Friday, February 25, 2011

A Night of Pampering by Whisper

It was a cozy girly night out last weekend at Oosh as Whisper held its Pamper Night. 

I brought Mint with me, and the poor girl had to wait for me in her boots under the drizzle! I had gone up to the wrong side of Oosh.

The Nuffnang team kicked off the night with a Spot-The-Difference stage game.  All the bloggers present were split into five groups, with the Star bloggers leading each team. I was assigned to Nadnut’s group. :D

In Nad’s team there were Esther, Fidelis and Jacelyn (both of whom I met for the first time after reading so much about them, heh). All  the girls looked damn gorgeous that night, while I looked quite shabby in shorts and sandals. What? The invite wrote 'casual'! :/

We had limited time to find all the graphic differences in the packaging of Whisper pads and the fastest group to spot all the differences wins.
And the winners would be us! Muahahaha.

I very much wanted to tweet the entire night but I forgetfully left my phone in bf’s car. Searching for #nuffnangwhisper  will show you the entire flow of  the night’s events.
Pamper Night consists of five stations providing various services: Neck massage, shoulder massage, foot reflexology, paraffin wax/hands massage and express manicure.

Mint and I first went to release our tension at the neck and shoulder massage stations. I was quite nua, so I was quite reluctant to take pictures. Heh.

 Getting a French manicure.

 And done! So chio, and her sparkly bling too.

 Nadnut getting a hand massage.

 My turn.

My first time trying out the paraffin wax, didn’t know it was really SO hot. But after the treatment, my hands were soft and moisturized.

 Hands kept in mittens for better absorbency, I think.

 Even Paige gets herself pampered.

 Nadnut feeling super shiok at the massage station.

 Mint likes it.

The staff members took such great care of us!

Mint was hungry so we grabbed ourselves some dinner, buffet style.  Cream pasta, black pepper chicken, pizza slices, dory fish, fruits and desserts. I had two servings of the pasta and fish because it was SO good.

The five blogger ambassadors for Whisper are: Nadnut (Nadia), Dweam (Valerie), Sixpegs(Peggy), Belluspuera (Velda) and CherryMag (Nicole).  It’s a pity Nicole wasn’t there, was kind of looking forward to meeting her!

Paige Chua from Mediacorp was the guest for the night and she gave us a little speech on periods and Whisper.

She’s so tall, slim and so pretty too! If I am not gifted with the height, why can’t I have beauty and great skin? : (

Paige played the second stage game with us, something similar to Bingo, only that it’s not numbers but with words instead. Words related to Whisper are printed on a 5x5  box and you got to circle the words you hear while Paige reads out a passage.

Justine was one of the four lucky girls who won from the Whisper Bingo.

Clare with Paige

We’re all looking good here because Valerie brought her ring light for us girls to camwhore! It was one of the main highlight and the girls took MANY photos. For all the XXX number of photos, view them on Nuffnang’s FB page!

Look at how great our skin look. Mine’s only an illusion, I have shitty skin. But the ring light is awesome.  Mint, Peggy and me.

Print outs from the camwhoring to bring home.

I also brought home a bag of the new Whisper Overnight Pads. They are SUPER long, longest ones In fact, at 400mm!

It’s equipped with the 3D absorbent core to take in all the fluids within one second!

My Happy Period Tips:

·      Always wear comfortable clothes at night
o   Our skin needs to breathe, even down south.  To minimize bacteria growth, I’ll always wear loose pants or night dresses  to sleep.

·      Avoid cold drinks during first three days of your period
o   Although I’m not one who have cramps, but I’ve seen my sister roll around in pain due to menstrual cramps. I believe that by avoiding cold beverages on the first three days of your period, it will reduce the likelihood of cramps.

·      Do not wear G-string or thong
o   This point is listed here for my classmate who wore a thong to school in the hope to feel sexy on the first day of her period. 30 minutes into class, she left because she was feeling extremely uncomfortable and it was ‘overflowing’.  

You can find out more about the new Whisper Overnight at the Nuffnang microsite.

Have a Happy Period, girls!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mint's 让我依靠 Live! Showcase

Mint's  让我依靠(Rang Wo Yi Kao) showcase was held a week before G+ Meet-up. The concert was held at All About Eve bar along Haji Lane, also the official sponsor for the venue.

The title of this showcase is derived from one of Mint’s song, 依靠(Yi Kao) which translates into ‘Support’ in this case.

Parking was quite a problem, but we risked it by parking along the roads and hoping the 'Pontianak' won't come. Hur.

I really liked that the tickets were mailed to me, saving me all the hassle.

When the BF and I arrived, we were each given Rocher roses from  Rocher-Creations, along with a lyrics book and customised Mint bear.

The crowd was coming in, it was a full house and a very good sign!

Mint very nicely reserved a table for us at the front. I was seated with William, Calvin, HP and Ying Zi.  
Mint & The Band was introducing ten of her new songs, including 我的便当、泪不停不停的流、Hug Me Tight、梦中情人、我全故意、爱的人、依靠、星言、抉择至我、玩具国王。

The showcase comprises of 10 mandarin songs written and composed by Mint Leong, performed and sang to the public for the first time. Out of these 10, 2 of the songs were composed with the help of Mint’s good friends: Goh Yong Wei(我的便当 aka Lunchbox) & Angela Lee( 泪不停不停的流 )

Though 我的便当 is composed by Yong Wei, but he didn't perform that day. He was in charge of the videos and helping out at the front desk. The rest of the other 9 songs are all composed by Mint herself!

The Master Music producer is Won Tin Loong, who owns All About Eve Bar. The other music producers are Mint Band, where the band consists of 4 members - (from left to right) Desmond the guitarist, Ethan on keyboard, Mint the lead singer and Wagner the drummer

The concert kicked off with the upbeat song 我的便当.

Mint really has quite a number of supporters! Keep in mind that this is the second day of the concert and still a full turnout.

One of my favourite songs is 梦中情人, a rather jazzy number.

A duet - I think it was 我全故意.

Followed by Hug Me Tight, you can watch it here:

The next song 爱的人, though sung in mandarin, it really sounded more like a Hokkien song. Some of us even sang the song out in Hokkien. Listen to it here:

She even had the band on screen, nice.

That's Calvin and William. If you noticed what was in his hand, you would have known what was coming next.

Mint's performance of 依靠 was very touching. The video here:

William surprised her with a bouquet of flowers and Desmond even played jealous. 

It is also the first time I see Yong Wei SO quiet and SO serious. LIKE!

Mint continued with 泪不停不停的流:

At her last song, 玩具国王, fan whipped out the little door gift and starting waving it to the tune. Aww.

Hehe, Mint gave us a 'Media' pass. :3

Mint band did a great job because, they are friends who have only been playing together for two months. The band is named after their vocalist, Mint Leong. Since November last year, they have come together during the weekends for rehearsals and practices at All About Eve Bar under the special guidance of Won.

Ying Zi won herself a  Mint T-shirt from the lucky draw.

William gave us more of his well-made Rocher roses, which you can get them at Rocher Creations!

Don't forget to find Mint on Facebook. 'Like' her page to receive her latest updates! To view more of her videos, you can also visit her official YouTube channel HERE. Powered by Blogger.