Monday, May 26, 2008

Emo QQ

After a short 2-days trip to Genting, we returned home to see a very distressed QQ. She was a smelly, hyperactive and angsty.

I'm guessing dad didn't take very good care of her after all, thus explains her body odour and very dirty play pen.

As for the enthusiasm, I guess it's natural for her to behave like that since the 3 people whom she is closest to are all away, and she was feeling very upset. So when she see us altogether, she was overwhelmed with joy.

I think she is mad at us too because we left her alone at home. For the next two days, she expressed her rebellious attitude by shitting and peeing everywhere again, very much like how when I just got her a few months back.

But I knew she did it on purpose because when I give her treats to see if she remembered the tricks I taught her, she knew them all!

It's so sad that I keep having doggy woes. No lah, nothing major, just that I'm wondering if there's any way for her coat to be shiny without spending much money. I wished I had more energy to bring her out for walks too.

I've checked out some doggy forums in the hope of going to their meet-up sessions so that QQ can make friends, or else she'll be stressed and get all depressed. The dog owners in my house area all are sibeh unfriendly one! Everytime I walk QQ near them on purpose, because I know QQ get along with all the dogs, their tails started wagging like crazy. They smell, they interact, but in less than a minute, the dog owners will put on a fake smile and command their dog "no" or "let's go", leaving QQ wanting for more.

Once, we came across this huge, gorgeous Golden Retriever but the owner wasn't very pleased, so I pulled her away by force. She became aggressive and barked at the owner. I sensed that the Golden Retriever was sad as well, since when he/she saw QQ, his/her long, beautiful tail immediately wag freely in the air.

Sigh. QQ looks very ugly and dirty meh? :(

Sunday, May 25, 2008

(Uniquely) Events

I'd better sleep early tonight and prep myself for tomorrow. After all, it's going to be a long day for me - my first outdoor emcee-ing.

Venue: Suntec City
Time: 11AM - 8.30PM
Event: Singapore Streets Festival

Performances for tomorrow includes J Rock (rock bands) and Cosplay. Though both aren't my interest, I guess it's a good time for exposure.

Moreover, I have to meet many people tomorrow, so better to my best foot forward.

I hope I will make a good impression though. :X
If you happen to pop by Suntec, say 'hi'.

* * *

Girls' favourite time of the year has arrived.

Last year I didn't get anything at the Great Singapore Sale. This year I am determined to get something. But even after discount, some things are not as value-for-money as online shopping or flea shopping leh . How? :(

* * *

Next week we'll also be covering Singapore Arts Festival, which I hope to get some free tickets. Heh.

Okay, I'm in the mood to read books/magazines now. Off I go.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Fresh! Party

Fresh! Party for Freshmen happened on the 9 May 2008 at NP's Convention Centre! Co-organised by ESDAR and Radio Heatwave, many first year students turned up and some had a pretty awesome crazy time there.

Besides Baracuda Batacuta and D3 performing (story for another time), we also have Power 98's DJ Mario and Simonne appearances as well as Caracal and DJ Jeremy Boon from Zouk.

And all these happened on my first week back to school when I joined Radio Heatwave. I would say it's a good start since on the first day I learnt how to set up the OB set again and mingled with first-years to give out the Fresh! tickets.

On Friday, we went down to the venue early at 4pm to see if they need any help. Lucky for me being in Heatwave for two semesters already, I had no problem having the T-shirt. :) Sadly though, they had passed me an ugly Power 98 V-neck racerback, short and the cutting disgusting.

I had no choice but to wear it on stage, but thanks to Wen Tong I have a black cardigan to cover up.

On stage, testing sound, lights etc:

Marc the web manager.
Lamont the Programme Director and Darrick the General Manager.

Well, he's supposed to look ghostly instead of needy here.

Kym and I wanted to do a silhouette effect, but we certainly didn't expected to come out like this. Hur. *gasp* I can see my lashes! :P

When the smoke machine was spinning and generating smoke...

Darrick shielded his eyes when I came into the Heatwave office this morning because of the pink tights. :D

Kym the Publicity/Logistics Manager.

Most of us became very high as we started the silly antics:

Super gay.

I find it super hilarious that the lanyard smack right into Kym's cute face. Haha.

Wrong timing lah dhey~

1, 2, 3 freeze.

We, the Radio Heatwave team: Spot!

I'm interested to know if you can figure out which of the photos above has undergone major Photoshop operation. Make a guess!

Frankly speaking, I didn't expect Darrick, who look so could pull off this stunt:

And then Mag did a split!

