Sunday, April 29, 2007

QD Gathering

The BBQ cum the last minute stayover was a BLAST. It was fun. My first time staying over at friend's place just for the sake of it! :)

No choice, conservative parents. But anyway, I still made it! It's fun but I think sleep is still crucial somewhat. Now I can hardly open my eyes and yet in 5, I'll have to force myself to put on hard lens and then dance for 4 hours and then heading for a buffet dinner for 2 hours, before heading home. Like it's not tiring enough, I still need to complete 49 friendship bands by tomorrow morning and I have a print the class's letter and finish the last of my thank-you notes. Darn. This night is going to get tough.

Ok, I'm going to be late. Details of the stayover probably tomorrow after meeting, where I'll be free till evening! Yay. And TADA, GRAFFITI GIRLS outing. Finally. :D

On another note, I have NO IDEA where I got my 18 mosquito bites. Dammit. I'll have to wear jeans for the entire week already. As if my legs are not ugly enough! :( Why target me?!!! :(


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tiding over

The second start of the week definitely hasn't been smooth sailing.
I embarrassed myself twice in the SIM canteen my screaming "Whoa!" to the wrong person.
I spilled ice-creamed on the table, but with a loud thud as the fork is unable to pierce through the walnut brownie.
I've gained weight. Tested postive.
Eileen has started on ALL of her work. Never a good feeling. Gulps.
Feeling ominous throughout the journey home.
Desperate Housewives have got no Season 3 in DVD. The one in my laptop proved lousy and annoys me.
Being flamed by on public
Fight with mom.

It has certainly been one hell of a night ride.
But I have to admit there have been pleasant things as well.
Finally been able to talk to Ying and Fung.
Also, I didn't quarrel with Victor.

I did this when I was in lecture when I was very grouchy because a couple of guys were getting on my nerves... :(

Last Sunday was our Gold Graduation act at SHHK, here's a preview:

This is Di Shan darling, whom made me a purple little crystal puppy that I swear looks like Victor and/or Doggie.

Was suposed to take only with Yong Zhi, but the others turned up as well. =.= Haha. Been friends for like LONG LONG time.

The clique at SHHK.

The Graduated Class of 2007. Finally.

Tonight I've spent hours on phone, blowing off hot remarks and feeling surges of disapointment sweeping past my body.

Now I've got to do what I've got to do.

Maybe for starters, let's introduce the parties involved:

I am stumped when I read the blog entries. Ying messaged me an urgent message to call her.

Referring to the-only-time's blog,(me, I'll be commenting in brackets.)

"Some of you might remember me going to Jo's BBQ a week ago. Now, this is what happened. As we don't know anyone there, except for Jo and Kam Fung themselves, and as there were no more seats left, we went to sit elsewhere. And when we wanted to have a group photograph taken, Kam Fung called for this ex-classmate of theirs to help.(This is true till now.)

She first used Jo's camera to shoot, then asked if I wanted to use mine to take a few shots as well (Like duh, won't you offer your help to people whom have cameras?). Since she volunteered, why not? I passed her my camera. She examined it for awhile, then told me, "It's very dark, cannot see anything."

I told her, just press the button halfway, and you'll see everything. She insisted that it was in the wrong mode (it was, on MACRO MODE. Note: Night time outside, taking a group of 6. Daigo, tell me if this is right or not.), but took the pictures anyway.

And just now, as I was blog-hopping, I saw this on her blog.

[[ I was actually pissed after helping one of 'em taking photo coz' she said it was dark. I told her the mode was incorrect and I couldn't see, she won't believe. Don't give me that 'look' then. ]] (Yes, this is written by me, BUT not on my blog. It's in my ImageStation albums, not under Blogger at all.)

HELLO?! WHY NOT CALL YOURSELF STUPID?! (I see that as the first act of offense, considering that IT IS LIBEL,which means I can sue you for defamation. NOTE: STUPID.)You must be some ignorant country bumpkin (Offense number 2: IGNORANT. COUNTRY BUMPKIN) who obviously haven't had your hands on a Sony Cybershot before (Well, I HAVE. That's too bad. Chern Harn owns one.), because all Cybershot cameras work like that! (Only have MACRO mode?) Why should I believe you (because I'm in the media, likes photography and know a thing or two about camera while you're the one posing for the cameraman, she's a model by the way.) when you said it's in the incorrect mode (up till now, I might be wrong. Let's wait for what the FSV people say.) when I know my camera better than you know your maths?! (Offense Act 3: CRITICISING one's intelligence. Personally, I didn't think my maths is that lousy either.)

And since when I complained about it being dark? (In my memory, yes she did. After taking a look at the photos, she commented," Oh, it's quite dark. Ah nevermind, I'll just need to go back use Photoshop to brighten it up.")You were the one who told me after the photo-taking that it is dark, and I said it's alright. For your information, the picture turned out perfect with all of us looking great when I uploaded it to the computer, and it was even displayed on our Friendsters.

