Friday, June 29, 2012

Hillsta Amazing Race!

Before last weekend, I was already invited to Hillsta Amazing Race twice. But because I couldn't make it on both days, I thought I would miss this out.  In the end, it still worked out for me coz' the race was postponed haha. I LOVE amazing races!!

Alien came with me for this event (since we have to work in groups).  The venue was a tad bit far for the both of us, so we were still drowsy when we reached the Hillsta Sales Gallery:

We were so happy to know that they served us breakfast!!! Hot coffee x tea is a MUST for us these days... And knowing we'll be running around completing tasks,  we really needed that energy boost.

Bloggers were asked to work in teams of two and choose a name for themselves. We're Alienheads, haha. Each team were then given a survival kit consisting of Oreo cookies, bottled water, packet drinks, game card, Hillsta's mailer and site map.

We hit the roads at 11.30am!

They kit really did come in handy, especially for traveling around the area and replenishing the fluids in our bodies.  There were 6 stations in total.  Although teams do not have to complete all stations, but the more stations you cover, it'll earn you more Hillsta Dollars and thereby a higher chance of winning.

Hillsta Dollars is what we're given as points for this Amazing Race.  Based on each team's performance at different stations, teams will be awarded different amount of Hillsta Dollars.  The team with the most Hillsta Dollars at the end of the race will win $1,500 worth of Orchard Central Shopping Vouchers.

The 6 stations are -
Junction 10
Phoenix LRT
Bukit Panjang LRT
Bukit Panjang Plaza
Teck Whye Food Centre
*Bonus station (which turns out to be the bus stop outside Hillsta)

 The challenges are -
1) Crossword puzzle of vendors within Junction 10
2) Spot the differences (difficult!!!)
3) Figuring out number sequence in different languages
4) Reading a passage about Hillsta for 1 min, and having to rearrange the sentences of the passage (tricky!)  
5) Find adjectives from Hillsta's  mailer within 2 mins
6) Mental calculation of all the bus stop numbers 

Oh haiz, Alien and I worked very hard to earn Hillsta Dollars, but we didn't win anything at the end.  We were even the first team to complete ALL stations and got back to the sales gallery before everyone else.

We had time to walk about in the sales gallery so we went to check out the showrooms.

There are three towers in Hillsta with residential types of Condos, SOHOs and Townhouses.  I am loving the pools within the vicinity.  Besides the townhouses having their individual pools, there are also many different types of swimming pools and facilities for the residents.

That, is how a Townhouse looks like.  Basement garage, individual pool, sun deck, four spacious rooms, two storeys and even a balcony!

I really like the concept of the Townhouse, and I wonder if I'll ever get to live in a home like that in my lifetime. Haha.

Alien, on the other hand, preferred the SOHO.

SOHO are typically used as offices but Alien is loving the high ceilings.  He also especially liked the second floor bedroom concept. 

The creative use of interior space has converted the bomb shelter into a photography room.

Plenty of full-length mirrors for camwhoring + creating illusion of a longer body.  Lol.

The showroom was very well designed, cozy setting, making us all feel at home.

 From what we can tell, Hillsta is really a luxurious hillside residence, suited for those who seek a comfortable and opulent lifestyle.

Hillsta is inspired by the concept of Satoyama - a Japanese term for the bio-verse area on the mountain foothills where people lived in harmony with nature
It is also surrounded by a myriad of entertainment and leisure options - during the race, we walked/ran to all the malls/stations.

For nature lovers, you can visit the nearby Bukit Timah reserve,  Bukit Batok Nature Park and Bukit Batok Town Park (aka Little Guilin).

A group photo after the race! And no, the winning team is NOT even in this picture. They left almost immediately after taking the vouchers. Dafuq? They also refused to perform for us (all teams thought of special performances to try to get more bonus Hillsta Dollars), and we witnessed the girl in the winning team being rude to her team mate. Whutttt.

