Tuesday, October 30, 2007

For the Naggy, yet Lovable ones.

Tsk. Girls only approach me on MSN for photos. Well I’m referring to the ten-girl clique I stayed with in secondary school. See luh, I'm so nice, still help you all photoshop. Kindly credit me if you're using them ok! I take pride in my work. Hur.

26th Oct is our ‘Lopez’ Goh Si Hui’s 18th birthday. She invited us out for a dinner, supposedly at Brewerkz Restaurant. But because she didn’t book a 12-seater 3 days in advance, we found ourselves needing to wait for an hour and half if we were to dine there.

This is the birthday girl, I recall the days where I spent my prelim days at her place, supposedly doing work, but end up playing and Friendster-ing at good-looking guys. Tsk. Haha. Good times! She's super amiable and funny. :D

It was donkey ages since I last met these ladies. From left: Liang Yu, Si Hui, Chern Harn.

Thus, we had a change of plans and headed to Chen Fu Ji Chinese Restaurant instead. Ok lah, it’s not that bad actually, they have yummy food and we insisted on getting good service from the manager. Haha.

It’s been slightly over more than a year since I last meant a few of them like Liang Yu, Harn, Si Hui, and the Sassy G Girls (will explain later).

The Sassy Gs went to Raffles City to get 18 huge balloons for the birthday girl, as well as the cookie cake, hence late. The others, upon their stammering words and furious sms-es, apologized that they will be late. =.=

Hot babe Hui Shi (left), I heard she was picked up in Plush, but she walked away from him. Haha.

We used to be love rivals for awhile. Hur. Old school! Old school!

Looking good! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUI!

I'm a tad bit disappointed we didn't get to eat any of this. :(
(Click on picture to enlarge ah)

Anyway, the dinner was great, we caught up and biatch-ed about bloggers, models and local celebs. Hur, not forgetting to show them my picture with Thomas Ong of course (I know I’m very na├»ve, but I like Thomas a lot!). Plus, the bill adds up to $400, which is very, very scary.

My shirt button snapped open, walao.

All the pretty ladies Neng missed out.

As we strolled along the Clarke Quay, we 12 girls get all the attention as we are considered a big group, and what with 18 red, pink and silver balloons in my hands, people can’t help but notice us.

The happy clique! :)

Following dinner, Cherie was supposed to bring us into Plush Club as Mafia guests, but because I can’t get away with the whole cheat-using-ez-link-card, all of those who wanted to club, went ahead. I, along with Harn, left. But she left because she didn’t want to go, taking into consideration it was already 12am.

So sadly I traveled home alone, feeling a bit mistreated by Bibi and co, and went to sofa(bed) in little tears.

Luckily Saturday was good!

Note to self: Stop flirting with someone. Friends have noticed your strange/funny language and behaviour. ☹ (I swear I didn’t do it on purpose!)

Sunday, October 28, 2007

UFM 1003 SIX PARTY @ Dragonfly

Thursday after school, I stayed on for a couple of hours to have lunch with some of my classmates.

In line after school is of course the forthcoming VIParty happening at St. James Power Station Dragonfly. Because BiBi is aready living with me now, I end up playing with him and was late. In a jiffy I changed into my neon pink tights (given by Eil) and dad drove us there.

Initially I thought I wouldn't be able to get in since I am not part of the UFM 1003 'Family', but luckily I was granted entrance and given the staff tag. Hur. :P

Even we were considered early reaching at 6.30pm instead of the allocated time at 7pm, apparently the club was already busting. The queue went all the way beyond carpark. =.= In the queue, were lined with crowds of green as the DJs have instructed them to do so (green is the station colour). I wore black, because I thought DJ Ken was going to pass him the station tee, but he forgot. Oh well. :)

In a desperate attempt to make myself useful, I agreed with whatever duties thrown to me and praying hard they could let me help out. However, all I got to do was bring in 2 VIPs, which I gladly did. Next time I shall volunteer for me jobs, else I feel utterly useless and helpless! :(

When I got in, the seats were already all filled up, the turn out was good. I was led to the VIP area (console area) to put my bag and began chatting with whoever was there. The programme didn't begin until 7.30pm. Yeap.

So as a prelude, Dragonfly artistes sang about 6 songs or so to entertain the crowds during the time being.

I wasn't paying much attention because we were standing at the side near the make-up room (all the performers are there), so I took photos with the few of my UFM friends. Hur.

From left: Chun Yan (also known as Xiao Bu Dian), Kai Xuan (Pang pang) and I.
They're 2 of the 4 female finalists in Fight Club competition.

Cindy (above left) was pretty much into the atmosphere already, so she picked up a red wine from the bar behind and was happily drinking away. She was to uh, make sure everything goes in sequence that day.

For the opening show, Ah Ken did a solo. Just right before he went on stage, his sister was busily attending to his shirt sleeves.

