loud conversation, speaking with a slang.

2)Bump into her while taking the lift down again. Still talking on the phone, but this time round, Tasha and more people were in the lift. Irritating girl was standing in front of the buttons, blocked it, and not working on them. Merely stood there, hindering Tasha from working the buttons, and continued her chat.

3) Upon reaching her desired level, she walked out and her bag bumped into the sides of the door (if you know what I mean) on her own accord, thinking that somebody bumped into her or something. Halted for a second, rolled her eyes, before moving her skinny frame out of the path.

I overheard her saying "SPSS", she's at FMS what with her accent, I assumed she's a MCM Year 3. But wait, didn't my tutor said that Business students use SPSS, and speaks English too? She could have just came to find her Psychology friend or something.

Oh well.

Still, she's irritating the hell out of Tasha. :D

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Tsk, just when I thought she's a different adult (and that's perfectly fine if you know what you're doing etc.) , I saw a glimpse of her that's scary and snobbish.

And that just irks me.

Hur ho, careful.



F***ing Assholes

My conscious is clear, and I did my parts. But this is an angry post. More like helpless.

You guys f***ing were the ones saying we must do this do that, and assumed that I won't complete my work. Then, you guys took all the credit and I had to take the bullet from him.

F***, seriously, f***.

My 2 hours of "sleep" plus a f***ing hard time to wake up, and reprimanded by my dad after I woke up.

Staying in school till 11.15pm, dinner at 10.30pm, cabbing for $18, 2 pimples, in school at 8.30am, all in exchange for f***?

"Seriously ah, let's just go in and tell him we got nothing to show him and might as well we use the time to do the rest."


Thiang is such a Klutz

What a klutz!

klutz [kluhts] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation –noun Slang.
1.a clumsy, awkward person.
2.a stupid or foolish person; blockhead.

I'll justify.

For starters, when I found my lost items (the last one being the wallet I think), now I lost my new Debit card and my organiser (which is bought in the first place to make me less of a klutz).


And I AM foolish, always pleasing the wrong people and offending the right people. When will I ever do the right things to the right people?
* * *

Dated 30 Dec (walao, sibeh long ago). See, that's how busy (not lazy) a Mass Comm student in NP (I can't guarantee for others, they take more exams but we do 643201285 projects) is like.

Two days after my 18th birthday, I have a photoshoot(no I'm not the model) early in the morning at Boon Lay. It took me a lot of effort to haul myself out of bed. :( Luckily my uncle agreed to drive us there, but because of the wrong address given, we were stuck in Boon Lay for an hour.

Models for my Advertising module are: Sis (left) and Jia Lin (my cousin third from left). Jia Lin's sister Jia Yan (right) were with us at the back of the car as well.

Meanwhile the adults are figuring their way around Boon Lay, we cam-whored (we really shouldn't). Heh.

I am very sleepy. Until right now, this moment. :(

I didn't notice I have eyebags until Neng pointed it out to me. Still, I like how my face shape looks here! :P

Should you spot this on my banner...
It's my sis, not me.

After the photoshoot, uncle drove sis and I to Vivo. Pathetically, I slept on the chair while waiting for Neng's arrival, thus causing the backache. 0,0

The lunch only took place at 4pm at a lousy place named KFC.

During the time when we wait for Sis to stroll over (she was working in Tangs), I was captivated by Neng's very brown eyes and occupied myself with it:

Apparently no matter how I wished I had brown eyes, I don't. But I know how to change it. Heh.

Near dinner time, we met up with Thomas and Oliver over Starbucks, while a well-built guy named Yong Quan popped over as well (unfriendly, didn't talk to me :D).

As the puddle of water outside Starbuckes glistened, I found myself in an extremely dreamy mode, and realized I dozed off on the couch for say, 10 seconds.

The saying of a lazy Sunday:
(P.S. I'm so proud of this, I can still take it while half-conscious. :D)

Thomas have a pair of natural hazel brown eyes. His sports hobbies made his brown eyes even more obvious, but I don't understand why they look nearly black here:

A standard parting shot:

Says Thomas.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sad Truths

A friend of mine told me,

Every body thinks that they are special and unique and different, but in fact we are all just normal.

At first I retaliated against that statement, but slowly, I've come to realize that it's the truth. Sadly. You may be doing well in something you're good at, but at the end of the day, one doesn't differ from another.

Man, I always feel different, but then now I guess I'm just an ordinary girl. But no harm thinking that I'm distinctive. :D

Over the week I've noticed something else well. People who climb up the ladder (be in corporate or socially) falls harder. I've been in the state where I enjoy my glorious moments, but only to realise I've been too cocky upholding the position(and I didn't realise!), unknowingly offending a lot of people and losing people who used to like me.

Now, I feel like I was banished back to the common level, and struggling to climb all over again. No doubt it's a good lesson learnt, but somehow, it's sore to be controlled, made use, feel neglected, unwanted for.

The sad truth.

* * *
The following day after my birthday, Wei Long HAD to come over to my place to do the magazine photoshoot. I only had 3 hours of sleep after returning home from Zouk and I had to do work. This is hell. I dozed off at 2pm, in the hope of Wei Long saying that he'll be late, or photoshoot cancelled. :( (It didn't happen anyway.)

