Monday, December 31, 2007

Fatigue Sets In

It won't be long before soon.

I'm spending every single day for the past two weeks outdoors.

This has got to stop.

I'm so tired! I mean, seriously. I literally dropped dead on a chair at VivoCity. My legs can't even move any further, scary shite. Heh.

I've been wanting to blog for since last week and I realized I haven't. Hur.

This was taken like, two weeks ago on the day Shy and I stayed over at Momo's place, which also marked the beginning of this holiday season! We headed to Crystal Jade, Borders, then her house. At Borders, we saw this book named "The Disease to Please" and it's totally applicable to Kimmo. Hur. Maybe I should get her this book.

This is true. Good girl friends rock my world. Thank you! ^-^

I'll be back real soon. After all that annoying schoolwork! :)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

What Quirkyness!

Last weekend I caught a quirky movie named Mr. Mangorium's Wonder Emporium.

Well some may call me weird, but I'd like to say I'm individualistic, and uh, quirky.

A movie like that, interests me, despite its abrupt ending.

I mean, after all it's still a Fantasy movie, and that Hoffman isn't exactly the ugliest actor in Hollywood, so yeah, I give it a 6.5 out of 10.

I've meant to get back on track to my movies/popcorn obsession a long time ago and I seem to have finally gotten back on track, just before I realized today that the figure reflected in the ATM was shockingly alarming.

To curb this problem, I have sorted out my thoughts and figured that after setting aside $200 for my birthday dinner, $30 for manicure tomorrow (I've booked it a month ago), and $20 for Sec 2 class gathering, maybe $40 (or do I need more?) to standby for Zouk experience, plus $25 for the potluck session with SHHK peeps, in addition to the $138.90 I spent on Christmas gifts today, I should stop spending. Yeah. I can't shop for a LONG time anymore.

Not unless I can get a good job after my exam in Feb. And even if for the couple of Angpows that I may be receiving on my Birthday and Chinese New Year, no, I don't think I can afford to jeopardize my financial status any further.

Oh, and I haven't mentioned that the cost of living in Singapore is so bloody high now? $18 for a cab trip? $8 for a standard meal? $3 to go home on a public transport? I mean, come on lah, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Even the average-income families now have to downgrade to HDB flats. (At least some of them can't wait to move out of the condo. ;) )

And so I reduce to the state of getting my hair done at Toni & Guy Academy. Well if you want to think that I'm just a "guinea pig", I am! :D

But come to think of it, I haven't received a single negative comment on my hair, and almost feedback I've got, they liked it. :)

I cut it really short this time, and boy do I look mature. Of course, not when I'm in denim jumpers.

You know what's the best part? The student who did the hair for me, is desperately in need of hair models. So if you're interested, email me or tag me or something ok? I must say he really know what he is doing and he will respect your every decision, so no worries. Sadly, females only!

Well and after the movie I thought I was a bit hungry, and so I purchased this kid combo, which is a really good treat and I think I'll have it the next time I'm at Lido again (I really hate the seats).

But you know what?

I will NEVER, EVER, refuse anyone who can offer me a box of salty popcorn from Lido, what with all the butter smeared over it (a must!).

Jolly, how I wish I could have that Ralph Lauren (light blue bottle) perfume and that pair of heels from DMK. Stupid rising cost.

28th Dec.
Not exactly my house.
But downstairs.
I will play (fine, not literally) music!


Saturday, December 22, 2007


Thanks to Kenneth Lam that I was sooo happy for the past 1 and a half hours.

He introduced this collaborative website and I got to enjoy free streaming of Desperate Houswives Season 3!


Do you know how long I've been waiting to get my hands on that? I wanted to watch it so badly. Yes, pretty desperate as you can tell!

I've already bookmarked the page so that I can continue tomorrow or as and when I NEED to watch it. Since it's so late already and I have to turn in for a "date" tomorrow.

Right before I brush my teeth, I had to pee. Luckily for me that I turned on the lights, because I got a shock of my life, realizing I had sat on a ... a .. cluster of ants.

I don't think my eyes were playing a trick on me, but there were a lot of ants. I literally jumped up. Even until now, I'm not very sure that my *ahem* ain't feeling the creepy crawlies. Ugh.

I have no clue where they came from, but I suscept they were attracted to a stain outside the toilet bowl, just right beside the sitting pan. Panicking, I quickly used the cloth to wipe it away and kill as many ants as possible.

Mom had probably sprayed half the bottle of the insecticide since then.

I really hope it's the stain.

No, I don't want to consider Diabetes.

Friday, December 21, 2007

The Last Day Of Delusion

Or at least I will try, to make it happen.

The Art Of Pretense. I've been fooling myself for so long.

The happier a person looks, the sadder the person is on the inside.

The desire to please everyone, seeing the need to maintain every single relationship as possible, simply because I don't see this world as a mean one.

But he said, "Earth is a place full of selfish people."
He added, "This is the real world man, you have to see it this way."

So I guess it's no more self-denial?

I think I got it all wrong.

