Thursday, May 20, 2010

Worn Down

As of 17 May 2010, I had worked past 20 hours at a go with less than 8 hours of sleep for 2 days, used an electronic hand drill and almost screwing up (pun fully intended) the backdrop, about to freeze to death if not for director's jacket, and so tired I started became enthusiastically helping the China workers to set up while walking/running barefoot in the entire ballroom full of nails, wood pieces and drills. 0,0

And just the same morning, I broke my Bio-Essence, with all the oil essence and broken glass shards around my feet. To get things cracking I picked up the pieces quickly, only to have a cut of my wrist that looked like I committed suicide with the plaster on. =,=

Hell only begins when the following day you wake up to 16 missed calls, 13 messages and 8 whatsapp notifications.

"OH FUCK!!!!!" was the only thing that went through my mind, followed by the astonished and furious reactions/expressions I'm going to get from my superiors.

The clock says 12.30pm. I was supposed to have been to two places by then.

In a hurry, I tripped on the spillage the previous day and landed hard not on my meaty butt, but on the freaking spinal cord. I'm so grateful or being young, I'm pretty sure I would be dead by now if I'm 60 years old.

You know how when something bad happens, it normally follows through?

I scalded two fingers while trying to get some water, and later on in the day had a bitchy supplier who mocked at me.

I'm so glad everything's over! From tomorrow onwards, there'll be choir, nice people, KTV, Dimsum, Cider, Melon, plus a week-long trip, hopefully everything turns out great for me. :D Powered by Blogger.