Saturday, April 5, 2014

Sport Brings The World Together

Many sportsmen I know don't consider Dance a sport. In my defense, until you try it yourself, you wouldn't know how tough training and rehearsals can get. I used to dance 4 times a week in my 'glory' days, and each session was even more intense than the 10KM runs.

Ever since I joined the corporate work life, I understand how we (and especially the girls) gained weight so quickly. Our arms become heavier, tummy that led to love handles, and inner thighs that now rub against each other even while walking to lunch. It's quite depressing, really.

It doesn't help that I've stopped dancing some 5 years ago and it's not easy to maintain my body weight ever since. While I am now far from my ideal weight/shape, I am not giving up just yet. However, I think everybody has their own exercise routine.

Fighting.  As in, my mental fight of "mind over body" lol

For me,  I tend to be unmotivated doing it alone, slacking, giving lots of excuses to myself ... so I prefer to do things in small groups (midnight jog with my friends around the neighbourhood), classes (have done Yoga with my husband and currently doing kickboxing at nearby CC) or mass activity (10 -12 km runs).

My trail run results last year.  :)

A recent run in Feb, will work harder!! 
I am considering taking up more classes, as I really enjoy the aches the day after a workout, knowing I've put in hard work to strengthen and tone my body/muscles. I also feel mentally relieved from buildup stress after a good session.  I'm also proud that I'm quite strong for a girl my size/height. :)

Unknown to others, my local sports hero is actually blogger Fay Hokulani. Her journey from flab to fit is truly inspiring and she has the figure I dream of having one day!

So pretty and so fit!

While on this topic about leading a healthy lifestyle, you may be interested to participate or support in the Community Games and Community Sports Festival 2014 (CSF), which has already started on 16 March and will last till 30 June 2014.

The Community Games (CG) is a multi-sports competition held in various locations in Sinapore, featuring seven types of sports - Badminton, Basketball, Bowling, Football, Netball, Sepaktakraw and Table Tennis. The Games aim to connect residents from all walks of life and enhance social cohesion and community bonding, linking people through mass participation and involvement.

One of the highlights for this year’s CSF is the introduction of the Community Sports Challenge, a modified game adapted from the actual sport, to create wider outreach and interest to those who has never participated in a sport. The Community Sports Challenge’s emphasis on teamwork and promotes bonding and fun in their quest to be the best team in the competition. The challenges include Mini Pong, Archery Tag and Football. Each challenge is further divided into four categories which suit the different age groups: Children, Senior, Parent and Child and open categories. Challenger who sets the first record of each Sports Challenge of its categories wins the game. 

For more information, visit
Follow the latest sports updates via their instagram (@CommunitySportsClub). 

I Hopefully I'll get to make new friends with new sports activities I try! Stay fit & healthyguys!  :) Powered by Blogger.