Hillsta Condo is located at Choa Chu Kang, with the sales gallery along Phoenix and CCK road.  You can check out their Facebook page for ongoing contests and promotions!
You can also find out more about Hillsta at

In Response To Daphne's Post on City Harvest

One hour ago, I saw two people sharing this blog post on my Facebook timeline, one of which I know is a City Harvest Church member.

Full entry:

I meant for this to be a Facebook comment but err, it got out of hand  ---

Once again, WHO is angry at Kong Hee? Me? Christians from other churches? WHO?  I'm not in any way harmed from this episode so I get angry for what?

I think those that are really pissed are the officers who have to let them off when they didn't have enough evidence to put them on trial, and the journalists who were being shoved outside the courts lor.

What pisses me off is probably articles/people like this.  Of course we have opinions, why can't we have opinions? You're unhappy because your opinion doesn't match up with the general 'public' reactions that you read on social media? 

"There are a lot of allegations flying around – the main ones being greed (for the leaders) and stupidity (for the followers)." 
So you're saying Kong Hee and 4 others if convicted guilty, the Singapore law enforcement just catch them for fun without evidence?   And no lah, like you said, how other people want to spend their money is their own business, we shouldn't probe.  It's like how when you give your children monthly allowance, you also shouldn't question how they spend it ma, hor?

"I’ve been in City Harvest Church for the past 15 years and this church, the Pastors, the friends and family, they’ve changed my life. I know that sounds very cultish so let me try to break it down a little."
Yes it's still sounds cultish.  I'm sorry, I don't see you breaking it down when all you wrote was "having seen all that the Pastors and leaders have done for us over the past 15 years".  Did they help babysit your kid?  Or made soup for you when you're sick?  What? 

I'm also interested in this cause you talk about, where CHC members believe in and willingly give money to the church every month.  It's also very interesting how you noted "the church has never once solicited funds from the public and all the money has come in from church members", because you have just conveniently considered all CHC members as NOT the "public". 

"Initially, I got really upset at all the inflammatory attacks and veiled derogatory digs popping up on various social media platforms, but at this point, I’m fine taking the hits. I guess if it gives you a sense of moral and intellectual superiority to post your snide remarks and mean jokes, then it’s your prerogative, post away."
No, you still sound very upset, what with "intellectual superiority".  Sarcasm does not equate to you're fine taking hits (oh but wait, people weren't even talking about you and you made it personal?). 

Oh my GOD! You call opinions you read online an outcry of angry mob!  Let me show what an angry mob is.  It's the 200+ rowdy people who gathered outside the courts, FORMED HUMAN FENCES, SHOVED JOURNALISTS, AND OBSTRUCT THEM FROM DOING THEIR JOBS:

"I make no apologies for giving every dollar that we gave and we will continue to do so knowing that the funds will not be misused."
Huh? You don't need to apologise what, it's your hard-earned money, you can do whatever you deem fit. And okay okay, it will not be misused. It might just go into making more of these:

Please play the above MVs 10 times and tell me it is part of an "outreach program that uses Sun Ho's singing and music to engage people and places that would never otherwise hear the Gospel". Lol, is this how Gospel sounds (I'm not a Christian) like?!? 

I am not against your religion, or other churches.  I respect people having their own religion. I didn't post anything hateful or nasty about the religion.  I wrote comments,  post articles and memes only relating to this matter. 

Do I know every single detail? No.  So here’s my take.

CHC members should not be so defensive for every. unpleasant. facebook. posting.  Your comments should also not be a quote from the Bible or just something like "John 14:6".  Please don't assume everyone knows what it means -___-

I wish to live in an apartment in Sentosa Cove. 

Lastly, if all the 23K+++ CHC members (2008 data) are all your family members, Daphne, wow you sure have a lot of time and effort for all that family bonding with each and everyone of them.

At the end of the day, we all have to wait and see ... ...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Angry Birds Atop Mount Faber!

Dear fans of Angry Birds, the very popular Apple app has won raves from young and old all over the world, and now the Angry Birds have finally arrived in Singapore! 

