Thursday, July 3, 2014

Learn Something New This Week at Course Xpress & Great PAssion Sale

People’s Association (PA) is holding the first-ever Great Passion Sale from 7 June to 7 July 2014! This means that this is the final week to get a 10% off a course of your choice at your nearest Community Centres (CCs) and Water-Venture (VW) outlets. 

To encourage more residents to sign up for courses at these venues and to commemorate PA’s Community Day,  PA is offering a 10% discount off for all courses

In addition, PA has also introduced new “bite-size” courses under a new series named Course Xpress. This series of new courses are 1-hour in duration and are priced at $10 ( or even lower for PA members!). If you’re uncertain about whether you should invest in a full course, the Course Xpress will be a good opportunity for you to try out a class to see if you like it before committing the full course. 

PA has kindly sponsored me three courses of my choice and the first class that I've attended was Pilates - Matwork for Beginners. This was just one of the MANY classes that you can choose from. My other two choices are learning how to cook local hawker food (Hawker’s Delight - Local Delights At Home) and western flower arrangement. :) My first class is held at Punngol Vista CC (for the North-East district)

What courses are there? 
There is a wide variety of courses available, for the full list of Xpress Courses, please visit for the full list.  Some interesting ones are:

  • Hawker's Delight - Local Delights as Home, where I can learn how to cook hawker food such as Hokkien Mee and Nasi Lemak at home for my husband! 
  • Designed With Love - Western Flower Arrangement, I'm hoping this will come in handy when I decorate our new place with fresh blooms. :D
  • Get up to Speed on Car Maintenance, learn about latest features in the automobile market, and technical knowledge onengine management, brakes, electronic power steering etc. 
  •  Zumba Gold, modified Zumba to suit the pace and movements for active older participants and beginners (highly recommended for your parents)
  • Let's Learn Through Korean Through Songs!, where this workshop will enable you to pick up essential sentence structures and expand your Korean vocabulary.
  • Pilates - Matwork for Beginners, read on to find out about my experience.

Who should sign up for Course Xpress?
Students, homemakers, freelancers, suitable for the young and old. 

When are the Xpress Courses held? 
Xpress classes are held on weekdays before 5pm. Check the calendar as more classes will be introduced over the next few months. 

Where are the courses available?
More courses will be offered in the coming months, beginning with these 12 CCs: 
1) Bishan CC
2) Kolam Ayer CC
3) Teck Ghee CC
4) Punggol Vista CC (I went here for Pilates!) 
5) Tampines East CC
6) Nee Soon South CC
7) Senja-Cashew CC
8) Woodlands Galaxy CC
9) Bedok CC
10) Macpherson CC 
11) Bukit Batok East CC
12) Yew Tee CC 

Courses such as Learn to - Kayaking and Dragonboat - are also available at these Water Venture Outlets in Singapore: 
1) Bedok Reservoir
2) Jurong Lake
3) Kallang
4) Lower Seletar Reservoir  

The CCs are well-equipped and well-maintained

How much is one course? 
$10/lesson! OR less (for PA members)!

My Xpress Course at Punggol Vista CC had 4 students, the classroom was cozy and the instructor gave us plenty of attention to correct our movements and posture.  
We started with a basic introduction to Pilates, where the sport focuses on training the core using a technique called isolation. 

Core is probably the weakest part of my body. :(
I have never done pialtes before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but it was challenging!!!  

Brought my own mat. The exercise ball was provided by instructor.

We moved on to tougher exercises by mid-lesson, and I was trying to work my muscles. 

We were told to keep our stomachs in and feel the stretch/pull/ strength of the different muscles used for each exercise. When done wrongly, the instructor will also gladly come over to "help" you! Hahaha. I always treat it as one step closer to a healthier body. 

Work it, work work it!

*           *            *
In the early days, most CCs offered only useful life skill classes such as dressmaking and sewing, and now, they have many lifestyle courses for the public to choose from. 

Previously I have already signed up for a Kickboxing class (full term) at SengKang CC and the classes were really fun and I felt great after a good workout. With this 10% discount, my course will now cost me only about $50 for 6 classes, which is also less than $10 per lesson. Super worth it. 

It'll be good for your mind and body to start learning something new today. The Xpress Course series at the CC-es is really a good option if you're not sure you'll enjoy the activity. Sign up by 7 July 2014 to enjoy the 10% discount! Powered by Blogger.