Tugging away, with occasional 'tsk,tsk' . Guys just can't handle by themselves. :P

His rendition on "Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin" with his saxophone left a deep impression in my mind. Most importantly, was that -someone- touched by his performance? Hur hur.

Anyway, you can catch his programme at the above time/day.

Up next, we have the bigger and popular duo, Li Mei and Wen Hong.

I swear Li Mei was looking gorgeous in her carefully picked dress and thick make-up. Meanwhile, I could tell that she was determined to put up a great performance, and she did. She did a solo with Teresa Teng's "Qian Yan Wan Yu", then along with Wen Hong, sang Lee Hom/Selina's " Ni Shi Wo Xin Li De Yi Shou Ge".

I have no idea why I seriously think they sang better than the original singers. I was very intrigued by the duet. Haha.

Anyway, Wen Hong wasn't supposed to know that I' taking his picture secretly. 0.0

If you happen to be a listener of UFM 1003, or watched "Just Shoot" on Channel U, you would definitely know who is De Ming, the long-standing guest of both programmes. Actually, in person, he's not like his TV/radio persona, and he has a attractive smile. Haha. I kinda regretted not talking to him then.

Wen Hong had promised his listeners/supporters that he was going to do a striptease, and the performance was much-awaited. When he came on donned in this cowboy suit, he drew loud applause and cheers. The striptease itself was pretty disappointing, because in the end he was still wearing a black sleeveless shirt and the exact same pair of jeans. Haha.

He did threw the belt, sunglasses and cowboy hat away, and the audiences snatched it, I'm surprised. :D

Heh heh.

Here's a view of how the VIP area looks like, situation behind the stage, they have access to free flow of alcohol and snacks. This is the place where all he advertisers, sponsors, directors and family members gather.

I did enjoy my cola and red wine. :)

Li Mei changed her outfit for a hip-hop look for her dance later on (which I missed because I was chatting,sorry!).

I seriously love Ke Min. She has this aura/attitude/etiquette that I adore and very much want to be like her if/when I become a DJ and a mama.

Do you know she has two kids already? 0.0 Shocking I know. :)

She's so pretty, and very nice. Hee.

Thrice, all the DJs had gathered on the stage to either mingle with the audience or sing, or both. I must say, the atmosphere really did achieve the 'highest' point with more rhythmic songs sung by them.

Yes! In addition to being a mother of two with a good figure, Ke Min can play the drums luh! Walao, super envious of her. She did a short solo on the drums. Nice.

Midway, we were thirsty so I asked Dao Kai and the girls if they want any drinks. I headed to the bar and had the cola. Hur. The second time I went over to the bar, Dao Kai and Chee Ming was getting drinks for us girls, so I was waiting for the guys.

And I spotted Thomas Ong and MC King for the first time. Thomas Ong is only 3 steps, no, 2 steps away from me. My organs are like, screaming inside. Haha. I looked at him having difficulty cutting a piece of fish into two. His face is full of concentration and expressions, screaming CUTE! :D :D :D

Of course I didn't have the courage to walk up to them, so I quietly retreated. :(

I approached Li Mei for the first time and asked for a photo. :) She's very warm-hearted, nice and funny. If you're wondering why the black patch on this two photos, that's because of my camera's lens cover, which one side of it broke and the is now loose, thus leaving the other half hanging in the air. 0.0

This is Mr. Ken, the one who invited me to this party (I think? Or I'd like to think). This 22-year-old chap is fun to hang around with, very friendly and seems to be falling in love with a special someone. Ahem. Haha.

Halfway through the performance, Thomas Ong and MC King came over to our side to talk to Li Mei (they were there to support her), and they were like, right behind me. Chun Yan is another one who, like me, wants to take picture with Thomas but we didn't dare ask, and I think Yan Zhi or someone helped us announced out loud and thus we got the chance. Heh.

I am a happy girl now, I can die without regrets with these:

If you paid extra attention to where his hands are placed, it's on me shoulder and around me! Heh heh. :P

I'm so high I can fly. I hate myself for not ale to bring myself to talk to him, like you know, make friends despite the age gap. Hur.

The second time I made my round to the bar, a guy approached me and introduced himself and his friend. Hur. His friend had offered his wine to me as well, which I almost finished. :)

*gasp* There's one thing about pole dancing that I don't like. I see the perverted uncles looking wildly at the girls with wily eye just disgusts me, a lot. Some of the DJs learned from these two professional girls and did a it of pole dancing as well.

And whoa, Anna was wearing black hot pants, spells sexy.

Chee Ming here is the one who has been helping me a lot, and I thank him for his goodness! :) Engineering guys can rock big time sometimes. :D

This would be another DJ with a sharp tongue, Jian Wen. The first time I heard him on air, I was interested, and it was only when I to the studio that I got to see him. I like his style, he's very funny. :)

Nearing the end of the party, there was a mass photo-taking session, which I'm not involved in. Look at the crowd, I think they had really enjoyed themselves, except for having to stand for 2 hours, the entire club packed like a sardine.

