Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hortpark, So Hot!

Sorry for the stupid title, but it really does stand true. I remember clearly when we were there last Friday, we were all sweating (Correction: PERSPIRING) profusely and dying to get an ice cold drink.
Before noon, we were scheduled to attend a Nokia event located at their office building. Kym was mad at Lamont and I for being late and since we both cabbed in, she was left alone to walk in. Sorry! 

So anyway, the Nokia event I’ve blogged about it at Radio Heatwave’s blog, and you can read it if you’re interested. ☺

The lunch was a pretty happy affair since we were casually chatting with the older working bunch and I was practically rolling my eyes at the back of my socket when this man was plugging in the Nokia’s products and services even when we’re just casually chatting about school life. The two hour presentation should suffice, no?
While we were walking out of the place, we bypassed this gorgeous park and Lamont insisted we go, just like a 3-year-old ... ... but trapped in a 20-year-old's body. 
I call this a truly, confused face.
It turned out that this beautiful place is the new HortPark. 
The weather was good, a tad bit too good, and the sun was shining brightly above us. This explains with each few steps we take, whenever we wee seats, we quickly settle down. =,= Haha. At our first stop we take this group photo:
Mm hmm, YY have got humongous boobs (and I know the size!)!

I keep having this feeling that I was out on an excursion having to do assignments of observing the plants and horticulture:
Inside the park it hosts many interesting presentations, like this baby cot that they put man-made plants in it.

Then at the next shelter we rested and I listened to Kym and Lamonts' conversation and I noticed a bunch of bees hovering above some pretty white flowers next to me (pun unintended)- hard at work; while a birds hover above our heads - probably waiting for a chance to shit.
I remember this scene in Primary 6 where my teacher explained to us in class what's the difference between a millipede and a centipede and how to identify them. Teacher also said that the yellow spots they have on their bodies is used to scare away potential predators.
I was peering intently into the pond of algae, of which is swaying lightly and wobbling on the surface of the water when Lamont decided to give me a push and I almost fell over. I told you he was kid already.
There, the proof. And he did want to strip and go in.
Very kinky.
Despite the fact that I was wearing a 3/4 long sleeve satin blouse and 3 inch heels, we went to play at the available playgrounds. We took off our shoes and let our feet soak into the soft, fine and warm sandpit. 
We all played like a bunch of kindergarden kids, especially when we were on the see-saw. Lamont made us flew on purpose, landing our butts - hard. 
By the time we wanted to leave we were dead tired, feeling sticky and all. We were lost, couldn't find the exit. I was begging them to take a cab, and we did saw one that was On Call. Lamont and Kym psycho-ed the cab uncle to ditch his customer since he/she did not appear. Heh.
Are we good or what? :P

Friday, July 25, 2008

iHooked onto Illustrator!

Not that it’s of any big deal, just that I find that for someone who have always detests Illustrator is now addicted to playing around with the tools and bringing objects to life.

Perhaps it is the reason of what I saw at CrowdedTeeth (check my blog roll) that I am inspired to start doodling (by trackpad).

For each character there’s a reason for each element. These are all 2D vector graphics.

I hope you won’t be too harsh on me, I just started out but I would love to hear some feedback? ☺

It began with the birth of Baby Ray:

I saw something similar to this in a set of Photoshop Brushes so I made amendments and out pop blue Ray!

I continued developing the character. . . into the youth/young adult version:

Here he is the cool kid on the block who listens to great music and adored by many.

You know why the name Ray? Because he has a female counterpart, created by Magdalene (yes, she has a new blog!), named Dio. Get it? Ray and Dio. Ha.

And here’s the Pop Queen:

Very Magdalen-ish, isn’t it? I told her to do the heart-shaped shutter shades thingy coz’ it’s very hot right now. Heh.

Then there’s another stickie I did:

The red heart sticky thingy didn’t fall through though. It was further developed into a float instead:

For this particular one, I only liked the colour combination so please ignore the obnoxious grey patch >

My favourite is this evil “radiohead” character created by Darrick and I. I really like this! I feel the sense of achievement!

Note that his name is Noi-Z. Get it? Noisy, which we derived from bad music. Heh heh.

This one has no whatsoever relation to radio. I was just examining my watch and thought, hey, time is really important to me since I’ve been wasting so much of it (being late etc.) and that I got to start cherishing it, and then I start creating shapes. But I did include some radio-ish elements in it lah, if you notice.

It’s just something to remind myself.

Monday, July 21, 2008

iBooking Fail!

Okay lah, is iFail.

The other day I was supposed to meet my good friend for a session of great badminton. Supposedly is the key word here.