I've changed for the worse.

Silence, whining to the loved ones, and keeping my thoughts to myself.

Before the clock strikes twelve,
Downing the booze,
Letting it take control.

Having surface fun is one thing,
But deep down trying to forget something is another.

What people see me from the outside,
Is not who I am. (You hear this like, everywhere)

But I'm sure some of them knows,
That sometimes it's just pretense.

Now I understand what the fortune cookie told me a couple of years ago.
It wrote, (somewhat loosely translated):
Do not be cooped up.
Don't bottle the feelings and problems.
Open up.
Open up to people around you who are willing to LISTEN.
If not, one day you'll go berserk.
And your bubble that can only hold up to that much, will burst eventually.

I chose not to believe.
I thought, as long as I see others happy,
I'll be cool about anything I receive.

On the contrary, the results I've received these two years certainly made the worst out of my entire life.

Not only was I "ridden on", stepped over,
I let other people have the wrong perception of me time to time again.
The Experienced said that it is because I lack the sense of urgency,
And I lost control of my life.

I halt.
I contemplated, to check if there was any sign of biasness.
But no. The Experienced was partially right.

I lost my sense of direction.
No goal, no nothing.

But, what defines "opening up", when people hear but don't listen?
What defines "trust", when they just make assumptions out of you?

It's not just school, but at home as well.
Why do they use the hard approach on me when they know I don't take it?

The Experienced said,

Time and Tide wait for no man.

True, true. Fair enough.

It's time for a change. That's the RIGHT mentality I was taught. And that's what I will try to achieve.

I felt a stab in my heart today.
The pain was so real.

Thanks to The Experienced for the valuable lessons in life, and to my Super Sister, who explained what is called Responsibility when dealing with a tough nut to crack.

I'm just ... upset.

Crying is miserable.
But not crying, makes a sorrowful life even more miserable.


Now let's just go to sleep. :)

Thiang, something inside you died today.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hoarse, Coarse, Lost

The part time DJs sure are busy.

Dao Kai only text messaged me the night before if I want to join him for a K session. My voice was gruff, I was sick, but I gladly obliged because I haven't seen him in ages. And bloody hell! He only came back from Aussie the night he messaged me!

The Friday singing session wasn't held at KBox. Instead, we went to Cash Studio at Apollo Centre.

Not that I'm bragging, but my voice doesn't normally sound THAT bad when I sing. But last week when I sang the first song, I knew it was BAD. I can't even sing properly. The phlegm, pain and everything. Argh.

It is very embarrassing as well because the other two who went singing with us were Chun Yan and Shun Jie, I swear they're one of the best singers around. They sang all songs wholeheartedly, obviously trained.

Yeap, that's the both of them. Even when it comes to duet, the both of them sang in such sweet harmony. Very nice.

We were quite shocked to see Chun Yan that evening because she had cut her hair short, appearing with a new bang-and-jellyfish-head kind of hairstyle. Coincidentally, I had my haircut that afternoon as well. Now, I have short hair! :D I look 5 years older.

Shun Jie is now serving army, while Dao Kai is always busy with work. He got us a couple of keychains from Aussie, 算你还有心!Haha, kidding!

Maybe because we're still not use to her hairstyle, that's why.

On the whole, I didn't sing much, nor did I enjoy it a lot because I couldn't sing freely, and was troubled by other affairs.

However, things changed after I met my friends for coffee session after which, and that was cool. I only reached home at 3.40am and that got Mom extremely crossed. Sigh.

Speaking of my Mom, things ain't going well and I'm very irritated. For now, we just aren't talking.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Bang! Bang! Motherf**kers!


That's not a line Thiang would use. Nah-uh.

But things are different for the Angsty boyband My Chemical Romance, who came down to Singapore last week for its Malaysia/Singapore concert tour.

To me, perhaps due to the choice of music genre, MCR concert was more of a blah rather than a blast.

Bang bang Motherf*ckers!

was the opening line when the lead singer came out from the side left of the stage, garnering a LOT of shrieks and screams from the emo, the young punks and the whites of the audience standing area.

Not only that, but the following 10 sentences worth of speech include at least 1 F*ck in it.

Look at you all MotherF*ckers, you are all so beautiful.
All I did was giggle and looked around for reaction from the crowds.

Are you all f*cking ready tonight?

Are you f*cking ready to rock it out?

F*ck you all!

Seriously man, very vulgar already.

It all began when I was invited to go to the concert with the Heatwave mates and so I just tagged along, thinking that it would be loads of fun since it's my first concert. Boy was I wrong.

Whoo! Special tickets with my name on it! :)

You know what? Fans of MCR are dying to land their hands one of these green tags because these are the best tickets, costing $97 each. Yet, Kenneth, Nadhirah, Neng and I were hoping we could take the seats behind. And we got eight of these tags. Bloody ... lucky.

