Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tron is HERE! [2010]

TRON NIGHT last month at Cathay Cineileisure was a blast, where I get to preview 23 minutes of the uncut movie before it is released on 16 December (which is next Thursday!). I'm getting really excited about it, but the thing is, I won't be around at its time of release! 

So I'm hoping to catch Tron: Legacy before I leave. 

Also, the guys behind Tron (Disney) came up with a TRON(SG) Facebook Page, and created 3 Facebook applications just for this. 

I first saw HP playing the 1st application listed here when he posted his pictures on his wall. 

I wanted to try something different and so I decided to click the second one. First time I tried it (9 Dec) I was having a lot of trouble, I couldn't use my webcam directly to take a photo, my old photos won't fit the criteria etc. 

Today, I did it and succeeded! Here's the end result, watch the Video (!):

Found it absolutely cool! I'm the good guy who lost in the game of light bike but at the same time, I look so "smiley" in this tough fight. Heh. 
If you like it, you can try uploading your picture and have your own 15 secs of fame too! Click HERE

Mind you, I'm extremely muscular.

It was addictive, so I tried the third application available as well...

It's a pixel fight between you and your Facebook friend using our profile pictures. Here's how it looks like:
These are the instructions:

You get to choose your opponent! 

Kinda obvious who I would pick... Searching for his name:
In less than 30 seconds, you will receive the results.

Super annoying! I don't even know WHY he won!!

But there's a secret to it as well, if you change your profile picture to either of these TRON avatars... 

But I challenged him to another round, as posted on his wall. Muahaha.

My favourite picture from the lot has got to be this:

 Where I hit and crash. Haha.

Get on The Grid :

Visit the OFFICIAL SITE and enjoy Tron: Legacy this jolly season!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

DKNY SCVNGR Hunt @Paragon

It's helluva boring December so far since I've been cooped up at home all week trying to study! The only happening event that took place was last week's DKNY application even that took place at Paragon Shopping Center last weekend!

To participate in this little game, you will need to own an Android or iPhone. And along with other smart phone users, we embark on our journey around the mall.

Porcupine joined in the fun too because he's an awesome iPhone user! We both woke up late, rushed down to Orchard, him without his kopi, hence explains his cui face. :3
DKNY JEANS is launching its Fall/Winter collection with the theme revolving around an animated murder mystery named Room 303. The story centers around five strangers, an artist, a backpacker, a rock star, a businessman and a model, who all arrive at a strange hotel to meet a mysterious man.

Each week, viewers are invited to watch the latest episode, find clues and win prizes!

We are one of the people who get to experience the episode in a retail environment with the live hunt at  Paragon!

Firstly, we were instructed to download the application "SCVNGR" from iTunes/Android Market:

Then, you arrive at the home page after you launch the application:

We are to select a characters from the given five:

The rest had chosen and went off! We didn't have time to choose so I randomly selected the Artist! So Hi, we're Artist Carla. ^^

After selecting our trek, we have to follow the instructions (from the app) and complete the assigned tasks!

Our first task was to take a picture at DKNY JEANS and upon completion we'll be given 4 points! The application even allows you to "share" your movement on Twitter and Facebook.

The second task is to find any cafe in Paragon and take pictures there.
We settled on the P.S. Cafe located at Level 3.

Amidst the buzz, you see Joanna, William or HP buzzing around getting their pictures taken, it was quite funny.

 We were trying out other functions in the applications...

Our third challenge was to locate an art gallery within the mall and insert the correct unit number.
This is the wrong unit number by the way! :P

For this final task we have no idea where it is, so we just ran up and down to find it. And there! 

The final task took us some time, so when we reached DKNY JEANS, the rest had already started shopping!
Joanna looks exceptionally happy. They each got themselves something before they left!

Porcupine got a nice chili red cap from DKNY JEANS, and also met Joanna for the first time. Both feisty fellas! :D

QOTD from the event: "Huh, is the challenge going to be very tough har? Need to use a lot of brains one or not?"

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