I thought it would be great because we're not using open-air kind of courts where there'll be strong winds or the sun scorching, but trusty indoor courts (with fans some more). I made prior booking on this iBooking site. Well, according to the site I recalled reading, online booking requires you to make payment through your Credit Card. But there in the next paragraph it states that you could pay at the counter.

Wednesday came and we excitedly rushed through our KFC meal to the Seng Kang Community Centre. It turns out to be the wrong venue because this bunch of senior citizens booked it for folk dancing! The man told us it could be the new complex at Anchorvale.

We brisked walked all the way there (not so near afterall) to find this stand alone building:

I was thrilled. Upon reaching the 'lobby', there were two offices and I headed one. It turns out there's two management and both hae badminton courts and their own booking system (highly irritating!!).

Just in case you want to know more about the complex, it's gorgeous and super big, equipped with many facilities like the gym and even swimming pool. The only thing is, it's pretty inaccessible. The only bus service is 372 and even so you have to walk.

So apparently the other office was the right one, BUT! because we only reached at about 9.15PM (I booked 9PM the slot), they had cancelled our booking at let some other people take our court!

The guy then told me that we have to come at least 15 minutes before the booking time and make payment. I mean, such important information I don't see why you can't place it on your site, prominently?!

In the end, we strolled in the cool air, clear skies, with me feeling very dejected and useless.





Until my good friend found this HDB area where there's little wind. We decided to give it a try anyway, but only making minimal noises because it was already 10PM.

My faggotyish good friend is afraid of the shuttlecock! So I took advantage and used it against him instead. Muahahaha.

My friend is Onion. :D

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Hoyu Hair Fashion Show

I figure I'll never be labeled as an party animal and I'm glad with the way it is. However, I'm afraid I'll become an "alcoholic" if my drinking habit persists on.

Back to the title topic, Tuesday night RHW attended the Hoyu Hair Fashion Show at:

This time round, we are invited to Hoyu's launch held over at The Arena! It was the launch of two of their hair product series, mainly the Glamage - Hair Manicure, as well as Mallia Hair Care Products.

Yes, the bus journey was so long that we almost didn't make it in time for dinner. On the bus we were watching how this young Eurasian couple smooching and caressing and Kym and I threw each other "the look". Right, I'm such a voyeur.

Coincidentally, the place where the rest want to have dinner, was right next to The Arena, which made things much easier for us. We settled for a quick meal at The Satay Club, where I had 9 sticks of Satay for dinner, while Kym paid $6 for a small bowl of diluted, no-chicken curry with one Prata. Seriously.

At the entrance, we were greeted with enthusiasm and given a media pass each to wear on so have have the permission to enter the backstage.

As the very nice lady ushered us to our couch, we were also handed a couple of goodie bags, which contained the media kit and complimentary Mallia shampoo and conditioner.

We arrived there early so we managed to catch the second half of the rehearsal. While waiting for the fashion show to commence, and guess what makes Darrick and Kym very happy? They had to blame me for ordering my second complimentary drink a fruit punch (maybe with alcohol?)!

We started people-watch and commenting on the models as if we were professionals. Magdalene got flushed faster than I am! :D Needless to say, there were many, many metrosexuals and homosexuals as well.

Before the cameras roll, the models prepped themselves with thick make-up, fantastic bods, while keeping their hair (real & fake) in check. Of each theme, I have a favourite model, some of them are really pretty!

Slowly, the guests filled in and it was so crowded! And see who we've bumped into - our fellow coursemate Nadia Shah, who is interning at SPH and attending 2-3 events every week! That night was the first time I see her don in a revealing dress with her tattoo inked beautifully across her right shoulder blade.

We each ordered housepours and sinked into the happy music and atmosphere.

The lights dimmed as the dancer emerged from the darkness, a Geisha dancing gracefully to the Japanese-influenced music. For this fashion show, there was multiple themes.


  • Bold, outrageous hairstyles in black colour presented by a group of hyperactive dancers in black, sexy leather costumes {wild}
  • Models with their hair in brown/blond shades, wearing all-white to highlight the purity {plain}

  • Models in similar gilttery short dresses sashaying down the runway in their glamourous hairstyles, each very unique {mysterious}

  • My favourite goes to the models who wore long, loose-fitting dresses in their outrageous square-cut hair. {maternity wear - or so Kym call it. But so 80's I love it!}
  • Last but not least we have the extremely beautiful Geishas in their intricate costume and thick make-up, along with their exquisite hairdo. {A bit freaky but extremely bewitching}

The guy models came out strutting down the runway coolly, showcasing the vibrant and vivid hair colours. I swear, a couple of them really look like Japanese. Did I mention Darrick acted as a pimp that night?

Happy us squeezing (seriously) on the couch.

And with the final parade, the show ended.


Now, if I could be a model... ...

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