 Last Friday, Licia and I went to the launch of the Angry Birds cable car ride and it was plenty of fun even though we're not fans of Angry Birds.  :D

These cable cars stood out from the rest because of the bright, cheery colors!

I do think that Singapore Cable Car's effort to combine entertainment and novelty to enhance the riding experience commendable.  Who would have thought Angry Birds can now REALLY been seen in the sky?

The Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber is the world's first Angry Birds cable car ride! I really think that the kids and family will have a good time!


There are Angry Birds plush companions within the cable car, and the jingle playing in the background. Since the ride from Mount Faber to Harbourfront Station was a short one, we didn't have much time to take that many photos.  Not the mention that the weather was mad humid!

The plush toys do make Angry Birds sounds, I keep playing with them throughout the ride. Hahaha. 

I also spotted a very punny copy.....whuttt. Lol.

Click to enlarge

Mr Chan Chee Chong, General Manager of Mount Faber Leisure Group (in yellow), Mr Henri Holm, Senior Vice President of Rovio Entertainment (in Angry Bird hoodie!) and Mr. Mike Barclay, CEO of Sentosa Development Corporation (in blue) were there to officially launch the cable car ride. 

Posting this picture solely because I freaking love the confetti effect :D :D :D

We took the opportunity to take pictures with life-size Angry Birds. Hehe.

We also went into the merchandise shop to cool ourselves down and also to play with what's available.  My favorite pic is at the end of this entry! :)

To make it more fun, I suggest you to throw your birthday party there!  Guests will be served Angry Birds themed cupcakes like these:

Three specially designed, fully-wrapped cable car cabins of the birds chasing the green pigs can also be found at Mount Faber (lower deck).

Pardon the condensation on my lens

For children 12 and below, this is also the place where there are creative workshops available such as egg painting, coloring competition and balloon sculpting!

Yes, the balloon is shaped like an Angry Bird!

There were also games stations at The Jewel Box where you can play the latest Angry Birds Space game.  The difference is you get to play them on the BIG screen. Haha

The Angry Birds Adventure Atop Mount Faber will be around from June till December, so you and your family/friends have plenty of time to make your way up there to say hi! :D 

Sorry but I'm still very amused by this kid who cannot seem to find the holes for his eyes! Too cute!

With every ticket purchase ($29 for Adults, $18 for Kids), you'll receive an Angry Bird face mask and a mocktail drink in a collectible cup.

Ultimate fans of Angry Birds can also get the limited edition Angry Birds Jewel Card to enjoy priority queue (quite shiok if a lot of tourists during that time :D) and exclusive promotions.

Top up $5 to play at the Angry Birds Game Booths! I tried a few here:
Toss them colored balls and hopefully they end up in the correct color slots at the bottom. 

Of course I cannot miss the real-life Angry Birds!  It might look simple, but it is 10x harder please!! Licia tried and failed.  Cannot laugh at her, coz' mine ended up with a just stupid flop and didn't even fly. -___- #fail

Making myself a dulanjiao (hahaha sorry vulgar)

After the launch, we went to have lunch Black Opal @ The Jewel Box.   The atmosphere + view was breathtaking. 

Here's what we had, and I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking.

Chargrilled Quail - Greek Salad and Fine Herbs

Pan-roasted Margret of Duck - Fondant Potato (HEAVENLY), Rhubarb Compote and Raspberry Jus
Because we were so full we looked for the toilet and by-gosh! It's an award-winning design toilet!
The high ceiling, sofa bed, fish tank, and waterfall centerpiece...

And most importantly... full-length mirror for camwhoring!   You also get the panoramic view of the harbour.

Thank you Licia! I hope you had fun despite the heat. Heh.

These are the Angry Birds that came home with me:
As you can see I have the whole set of stickers and coasters (can be won from game booths), folder, tattoo and mask.

Super super love the Angry Birds mood calendar. Been wanting this like forever!  Next time I shall  put it on my office/home desk to indicate my mood so that my colleagues/fiance will not be confused with my other kiampa facial expressions.  ^^v

See ya at Singapore Cable Car! :) Powered by Blogger.