After we collected the tags, we thought we still had to queue to enter, so we spent a good 1 hour in the VERY long queue outside Max Pavillion. Oh well, at least we get to act stupid, talk and people watch.
Now I know Kennth (left) hates taking photos. Especially candid ones. :P

I wanted to uh, join in The Black Parade, with a bit of "character", so I wore this. The night before I went to dig out my Secondary school Rip Curl backpack to complete the look. Hur. The laptop in my bag, I swear it's killin' me.

Midway through a conversation, either of the boys came up with a brilliant idea of selling the tickets, and we shall use the money to get ourselves drinks and take cab, AND still have money left! It was such a good thought that we almost succumbed to the temptation.

Laughable, but a REALLY good deal. Sadly, it's illegal and we're good kids, not punk. We are the down-to-earth clean people who went to the MCR concert, prolly looking like we went to the wrong one.

Of course, we're still happy we got the tickets for free, and we could cut in the damn long queue.

Nad brought along two of her girlfriends and most of the time they were chatting and smoking somewhere so I didn't get to talk to her very much during the queue.

The MCR members came out once to only mic test and the crowd went bonkers, clapping, cheering and screaming, unbearable. We went in early, but chose a safe spot at the corner of the standing area and sat down (I know, who does that at a PUNK ROCK concert right?).

You know, at the entrance before allowed to go in, there were warnings that no photography allowed, let alone videography, but check this out:

And you're saying? It's so funny.

At some point in time, there were fans who took out their lighters and made use of it as a source of light, waving around in the air. 0.0 I can understand light sticks and maybe handphone backlight, but err, lighters?

Not only that, but halfway through the event, one of the band members shouted,

I want all my boys take off your clothes and wave them in the air!
They did. Well, a quarter of them did. One extreme kid threw his jeans to the front all right. Whoo! Such insanity.

The boys were cracking jokes. For example, a bunch of youngsters fainted five minutes into the concert and were dragged to the medic area (we were next to it), and it's so silly, because she had just spent $97 to lie on the floor, listen to MCR and get a free bottle of mineral water. :D

I remember one more serious case, where the medics couldn't wake one of the girls up, and she was carried away in a stretcher. Scary siol.

On the bright side, I do enjoy a couple of songs, like Alena, Welcome To The Black Parade and most of all, I Don't Love You. It touched me deep, because this song was recommended by a emo kid to me himself.

So here.

Despite the noise, the atmosphere was good (not that I'd enjoy it), but that's how a concert should FEEL like. The fans were crazy, had loads of fun, but we were sulking behind, cursing and swearing, regretting why we didn't sell the tickets. Hur.

I take it as an experience, but I will never risk for this kind of concert ever again. Because next morning, I couldn't wake up in time for my presentation, and my eardrums surely received a certain level of damage.

Thanks to Radio Heatwave for the opportunity! I heard *coughs* Switchfoot is coming next *shrieks*!

That's all for tonight you Motherf**kers.

Woh, intense.
P.S. Did I mention that I saw a family of four (2 boys aged around 10-12) and a couple of couples aged around 40 or so there? Oh, of course, Levan and Rossalyn were there too. I couldn't spot The Muttons leh.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Kimmo Big 19 II

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the pictures from Shy's spanking new Canon.

The gorgeous view of Singapore's favourite nightspots, beautiful Clarke Quay. (Boat Quay is equally breathtaking at night, experienced that on Fri night, with the right company of course! :D)

A little way down along the path, you'll reach Merchant Court, Swissotel. Looking good already. :P

The hungry people have no mercy! There's so much food we just HAVE to try everything. For a girl my size, I have a pretty big appetite. Heh. I have no idea why, but nowadays I have a huge fetish for seafood. There's not a single day in my life now that I don't have a prawn, oyster or sotong in my mouth. Oh dear.

Shy finished her main course early to prep herself for many rounds of desserts! The dark chocolate is soooo good!

Shy was taking photos of me all night despite the fact that Kimmo's the key character. Apparently, she finds it absolutely funny that Thiang drinks. BEER. Just Tiger Beer! I guess I just have to entertain them sometimes. Haha! XD
I spot her taking candid shots of me!

Totally unexpected. Many unglam moments.

Shit, I DO look like I'm obsessed with the cup of beer. 0.0

I know it's not very nice to play with my food at a decent restaurant, but I didn't care about my table etiquette. I went ahead, plant my lips on the thick creamy chocolate to make the impression that I had just put on chocolate lip gloss. Oooh, so much fun.

Still trying my best to not look awful. Heh.

Some people just need a good haircut! XD

The girls went bonkers. Our signature pose: Shy will ALWAYS be in the middle, no idea why either.

Cheers bro!

Marvin bade goodbye!

I just came back from peeing, and then admired the magnificent view of The Central (haha!).

As we moved over to Brewerks, I started fiddling with the cam and this was my first shot:
Nice eh? The picture quality is super sharp!

Kimmo had a go too:

Then I got very excited and took EVEN more photos while they talked over food and drinks.

This one, was taken by Shy, and I didn't rotate this!

A radiant Birthday Girl! :D

One looking pretty, another with the sexy pout looks...cute.

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