Sunday, October 31, 2010

Go Crazy With Mister Potato!


This is insane, madness, drove me absolutely bonkers!

As the saying goes, "A hungry man is an angry man".
Well it doesn't just apply to the males anyway. Because I do lots of crazy things when I'm deprived of food due to the mood change.
So what do I do when I'm hungry? 

I bully. Just last night, I bullied Omimi by making her bark! 

When I play with her, it distracts me from the lack of food. 

Then, I started to curse... in Singlish!
A few examples would be:

  • Eh wah lau, damn hungry can. Can you go and buy food now?!!@#$!!@#$
  •  Aiyoh, why the auntie queuing in front of me so kiasi one?! The soup is NOT that hot.
  • My stomach is growing like mad lah! I WANT TO EATTTTTT NOW!
After I've said my piece, I try to convert my starvation into energy ( 化饥饿为力量!)and brought QQ out for a cycle, at full speed.

And now that I've zapped all the energy that is left in me, I guess I deserve something healthy but yummy! 

Potato chips? Nope. 

They are Rice Crisps from Mister Potato: With no added MSG, 20% less fat, cholesterol and trans-fat free with no artificial colouring!

And it comes in different flavours! 
Mister Potato Rice Crisps and Potato Crisps
Mister Potato Rice Crisps curbs my hunger pangs without making me feel guilty.

Did you notice the extra tall canister (packaging) from the previous pictures? It's so tall I almost can't see the bottom. Heh. 

So the next time I'm hungry, I'll look for Mister Potato because...

You can get Mister Potato Rice Crisps at major supermarkets and 7-11 (certain flavours only - but now on sale!)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Meet Zuno (new Kpop artiste) This Coming November in Singapore!


Are you a KPOP fan?

Because if you are, here's a piece of good news:

New KPOP sensation, Zuno Kim Junho, will be coming to town next month on 13 November 2010!

Organised by Quest ID, Zuno Fans Meet 2010 is going to be held at St. James Power Station, Dragonfly, on a Saturday morning. It's gonna be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet and greet your favourite KPOP star up front and get personal, so remember not to miss this opportunity!

  • Zuno's older fraternal twin, Xiah Kim Junsu, is the from the popular Korean group DBSK/TVXQ/JYJ?
  • Zuno's mother was a former Miss Korea? (Not surprising, since they both inherited their mom's good looks!)
  •  Zuno intends to enter the Chinese market, hence several number of Mandopop tracks was released? (Song: "I Love You")
  • Zuno first debuted in a commercial on television
  • Zuno actually came to Singapore for a showcase in May 2010; Hence this event will be his second trip to Singapore. 

 Here's his video clip of his MV - 放开我 / Nothing To Lose / 팡카이워:

If you can't wait to meet him already, remember these details of the event!

Zuno Fans Meet 2010 - Singapore

Date: 13 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 11AM
Venue: Dragonfly @ St. James Power Station
Ticket: $100 (includes 1 free drink, autograph and handshake with Zuno)

On top of that, 500 copies of Zuno's first DVD "Secret Diary" will be released on that day, so be sure to get this before it's gone.

To enjoy greater discount for the tickets, be an EARLY BIRD and get the ticket at a price of $80 instead. Just be the first 500 fans to purchase the tickets, and pre-booking is available for Quest ID portal members ONLY.

While booking the tickets, please include a screenshot/photograph of yourself signing up as a Quest ID member, here's a photo walkthrough to assist you:

1. Go to Quest ID Portal. 
2. Register to be a member. 

 3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions and continue.
4. Fill in particulars.
5. Confirm  your registration, then click “Continue”.
6. Your registration is now complete!

7. Go back to homepage, click on the Zuno Fans Meet page. You can lick on either the main banner or sidebar.

8. Book ticket: Fill in particulars, number of tickets and click “Buy Now".

11. Once again agree to Terms and Conditions.
We're almost done...

12. Confirm your order

13. Order submitted 
... and you're done! :3

Lastly, be reminded that the event is free standing so be there early to avoid disappointment!

For any more latest promotions, join Quest ID and Zuno Official Fan Club Singapore communities on Facebook HERE!

EDIT: Due to Zuno's tight schedules and flight unavailability, Quest ID has cancelled Zuno Fans Meet 2010. :( However, they have plans to bring him back to Singapore early next year for a mini concert cum fans meet in conjunction with the release of his new album.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fighting The Virus Again

Just last month, I was sent to the hospital for two jabs.

Today, I am down with viral fever. I thought it was merely a case of "waking up on the wrong side of the bed"! But no, my whole body is aching, not the muscle ache kind, mind you, it's every little movement of my limbs, brushing against my skin that I feel pain. :c

Coincidentally, I am missing my second Psychology test. I'm not sure if my instructors/ group mates will be convinced, however, I am not making this up.

The last I took my temperature was 38.8 degrees, hopefully it'll subside tomorrow and I can go teach my Primary Two student (SA2 coming!) and revision for PSY, CSE + project work due Thursday. So screwed.


On another serious note, I am more or less fixed on changing my blog to wordpress. Eventually, get my own domain (ultimate dream! Haha). But that change will happen only after December when this semester ends.  Plus, Thiang@wordpress is now used for my academic purposes, so kindly help me out by leaving comments please! :3


Last month, I met some of the lecturers and schoolmates from Ngee Ann Mass Comm at the MCM21 party. Basically, the course turns 21 this year and the awesome people from the committee threw an amazing party at TAB!

The theme of the night was classy: Black & White. That was what I wore. Nothing new. I'm amazed by the entire setup, because I think it was very well done.

Love the logo design, and the sponsors they managed to collaborate with!

Hype also underwent a huge facelift and looks very professional.

I don't think there's much change in Radio Heatwave though. =,=

The hosts were lively and charismatic, no doubt they are MCM. TAB is quite cool with its soft lightings and new furnishings. Apparently, TAB is owned by MCM Alumni, Adrian. They have live bands there so if you're looking for a venue to chill,  I think TAB is a good choice.

What was lacking from the night was the food. Finger foods were butler-served, were only brought out late in the night and before the waiters even reached our table, they were gone. How upsetting! I even went with an empty stomach and paid cover fee for this party!

It was a pleasant surprise to see Mdm Koh, my news writing/feature writing teacher, belly dance! It was to my extreme glee that I bumped into ex-lecturer Mr Wong and he remembered my name (must be the disciplinary problem I gave him the other time. Heh.)

At the end of the night, I took a copy of the school newspaper (Tribune) and new HYPE magazine. The door gift is a nifty 2GB thumbdrive that I absolutely treasure.

I hope MCM will make this an annual event.
In the envelope contains a variety of vouchers from the sponsors, Porcupine and I used one for our monthsary at The Diet Butler. It's a little hard to get around there, but they serve yummy and healthy food.

This is the salad Porcupine had:

Mango and Sautéed Shrimp Salad with Cous Cous

The cous cous is a type of grain, and presumably good for you. However, it's an acquired taste and I didn't fancy it! The other food items from the menu are great though. :3

Gonna hit the sack now. My pee is very hot. Hahaha. Powered by Blogger.