I didn't 'dance' at all, alright? I only watched the performance and helped to cheer for them. Hur.

I accompanied the rest to the office, and TRIED to make myself useful but to no avail. :(

The whole bunch of 20 people went for supper at Ding Tai Fung.

What I can remember is that I have to cab home, again.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Lack of what others have

(To locate me)

Exactly a week ago, it was obligatory for me to go my Uncle's chalet at Downtown East for my little cousin's birthday. I'm guessing that that was the first time they(the kiddos) had ever been to a chalet, and it became explanatory when I see them both jumping/rolling/lying on the chalet beds non-stop throughout the night. Hur.

3rd birthday celebration it is, (darn) I'm 6 times older then him (going to!). Haha.
I certainly wasn't joking about their itchy fingers dying to pluck up the car and start playing with it.

Another thing I couldn't stand about kids, would be them fingers dipping into the cake, and licking it off, but the saliva VISIBLE, still uh, dripping from the tips of their finger and then dip in into the cake, AGAIN.


By now you should have know that asking kids to stay still and pose for a picture, the possibility that it will happen is close to 0%.

I do like getting the kids' attention, as in, getting them to like me, remember me even after I didn't visit them after a long time. However, there seems to be more than meet the eyes. In the end, they enjoy being playmates, but by 'playing', they chose to hit me with all the might and that hurts. :(

It was hopeless. Even when I give a firm "NO", they'll continue, laughing while hitting me, obviously thinking we're having 'fun'. =.=

I haven't go into details of what I call 'sexual harassment', but I've decided NOT to blog about it since they're just kids. :D It does piss me off, okay.

Apparently, both my cousins love vehicles, like Tom the Train , aeroplanes, helicopters, cars and trucks etc. Not all kids love Mr Barney, oh well. Majority of them actually likes Pixar movies, according to my observation thus far.

I always feel out of place during family gatherings , and I think this has something to do with my childhood. I lack that closeness. More than often, I find myself thinking about my nanny and getting very excited when I get to be involved in THEIR family gatherings. So perhaps now I may be seen as rude by the current circle I'm in? I always have this feeling Gu Jie won't think of me that way. :/

The photo-taking session seemed to take forever, just because it's hard to accommodate everyone into the camera frame. What made worse was both brothers ain't very co-operate. =.=

Something that I want to add on: Kids tend to be VERY dependent on the maids nowadays. Judging by how I see both my cousin's not allowing my maid to leave their sides, times have certainly change. Where's the Mother when kids need em'?

We call the Birthday Boy 'DiDi' as he's the youngest among the cousins.

I have no idea why he had to sit on my lap when I was merely swatting down to take a picture. He was putting all the weight on me, like I'm some portable chair! If I were uh, taller and bigger size, I would have allowed that, my legs were ACHING so much I thought it was going to break.
Kids are sly beings. In a century like ours, they just throw tantrums and faking a cry just to get what they want. On many occasions, when they damage something or hit somebody, they just feign ignorance, like it was not at all their doings.

To play dirty, grown ups like us have to fake a cry, just to get to apologise. Heh. Or just give them a tongue lashing anyway. Eileen will be more than happy.

For some weird physical behavioral reasons, kids can't lift their heads up huh?

I know this picture is badly done. Hur. It's just one of my Photoshop Police Days.

Anyway, Sis has landed herself a sweet job with Estee Lauder and Vivocity. Perhaps you would like to drop by for some eye candy. :D

I've tried out of their products, absolutely love it, if I had the money...

On Tues, famous director Lawrence Ma gave us a lecture for TV Production, although it' more like shring his own experience.

Despite his excellent directing skills, he cannot speak English for nuts. Throughout, I could only follow him a little, for the rest trying to Google about him and kept throwing Chong Ern dirty looks because he was giggling endlessly at his poor speech ability.

I didn't write this! I found this on a lamp-post under my block. Fantastic, I don't have to say that but I need a release of the angst building inside me. And first person I would say it to, would be the one making me so miserable now.

I don't know what's lacking, but it seems to me that nothing I do will make people take me seriously. I'm just a toy. Joke perhaps. I really want to know all the explanations for my current situations.

Nonetheless, yesterday I had one hell of a time with Neng Hao and Serena and a couple of Heatwave people. I'm guessing what Serena said was right, "that we click" right away, thus we spend 3 hours laughing and talking at KAP.

I have no idea why I told new friends about my heart's insecurities about my emotional needs, but it was great sharing session.

Thanks Neng Hao for his awesome iPod Nano and insight into my personal problems. :) Powered by Blogger.