Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Latop woes

Although being put down much by the loss of my ibook G4,I have been trying to cope with my loss, having to endure the SUPER freakin' slow desktop COMPUTER as compared to the handy 1.83GHZ ibook G4.

I think by the end of 3 weeks when I have my new laptop (it's the fastest possible already), I would become a more patient person, or for the worse, a more violent person. Of course you know, when the mouse is problematic, you slam it etc. You know.

What is the only thing that stopped me from whacking the CPU is because my camera photos are still able to process! Woohoo. But, the upright photos have to be hosted my photobucket in order to rotate them. =.= Waste of my time. Oh well. (Looks like photobucket doesn't seem to work, *roll eyes*) I really want to put them in this "pensieve" of mine. Hur. I'll put them up next time then.

It was coincidental that we wore baby colours last Monday, and we both had new haircuts. We had headed to Peninsula Shopping Centre for my Web Design assignment. :)

On Wednesday, Hansen (Victor's good pal) and both of us went to Aspire Cafe to cover another article. Heh heh. Although this time we DID utilise the chance to eat and play games there. Pretty awesome place actually. But then again, if you're looking for rare games, you should look at Settler's cafe instead. I love this cosy, comfortable place.

The games available, including pick up sticks(VICTOR was so lousy at this that he cheated, pushing my hands while I was picking it, filthy!) and Rubik's cube and the magnetic fishing game (EILEEN!) A very small range as compared to Settler's cafe, but incomparison, they've got really tasty food.

I don't see the need to elaborate eh?

Because I've never played Cluedo and it looked very interesting, I begged to play this first. Heh heh. Well, Victor won. He's good at this kind of erm, cunning games. Hur.

What with this trecherous face. :D

Alot of pictures are missing coz' they're portraits, not landscapes. :S

On Friday as I mentioned, was Heatwave's 15th Anniversary:

We began with that Baracudas, schools drum group, which is the main performance that drew the crowds since they were loud, and well, not bad.

Yes, no matter how many of you HATE him out there, you will still find yourself oddly attracted to him nevertheless. Hur.

And this is my Chinese programme co-host, Crystal, who's a year 1 now. (I know my pimple is still there, huge as ever.) :(

Riiiiiight. Just a little bit obsessed with Justin Ang.

The main activity was this hip-hop dance competition, which is very erm, disappointing in my opinion. I'm shocked to see my SC freshie, Vanessa, being the leader of the pack, dancing quite well, but maybe a little too concerned with her annoying fringe covering her face and having to push it out of her face while dancing.

Azhar, the in-house DJ, very experienced, kept the audience occupied.

It was a tad bit awkward when I asked to take photos with my ex-classmates whom I seldom talk to. I guess you can tell from the photo.

I said, just a little obsessed, now you've got a clearere view ain't it?

3 lucky winners were chosen to compete in Drink-a-can-of-Redbull and the fastest to drain all of it, will walk away with a newest Motorala Handphone, worth more than $600. But then again, just by the look of it, the girl won't win, would she? *shrugs shoulders*

Heatwave crew all can get free Redbull! Heh. And I absolutely love it, my very first can of Redbull. Damn refreshing.

Parthe and I enjoying it. :) Thanks for letting me use your laptop for data transfer!

Whoops! What an awkward position Vernon A! :D

The winning group, I think they triumph coz' they mixed their own music, and their dance is a fusion or hip-hop and acting.

OPEN YOUR EYE BIG AND ADMIRE. :) (Chong Ern was obviously very excited as well, tugging at my sleeves saying he wants t o join in as well. Hur.) I DID hestitate a while before saying 'ok', because I want the special moment with Muttons. :(

I have no idea why I was lulled into this photo with the other seniors. Adiel, standing beside me, seems to me like a very nice, cheery, loud and funny girl. Her high-pitch voice make her sound bimbotic though.

This is my classmate Tyler which I think I've mentioned before, seemingly cold. But a fantastic graphic designer, in my opinion. :)

I really love the material of the bag, but it's so expensive! $100+ EACH. But you can customize as well as mix-n-match the straps and flaps and bag.

At night, I attended Victor's cousin's wedding. I was very excited as this was the first time I'm attending such events with him. Almost all the closer relatives I've seen are already present during Chinese New Year gathering. The middle one is Gerald, who is Victor's closer cousin. And crazy in love with this attached girl, named Elicia. Haha.

We reached very early at 7pm, and the dinner only starts at 9pm. I was SOOOOOO bored.


During mid-course, this is my favourite food. Heh. The oatflakes of Oat Prawns. I was abit embarrassed.

I really envy the relationship they shared and heard of their childhood stories from Victor. It was so hilarious and interesting. I smiled at this image.

The bride, looking very happy and touched.

