Monday, December 23, 2013

Photolog Throwback: 台北 2012年3月 的 忍者主題餐廳

都快两年了,这 blogpost edit好的照片还在Desktop坐着摆美? 太逊了吧。 就让我简介 this Ninja-themed restaurant in Taipei! Sometimes I am impressed by my memory capacity hahaha.

Whenever I travel I like to dine at interesting concept cafes and this was one of them. One of my Chinese friend whom I knew from my Berkeley art class happened to be in town so I had to meet up with her for a quick catch up! My sister tagged along and we arranged for a dinner.

Entering the restaurant was pretty fun because we had to shout out a "passcode" before the door would open for us as we enter through a smoke door.

The restaurant  stands alone along the main road and is highly visible with its "忍者" 标签。 The interior was dimly lit but well-decorated with ninja related props. This was kept rather consistent even with their dinnerware  as well (see below).

Oh did I not mention we were served by a cute waitress? Our menus were actually secret scrolls ( 武林密集)!

Dinner for three:

Love the cute Alien toilet signage, I followed it of course

We won 2 dozen test tubes of alcoholic drinks. How cool is that!  I think it was happy hour and we got to pick toy knifes from a container to win merchandise or free food and drinks.

The restaurant seems to have a low rating on Tripadvisor but honestly it wasn't bad at all. Us girls had a lot of fun and the food was good too! It may be a bit pricey as compared to food in Taipei but it in the range of SGD$20++.  No reservations needed, the environment was conducive for long conversations as well.

Oh good, I just Googled and they are still open! Hahaha.

Address: 台北市松山區市民大道四段129號, Taipei, Taiwan


Opening hours: 11:00am - 3:00pm, 6:00pm - 11:00pm
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