*rolls eyes* (Offense act 4: Attitude)"

Back to me, as of the above direct extracting, apparently she started those rants because of my saying "pissed", I SO DID NOT SAY PISS OFF, FOR GOODNESS SAKE. And it was it her nature that she couldn' take it down, she had to do the same in her "own personal space" as well. Hear it right. Blogs. Personal. And as if it's her character that she cannot take things well and control her attitude in her own hands, she had done it, smacked me right on. If were to say that's fair, shouldn't I have to right to do the same thing as well?

Moving on, I also got additional comments by

"I'm rather pissed aft knowing that too.
dun judge my frens if u duno them.
i seriously see no wrong in any one of them n' i dun nid u to go ard giving comments.
lastly, a million 'thanks' if u happen to see this."

Did you note "pissed"? What about "judge"? Watch out for "going around giving comments". Lastly, don't miss out the " 'thanks' ".

1) You are not into this at all. You simply heard it from the-only-time and made Assumptions.
2) You made public assumptions on public blog.
3) You used "pissed" too, should I flame you too, on my blog?
4) From my photo caption, I DID NOT JUDGE.
5) I DID NOT go around, I only put it on my photo album.
6) The 'thanks' was sarcastic enough, although I did not know what was it for exactly.

Best part of it all was that we were friends for 6 six years, good friends for 2 years (in my opinion at least), and classmates for 4 years if we aren't close enough to be labelled 'friends'.

I'm not going to demand/hear any apology or apologise to them as I've promised 3 important people in my life.

All I can say is: Disappointed as it is, that is all our friendship is worth, as seen through now.
And: Sorry Fung that I've caused much trouble for you.
And: Sorry Ying, to have heard about your news.
And: Sorry Vic, to have raised my voice.
And: Sorry Jo, if that happens again, I can't just ignore and let it go on. I didn't add additional things here, this is all here. HOW CAN IT POSSIBLY NOT AFFECT ME?

DISCLAIMER: As a believer in ethical media practioner, I've used my words carefully and did not make false accusations nor submit any untrue information.

No joking around here, coz' I'm dead serious. I know a thing or two about flaming comments too.


Saturday, April 21, 2007

Nice experiences

On 13th April, Jo and Fung held their birthday BBQ at my house. To look at the pictures, go here:

As mentioned in the previous posts, going to blog about my trip to Island Cremery. I asked Grace to come along with Wei Long and I, and she readily accepted. :) There was this funny moment where we took bus 74 to the Coronation? and that we only knew it was near Serene Centre. Ah Gong actually drew the erm, landscape of the area on a small piece of paper which apparently didn't have enough space and the drawings weren't exactly accurate. The drawings were all over but very neat handwriting though, and we just stood in the middle of the overhead bridge, debating which way we should walk towards to in "following the canal". Suddenly, I came up with a brilliant idea.

" Excuse me, do you know which way it is towards King's Road?"
"Yeah, THAT (points out) way."
"Oh, thank you."

Yeah there you go. :) We walked on and reached.

Yesterday evening I was being very sluggish and lazy and bored, I have no idea why. I really think it was PMS, because I am always excited in these kind of get-together!
So I must apologise to Ah Gong and Grace here for my un-enthusiasm last night. I hope it won't happen again, and I wanna continue my conversation with Ah Gong on the train the other day. I sort of realised I broke the momentum of our talk and it's rude. :S

Grace and I had the same thing: Nutella ice-cream and Apple pie. HEAVENLY!
Ah Gong had teh-tarik ice-cream (nice!!!) and Horlicks flavour(not bad).
Doesn't it just look good?

See, I was really quiet and I listened to them talk most of the time...

Yup, this is Island Creamery (nice name by the way) where you can take a photo, print it on the spot, and paste it on the wall!

We tried, but my estimation wasn't really good. And they taught me what is a Dutch Angle. Coolness.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
So we keep trying you see, and as you know, Ah Gong never smile properly.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
In the end, this was what we picked. :)

Headed towards this cute little machine... ( I want to own this!)

Gotten some ice-ceam stickers for ourselves..

The sign.

Oh yes, this is dedicated to Ah Gong, his limited and never perfect smiles! :D IN training!

There, good to go. LOVELY MEMORY! :D
We headed to Bukit Timah Food Centre to eat again! :D
Time passes quite fast. I was shocked when it's 9 plus already.

Photobucket is really problematic nowadays! I can't even load the page! Guess I'm going to change the host. :X

Today was suppose to go to the flea market with Kimmo but to our utmost disappointment, there wasn't any. Thanks for the LIME magazine website that confuses me. Apparently, it seems to be next Sat, but I thought it was always on the first and third Saturdays? Ugh. Whatever. In the end we shopped in Cathay Cineileisure, I bought my first cap! Kimmo got upset and became moodless. :(

I own a pair of red jellies now! I almost went to meet Stanley at Bugis for pool but changed my mind. So that's about it.
DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES ROCKS MY WORLD. It was taught me many life lessons and the way it's carried out was good. Grabbed my heart good. :) Going to pursue it through.