Dennis, bride's brother gave her a very memor-ic kiss. :')

NOW, be envious. :) [I am shocked to know many people asked me who the morning muttons were. :(]
I can't believe I spent 2 hourse with this entry, just uploading these raw photos. Sigh.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hair loss!

My over-the-erm,-tits long hair is now officially gone. It went down the scissors of the Kimage hairdresser yesterday afternoon at 5pm.

Over the past 7 years, I haven’t got such a short haircut. Even I’m surprised. Now I have my healthy glow top back, but in return I’ve got fly-aways and disgusting twisting-here-and-there ends.

You know how your hair won’t keep straight just after you cut them and especially when you cut them just over the shoulder (length)? Urgh. I should have cut it shorter perhaps? But like I told Vic, I don’t want those above eyeline bangs and curved bobs that’s now all the rage. Everywhere you look, they all look the same. One's fine, ten's tolerable, a hundred? How dolly-scary.

And my hair looked very, very jet black. Blimey. Just because I cut away all the brown bits below.

I can’t tie my hair anymore. It’s such a small bunch it barely makes up a paintbrush. :( (FYI, it's a bad news for me!)

From the initial two full presses of the shampoo, it’s now reduced to only half a press needed to wash my hair. 0.0

While I take 20-25 mins to shower, now I only take say, 12 minutes? Impressive, that's how much I've loss! Woo!

Now I can save $$ on shampoo. Wahaha. NOT.

Because now I have maintain my hair ends, like I mention earlier.

Less time spent on hair? Wrong as well, I’ll need to either straighten, style, or both before I can can head outside looking presentable. ☹

I guarantee if you see my hair just after I shower, you will look around the room to look for the look-like-14 Jie Ting. I absolutely look like a 40-year-old auntie,plus the specs. Horrifying.

Yes, I’m quite vain. As you should know now, 99.9% girls are.

The change (to me, is drastic). STANDBY people, these are first-hand photos!
The long, weak, draggled hair is now zapped to this:

I call this the pop chick style. Very black, like emo sial. Haha.

Comments I've received thus far has been extreme.

I stepped into LT79, late. :|

Kimmo + Kristie: "OMG, SHANICE! What happened to your hair?!!"
Eileen: *giggles*
Bruce: " Oi Sujith, look at Shanice's hair!"
Bruce proceeds to text message me : "OMG YOUR HAIR"
Bruce sat in front of me during lunch break and probed why I cut my hair.
Bruce asked Sujith whether he prefer me with long hair, or short hair.
(By the way, Bruce is my classmate who looks 90% like Willian Hung, just that he's got better teeth. I swear, no one else can have such striking resemblance alright? I'll get a pic if possible! :D)
Tong: "Huh, cutting so much hair not xin teng meh?"

Something funny.
Ann poked Kristle and went, "Hey Kristle, who's that girl sitting beside Eileen?"
Kristle turned to Ann and replied," It's Jie Ting, my dear."

Of course, it's a reflex thing that I turned my head to where my name came from.
Ann:" OH!"

Ann's expression is classic I tell you.

The worst comment so far would be from none other than VK.
VK:" Eh hello Shanice."
VK:" Why did you cut your hair so short?"
Me:" Why can't I cut them?"
VK:" I thought you became a butch or something."


Help. Do I look like a amateur butch, at all?

However, Victor says it's nice. I think he's disappointed that it's not short enough though.


Anyway, I’ve decided to change my blog song, and will set it to : Play on click.
If not, I might just risk another case of “panic-attack” when someone enters my blog during company meeting. How very inconsiderate indeed, my bad. But why are you stumbling upon blogs in the midst of a meeting?

(I've changed to a very EMO singer!)

I have to finish 3 articles by tomorrow night when I haven’t even been to the place? So what can I write about? This and that and this and that, I’m back to the old cheesy classic “So many things to do but so little time!”

I’m not intending to go into details of how heavy my assignments are, but I’m extremely disturbed by this morning’s radio lecture. I have a talkshow test next Wed, and I have to invite a guest in. Where? Who? What to discuss about?! I find myself having trouble to breathe just thinking about that. Anyone who would like to volunteer, please mail me!

Vic also cut his hair on Saturday, dumping his ‘emo’ hair. It’s about time. :D
I heard his pal, Hansen also cut off almost all his fringe, shorter than mine. GASP! I can’t imagine.

He looks slightly more decent now isn't he? Heh.

Can anyone feed me with any unique news happening around North area or alternative hangout places/hobbies? I really need information about them like, NOW!

Please hit me with more suggestions. Thanks.

