Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello, My Blackbird, Fly

Just a couple of happy updates before I need to hit the sack.


The chalet over the weekend (well, not exactly but how do I describe Sunday-Tuesday??) was fantastically awesome despite having minor and major hiccups. The small one being my sis already knew about her birthday surprise on the day itself because Grandma called home to check if the curry needs any bread to go along with it, when clearly I was already out getting groceries and preparing the food. The best part was that when sis asked in a rather taken aback manner, "Huh, what bread????", Grandma replied with, "Huh, you don't know about it meh?". Hahaha.

Well the more serious one being the following day after the chalet, sis and I had a rather huge fight in and outside the chalet, screaming and crying over words, letting our emotions take control of our logic. It turns out to be quite a misunderstanding and miscommunication, we were browsing through her gifts at the stairs in about 5 minutes later. *cues Awww*

Most importantly, I've managed to make many people happy, including myself and my dear friend, Andre.

Luckily for me, the previous entry that I wrote for Nuffnang got chosen and I won myself a pair of tickets to Star Trek's Gala Preview yesterday night and boy was it good. The movie was full of unexpected twists (for non-follwers like us) and even manage to bring it many funny elements into play. Besides, the graphics and sound effects were excellent, excpet for the fact that we had to sit at the second front row (sucks big time).  Nevertheless, we got free Star Trek badges! Coolness.

Thank you Nuffnang once again!


On the day of my graduation next week, I'll be leaving straight from the scene to the airport (though budget) to a grad trip with a few friends! I'm excited but scared at the same time because of the ongoing Influenza A epidemic and the impending (no idea!) rioting situations in Thailand. But judging from the look of the itinerary, I set for good fun with good company for 5 days.

I've finally caught up with Gossip Girl and I'm pleasantly surprised with its latest episode of Georgina's comeback. Wahahaha.


Slightly more than a month ago, my BBF arrived and since then I've used to take 5 rolls of film which all of them could be found on my Facebook Photos, which wasn't supposed to because the first 2 test roll I set them privately but it didn't work out, so ya.

Like all young girls, I was very thrilled to open my new toy. The exterior looks yummy with its tomato-red body!

When taken out of the cardbard box, a pretty acrylic dome awaits inside, with a Bird waiting for me be released. Nice.

Slowly but surely, I removed all the necessary parts and quickly browse through the instruction manual to know how to operate it.

The designers at Superheadz even paid attention to little details like the prints on the sticker on the casing!

Yes I am aware I looke cui but that's only because I woke up early (with much concerted effort) so that I can meet the seller on time at Toa Payoh.

I've been to Flickr and seen so many BBF owners have so many great photos and photo effects even, I am very envious. When there is more time and where there is sufficient funds, I shall hold photoshoots with my dear friend, Andre, who happened to got a Orange BBF just two days before I received mine. :D

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