Tuesday, January 22, 2013

N.E.mation 7! Voting Till 7 Feb!

I'm back for N.E.mation updates! I've been really busy and tired since I started work and I'm still trying to juggle work and life in between marriage preparations! The only active social media I'm on right now is :/

Anyway, the voting phase has already begun and it will be ongoing till 7 February 2013 (Fri), just right before CNY Eve.

Previously I wrote about how the animation clips were being made, but I haven't followed up in a while. After the post-production edits, the clips are finally ready for presentation!

If you like Madeforsam and Zenith's works, please VOTE FOR THEM now!  You can click on my side banner on the left for a direct link to the N.E.mation site.


Watch Madeforsam's clip here:

The team is highly creative and crafty, and have put their skills to good use in their claymation!  The little clay figurines came alive and are all oh-so-cute!!  Great sound effects and treatment to the animation clip. Everything is really so....animated! I especially like how their use a simple metaphor to touch on a topic for Total Defence Day.  Awesome job, girls!!!

Watch Zenith's clip here:

As for Zenith, despite taking on a more serious tone for their animation clip, they have highlighted the importance of  helping one another in times of need.  Zenith made me to put myself in the character's  position and tells a touching story.  I like how they also paid attention to little details, like how they even included the shadow reflections (hospital scene)!!

You can vote up to three clips which you like best. Vote for C03 and C10 OKAY! Then third one free will k... hehe.

Here's the best part: Voters stand a chance to win attractive prizes including the latest iPad (with Retina display), iPad Mini, Xbox 360 Kinect (and five games) {WHO DON'T WANT PLEASE DONATE TO ME}, Canon Powershot Camera, Universal Studios Singapore and Golden Village Passes and more!

So help make their dream come true (winners get to go USA!)  and they can help you win your dream prize too!

There are 4 ways to view other clips and vote: 

1. Log on to on your laptop/PC now and vote! 

2. is also smartphone friendly! Use your iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, or other mobile devices to log on to now!

3. Vote via Facebook! Visit to vote!

4. SMS to 76677 in the following format: NE7 {space} WEB {space}{1st choice}, {2nd choice}, {3rd choice},{space}  NRIC {space} Full Name

e.g.: NE7 EDM1 C01,C02,C03 S9900001A Ben Tan Wei Chen

Those below 21 years of age must seek parental consent to participate in the SMS voting. Standard SMS rates apply.

P.S. You can only vote once on each of the platforms.

Besides voting, you can also drop the teams a message through Twitter:

Show Your Support for the Teams through Twitter!

Want to send a compliment or a note of support to the teams you are rooting for? Simply tweet using the teams’ Hashtags + @nemation!

madeforsam, Dunman High School #NE7C03
Zenith, National Junior College #NE7C10


I think the new SMS voting method is pretty cool. Hehe.

Personally, I've watched all 10 clips and I'm proud to say that Zenith's Little Gestures and Madeforsam's United We Heal are definitely those that I'm voting for! Other clips that I really enjoyed watching were:
- RoyalPotato's Super Family

- SARScastic's Spirit of Togetherness
- We Want To Go To USA's 2-gether We Overcome

Okay, I'm gonna go make the tough decision to vote now (I want to win the XBOX!), what about you? ;) Powered by Blogger.