Final photos for last week's dinner! :D

UPDATE! My hair now only takes 1 hour to dry completely, while normally it takes up to 4 hours! :D

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I have no idea why but I have a strong urge and itch to have my hands on these toys! Like immediately please. And sadly, these games/toys are for personal usage for my personal pleasure. * Winks*

AHEM. Nope, it's now what you think, because the toys doesn't look like that:

(Sorry to disappoint you Sooj) :D

And NO! Say no to Sudoko! I have no idea I find it a silly game. (Ya, I know it's stupid since I like to do wordsearch)
Oh well, but really I think only the really knowledgeable and intellectual can do those up-to-standard crossword puzzles, because I'm really bad at them. :(

I want these for my birthday! Nono, I want them, like now.

1) Playstation Portable!

I REALLY REALLY WANT THEM. :( It's like personal entertainment all merged into one. And it's super exciting, what with car racing, fighting bad guys and completing stages to unlock characters/maps. How intriguing! How can Papa refuse to get this for me? :( (And I thought about it the whole day, Papa has never gotten me a toy ever since I'm young. All my toys are bought by my Gujie, occassionally mom buys it for our birthdays/christmas) I have a sad childhood.

Nonono! I would never want pink of silver. I would love to have a transparent PSP, but it's not available. Oh, electric blue looks really appealing.

Check out the other colour plates available! So cool right! But this is googled and is available in Australia. -,-
Singapore have a classic champagne gold which can match my handphone! :)

Retail: $400 (approx.)

2) Rush Hour - Traffic Jam Puzzle

Have you NOT seen this before? I first played it at my cousin's house, and I fell in love with it. I think it's such a brain teaser, it gets you hooked. You MUST finish all the levels. I was so reluctant to leave. And that was the last time I had my hands on that. :'(
Victor said he would get his for me last year, my hands are still empty. Haha.

Retails: $29.90, sometimes Toys 'R' Us got sale, and I got Star member card

3) Fishing - an electronic hand-held game

This one is damn fun I tell you. Wen Jun (my gujie's niece) had this and whenever I stayed over at my Gu Jie's house I would borrow and sit in the living room and play like crazy. Know why? There's a sensor in it and you have to like reel the 'lines' in, and thrusting the machine forward, pulling it backwards, like it's the real thing. When you caught a 'fish', the machine with vibrate and you have to quickly respond before the fishes swim away! Bigger fishes are harder to catch, but when I do catch it, it gives me a sense of satisfaction. Heh. I was frequently spotted standing up and jerking and getting very agitated playing the fishing game. Very fun.

Retails: Say $29.90? (That was the '90s price, now I don't know. Haha.)

4) Fixing Gundam

This only begins last year when I helped Victor fix his Gundam. I didn't know there was much details you have to take note. And fans of Jap anime are very anal. You have to buy even the correct pliers juse for boy toys. And I love fixing things together you see, although I cut my fingers and it hurts, but I like looking at the completed figurine. Loads of patience though.

P.S. I don't want to collect, I just want to help Vic do.

Retails: Mastergrade ones anything from $79.90 - $180++

5) LEGO! - Harry Potter, a history

Need not be told, Lego is one of which I like. The colours, the shape, the feel ( I use to bite on it to satisfy some weird habits of mine). HP has got many sets of it and I only have The Knight Bus set. =,= (how demoralising). I want the Hogwart's Train set most, coz' it's mechanical and it can really move! However, it's not sold in Singapore. :( UK! UK!

Look at this lucky girl with her Harry Potter kingdom whom I googled upon. JEALOUS!!!! :S

Retails: Kao! Uber ex, from $19.90 for just characters/with a hippogriff maybe - $180+

And thus far that's what I want. Heh.

The observant bunch would have noticed I changed my blog banner! And it was Kris who did it! <3s! THANK YOU X10!
Having said that, I DID receive a poem in my life, by Kris herself! I'm guilty for forgetting about it! Here it is, on my 17th birthday:

Another few hours and its almost over,
Seventeen you turn with a spin of time.
Poems you said would be nice,
So I'll try my shot at a Birthday rhyme.

With long dark hair that she wants curly,
Shanice is more to me then just a friend.
So for her birthday I truly wish,
That she'll find gold at the rainbow's end.

With big dark eyes, she’s oh-so-pretty,
And so much more then just a look.
To say she’s kind is real unfair,
For she’ll give much more then she took.

For her kindness and her generosity,
I wish to the heavens so high above,
That she may be a princess in her life,
Just like Cinderella, with her satin gloves.

She’s hip and trendy with tons of clothes,
Always looking like Hollywood’s finest.
But that’s a reflection of what she’s got,
A sense of confidence that’s really the greatest!

So Shanice my dear, I wish you the best,
And corny as it is, that you’ll beat the rest.
You work hard and I have to say,
You’ll get where you want to be one day.

I would make you seventeen wishes,
But that’s really not fair,
I’ve made two,
So the rest is up to you.

But a last Happy Birthday dear friend of mine,
I’m running out of words, and of time.
So a last word- treasure what you’ve got cause it’s great,
And eat more chocolate ‘cause it’s a pure treat!!!


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