When it was 6pm, Kym and I helped facilitate for the OB within Convention Centre. Emo Kym.

Thanks to Neng Hao for getting us the PA system though! :)

Mario came with Simonne and goodie bags for the freshies. He was wearing fake tattoo tights, in contrast with my pink ones. :)

Group photo (Sorry Wendy, no Jensen):

Inside the performers were still rehearsing:

At 7pm, the crowd started coming in. (Heh, I see Shu Ling)


This one is with event manger Daryl.

The lucky draw session was pathetic in my opinion, except for the first three prizes. Mag and Darrick were the emcees for the event.

The crowd loves Caracal, but definitely not me. It's nothing personal, just the genre of music. :/

The quiet bassist who stays still, and I like it!

The dummer who is one of the girls' favourites.

The guitarist whose face was half covered by his sweaty afro hair, yet shaking his head as he strum hard on his pretty guitar.

The lead singer, who also sways his sweaty head throughout, shouting his songs.

Another pretty boy in the band that drew many squeals and admiration.

For the rest of the night they partied and danced, albeit not very happy because the majority dislike House, and they were expecting R&B songs.

For that reason I heard many complaining that Jeremy Boon is lousy etc, which I beg to differ. It's just the different taste in music, that's all! :)

Hope those who went enjoyed the event and don't hate us!

RADIO HEATWAVE . (Website under construction, will be back by this week!)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Can Be A Flower

A yellow one, in fact.

According to Wikipedia,

Allamanda cathartica
is also notable for its medicinal properties: all parts of the plant contain allamandin, a toxic iridoid lactone. The leaves, roots and flowers may be used in the preparation of a powerful cathartic (hence the name); the milky sap is also known to possess antibacterial and possibly anticancer properties. Gardeners exposed to the sap will develop rashes, itch, and blisters.
Wooh, I didn't know I have therapeutic properties and is poisonous at the same time. :D

Nevertheless, thank you JayWalk for the cute effort! :)

I am a Thiangllamanda!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Malaysian Buddy

Of all the Malaysians I know, Dao Kai and Chee Ming are the first male species I know. Besides the fact that I occasinally make fun of the Chinese Malaysians' accent, they were still very nice. :)

Especially DK, although very old (LOL), we got along really well (at least that's how I want to think). I've known him for merely 10 months, we've become good friends and met up for coffee, meals, games and events. I probably had more fun with you than with those 'fake' friends I have back in secondary school.

Now that you've decided to go back to your hometown (say for years), I'm going to miss you so much pal!

How could you, deserting us UFM Ti Guan competitors folks here!

Any way, I'm glad we met up for dinner last Wednesday before you flew off on Thursday and thank you for being such a great friend.

I will write to you, perhaps even visit you!

Hugs. :)

P.S. Thank you Elizabeth for sending me home, and am pleased to meet you too Mabel.

Stayover at Momo's

It was another trip to Lakepoint. This time, it was after work (my last day at B&M) and I went alone. The weather was great, and I had a pretty nice ride to her place, thinking about the 7 weeks I had wasted.

I was one of the last people to arrive, and the rest were already playing tennis, cooking, preparing food and bringing them down to the pit.

I surprised a few of them because I let down my hair, wore a hairband and was wearing my slightly longer skirt and they thought I looked different - very girly. Heh. I changed into Kimmo's FBTs later on though.

We had more than enough food and everyone digged in. The night progressed slowly as we ate and played, but not everyone was happy though. Like me, Kimmo and Esther and I prefer to swim alone in the pool. :D We girls got to know each other better.

Joel, or also dearly known as Yi Feng by Shy, was sharing his stories of having many JC PE shirts and how cheap and good they were. :D

Despite the fact that the otahs were bought from Giant in frozen packets, I enjoyed them so much! Oh, and the satay were love!

Needless to say, most of the BBQing were done by the guys. Heh. Kenneth also used the opportunity to showoff his packs and muscles.

The co-organiser for 32nd months Kimmo-and-Marvin being together, BBQ-cum-stayover. Woah, that was a very long event name.

Once again, the gay couple.

Boys looking retarded!

When the last person arrived, tongues were lolling away, talking about her. Ah, no, I don't have a photo. Better not to anyway, or guys might just be smitten. Haha.

Finally, the bottle of honey (gift from friend) was put to good use in the BBQ.

The night was spent talking, mahjong, and the rest watching Harold and Kumar: White Castle and a Thai horror film. I had a great rest on Kimmo's couch. Heh. At night, we met up for Ironman and I had a great time sitting lorry home. Thanks uncle.

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