On Thursday I was on the phone, and I had a weird feeling. I finally get to experience what it means by a couple laughing at the same thing, WITH each other, and trying hard to make each other's day.

I might just be in love again? I don't know, yet.

Monday, April 16, 2007

:O .....

Coz' I'm tired. And sick of myself for sleeping soo late every night. I hit the sack last night only at 5am!
Such a darn affair! School's started! I have to get on track again.

Long overdue! :S
Chingay 'o7

I stumbled upon these when I was looking at My Pictures album, might shine some light here:

This Eeyore is drawn by none other than Mr Joshua Tang. He was so excited about it and he prepared this for one of the lesson for the primary school kids in China. If you don't know who is he, I will show his photo, later.

Our indemnity form. Well, there's my siggy. But, NOT EXACTLY, if you know what I mean. Heh. :P

The last day in Sem 2 after we presented our The Cube Website. Farewell to my clique, hello to a new Ah Gong and class. I know you're like Huh? coz' you all don't know who's Ah Gong yet. I will introduce! Later. :)

Last lesson of LocVid. I think. Don't remember posting coz' I thought I didn't have it. My Loc Vid class in Studio.

You'd think she's pretty, but I've got to warn you guys out there. There is this online girl, 19, who claims that she's from Perth, MSN nickname 'Tng' and she's VERY WEIRD. We started out chatting because she thought I added her and actually on my side it's her who added me! I thought," Hey, no harm having a new friend!" and we chat all the way till 3am + as I'm still online. But to my extreme horror, our conversation were drifted and pulled to a far edge where she started asking me questions like (and I quote):
- So what size exactly are your tits?
- Have you had sex with your bf?
- Isn't it weird you don't want to touch your bf?
- Do you have the urge to touch yourself?

And more. So you get the thing. But, this girl in the pic, I don't think it's her. As in, it's probably another pic of another victim? I wouldn'y know. Just spreading the news! Eileen's sister was bugged by 'her' too! Freaky! Oh, I deleted her immediately after Kwang Wei and Yang Xiao repeated asked me to. I should learn my lesson. :S

-CNY this year. We had steamboat at Ying's house again! Will elaborate more in photo albums.

- Above pics can be found in CNY 'o7.


6/4/07 - Casual outing with Victor.

Mom and sis commented that he's a poor thing waiting downstairs under the big hot sun. I smirked. Like he's really a pity! Humpf. And so, he was invited to my living room to wait. While I prepped. :P

Headed to Plaza Singapura. Where I finally claimed my free $5 voucher Anderson's ice-cream. Savoury!

He is such a vainpot I tell you! He's cam sensitive and will immediately turn himself into a emo-shit-rocker-mat-model for you.

We had dinner at Fish & Co. Glasshouse for the second time. The Chocolate Junkie was suuuuper nice. Bloated as usual.

There you go. Had a great power nap home. It feels extremely good to be in his arms sometimes.
But not when he starts saying, " Of course lah, it's my shoulder leh. "

We watched The Number 23. The psychotic killer thriller. It's gooood. The technical stuffs and acting was gooood. Catch it if still possible! jim Carrey's first non-comedy film! However, he's still best at comedy. He's one hell of a comedian! Not emo-shit films.


7/4/07 - Casual outing with Victor 2. Bugis.

Plans were all screwed. We were suposed to head for Queensway. It changed coz' I said I wanna eat laksa. And he brought me to...

Bugis street's Katong Laksa. The heh bee hiam is yummy!

On the bus ride home.

Catched Sunshine. It was EXCELLENT! MUST WATCH. :) Coolness! Although I must admit I didn't want to watch it initially thanks to the movie name and poster. It's definitely not a boys-only movie! :)

My Dad's Birthday. 10/4/07

Kudos to sis since she ordered and hand-carry the cake all by herself from Kovan! Haha. I suggested Angie the Choice, did not force OK! Even though the design is simple like a pile of brown shit, it's costly and super yummy dark chocolate! Cake so soft that it bounces when you cut it! :D

He is such a kid I tell you. The moment he saw present, he's about to tear open it before sis and I stopped him. He's 54!

Well obviously, I'm the photog of the night!

I can't find any photos of me inside. :( I mean, even the family photo that I set timer with, it's not here!
Sis just barged in and complained of my non-existance in the family. Check out her blog where they went Malaysia, it feels odd not to see myself. :(

I don't consider this as being part of the family, literally.
Just credits to myself to know my appearance. Hur

GREAT. My target of sleeping at 11pm+ is RUINED. 3.05am.
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