I was pleased when he presented me his birthday present:

A slice of cake. A slice of token. Heh. <3 onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="">Wei Long in my room (ooooh.) I tried to give him things to make it feel orgasmic organic. I brought him two eggs, smashed one, and took the picture of a "so cute, sweating egg".

The other pig was half sleeping, half eating at the living room.

Our very cheap-skate lighting. Haha. If you haven't know, Wei Long is one hell of an anal person. Especially dealing with work AND photography.

His hair texture looks nice, haven't touched it before. Hur. I didn't dare smell coz' he's almost always wearing that smelly cap of his.

Look, Wei Long and his pinky.

A part of Tangs in my room (insider joke).

Extra memorable when he put it on my bed. Haha. (Thiang you psychopath)

We wrapped up at evening time and we headed to town area together.

A lot of people were looking because Wei Long is being Wei Long again, spastic and loud and funny. :D

Another sad truth? Pretending to be happy and blur at the same time because the truth is too hard to handle. I mean, if you overheard a conversation obviously directed to you behind your backs, yet have to force a smile and act as though they're still your friends.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social Networking

I'm ashamed to announce that I still Facebook everyday. Well, not actively though. It's a daily routine to clean the requests at the side panel, and also to check on the mini feeds (best part! :D).

Recently, I've noticed a trend. A pretty troubling one. As in, you do know there's this two applications aptly named "Are You Interested" and "Meet New People"? I currently have 17 guys "Sending Flirts" to me and 9 guys "interested" in me. Haha.

Initially when I joined "Are You Interested", I was single and wanted to know if I interest guys at all. If yes, which kind? What are their hobbies? Sad to admit, human being are superficial, so - 'How they look like?' was also among the questions.

Then I added "Meet New People", I mean, no harm making new friends ain't it? But then again, I couldn't possibly meet them is it? (After I saw the list, and their looks/hobbies doesn't interest me.) So isn't it redundant? But it was fun nonetheless, knowing what kind of guys (my list is almost the same one type, odd) click on me. The same goes for guys as well (don't lie).

When I saw the 42-year-old Emin, I'm actually scared. 0.0 Uh, weird.

And I always take note of the "flirts" they use to send. Most of them, being lazy or uncreative or whatever reasons, used "Hi, I'm interested...". A daring one used "How about we stop pretending that we're not staring at each other profiles...".

Ha, never fails to make me laugh.

I did reply to one flirts amongst the guys listed above though. :P Of course, not with "Hi, I'm interested...".

Personally, I don't really believe in social networking site that will bring people together romantically. I haven't met one couple myself, have you? Through blogs, yes. My close friend and her interesting story. :D

Behind the monitor screen, what lies beyond? It's the virtual world we're talking about. Shouldn't we all be wary of some wolves in sheep's skin?

I always thought social networking sites serve its purpose of hook-ups and party dates and perhaps one-night-stands, but it couldn't possibly find your soulmate. I would like to hear the story if that really exists! :)

In addition, I believe people always put photo that best represent themselves or the best-looking photo as the profile picture. Normally, they don't look that good in person. Say my current profile picture, I think in that one the photo looked than I am in person. So if I were to meet up an old friend who found me on Facebook, would the other party be disappointed to see the contrast?

The most affected one perhaps are the people who seek for girls/guys online I guess. In the younger days where IRC/ICQ dominate the IM world, my pri/sec friends hid behind pillars to see if the person they meet are good-looking enough or not first, before showing up up front. 0.0" I know. So superficial.

I even recalled once being asked out by a girlfriend to Junction 8, only to know that she had agreed a guy to meet up. And in the end because he stayed near to my place, I had to go home with him! Even during the movie, I was seated next to him instead of my friend!

Sticky situation your friend dump you in. :(

Have you met with any mishap before?

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thiang's 18th Boisterous Birthday

I've lost hope in my birthday to be a smooth-sailing one, because every year it has never happened. . .until my 18th! :D

It's a stupid act to put on a M&M red shirt to boost my luck. On the 27th, I brought my family out for dinner at Fortunate Restaurant at Toa Payoh.

The cake looks simple, but it taste awfully GOOD. Perhaps what made it so sweet was the fact that the cake was ordered by somebody else, and even the wordings he chose them.

Sis was in her heels when she helped me collect the cake from Takashimaya (Bakerzin), and she slipped and fell on her way there.

The following day was a long one! I self collected the cake this time round (another one!):

A few friends gathered, and that's my simple potluck dinner.

Here's how the clubbing experience like:

You take cab down because time is running late, and you want to be to able to get in, and at a chaeper price.

You pay $23 for entrance with your Mastercard and head inside Zouk. On the way in, you'll be too loss for words by the amazing party animals around you.

Plus, the club was well packed, thus having your handphone with you at all times is crucial to contact your friends.

You meet your friends and get one of them to buy drinks: huge jugs of alcohol. So while waiting, you take glamourous photos with your girlfriends.

Meanwhile, when your friend pass you of beer, you gladly accept it and drink to heart's content.

The first time I drink Baileys, I'm totally hooked! In order to enjoy a good one at a good atmosphere, I will club to do so.

It's clubbing. Which means the more the merrier.

And then perhaps new bonds form, and either sabotaging occur, or 'blind dates'. :D

Thomas was particularly interested in this lady on the podium. Partially because she has 'side boobs', and in his words, 'now that's what I call hot".
I've received numerous comments on us looking too alike, other than our face shape. And sadly, my sis got the "more compact" (Eileen) face.

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