Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Where To Go In Shanghai

Places that I'm about to list here aren't the normal touristy spots. I've been to Shanghai twice before (not for long though) so I had tried the main attractions prior to my trip last month. Thus I wanted to explore the more 'hidden gems' (well, sort of) in Shanghai. So here's my tiny research on places that I intended to visit:

1) Universal Studios Merchandise Store
 (Xiang Yang Sunny 993, 993 Nanjing West Road, Jing'an District 上海静安区南京西路993号)

It was in a pdf file that I download, an article that covers news on Harry Potter that I found out about this store. A couple of years back I heard Harry Potter was a pretty big thing in Shanghai so I thought I could find a 专卖店 over there. It was extremely disappointing because I walked all the way to the address above from my hotel (it was a pretty long distance!) to only have a Nike outlet store take over Universal Studios Store! Damn. So you read it here first, the USS store is Shanghai is NO longer there!

However, do detour to the nearby Uniqlo shop that just launched in Shanghai! They often have sales (I encountered it) and the quality of the clothings are 'ichiban'! I persuaded dad to buy a hip polo tee
(heh), sis and I got something too. However, Uniqlo is packed most of the times and it's troublesome that the entrance to the area is by the side of the big outlet. :/

2) 七铺路服装市场
   (168 七铺路)

This is very similar to other countries' multi-storey flea markets where they sell all kinds of female clothings and accessories - from wholesale dresses to cheap bags. You can bargain at this place but the quality is less than satisfying. For cheap trills, I don't think it's worth it. This is my second time there, and this time I got dragged by a crazy china woman by the neck and arm (literally) into her shop.

Cabbing there is no problem, because all the drivers will know where it is. Always go for the trusted ones with big names like 锦生 or 大众 . Beware of those private ones who will talk to you while you stand by the roadside.

Caution / Advice: If you need to use the toilet, go to the ones out of the building or pee/shit first before you head out! As somebody who normally doesn't discriminate against China sanitation and toilet systems, these particular toilets within the 七铺路服装市场 is really bad.

3) 摆设

I didn't manage to visit this place because it was a bit off from where I stayed and I didn't want to cab all the way there just to visit one shop. Not sure if the surrounding area has any interesting stuff.

Oh, this place is supposed to sell vintage accessories. Read about the shop HERE.

4) Idest. Zhai
   (Rm. 101 1365 Fuxing Road; 福兴中路)
A shop that sells vintage clothings, but I didn't get this far as well. Read more HERE.

5) Shanghai Code
      (泰康路274弄2号后门,近思南路) - Can take the train - 地铁9号线打浦桥路站

Shanghai Code reminds me of a little well-decorated retro shop located in Far East Plaza. I would say that the shop looks appealing, but they sell mostly retro specs, price ranging from RMB150-2000. Even so, you can find rarer ones in Singapore's old corners.  Their operating hours are 12pm-8pm.

泰康路274弄 is an old residing area that has been developed into a tourist attraction. Though they carry a lot of indie brands and have many aspiring young artists selling their works there, the stuff there are priced above market rates. Along the stretch you can find boutique restaurants and memorabilia shops amongst others.

 There's another shop named 老上海 that sells many cute trinkets that you can buy for your friends as souvenirs. The address is 泰康路,210弄,5号。

In the end, I got myself a Mao 毛泽东 automatic watch. There were many tourists there on site following their guides, it's hard even to capture a nice photo.

6) Mao Memorabilia
   (东台路, 近吉安路)

According to a local guides, shops like these are all over Shanghai. I couldn't be bothered to go after I got my watch, and also because I'm not a fan of the Communist.

7)Eco Shop 

Pretty much self-explanatory, but I didn't go there.

8) M50 Art District

This district used to be run-down warehouses that are now used as art exhibition spaces for artists. M50 have a history behind it so read all about them at their SITE , or the short introduction at

9) Fuxing Park 复兴公园)
  (105 复兴中路)

For more neighbourhood-friendly places, visit parks like 复兴公园 and watch old folks mingle, play chess or 练习太极。

10) Chinese Classic Bookstore
      (424-440 Fuzhou Road, 福州路)

This road is located just right behind the hotel, so I by passed it daily. I'm not sure if I went into this particular store but there is a 2-floor bookstore near that stretch next to 85deg Cafe and a bubble tea store.

I read about this place from HERE.

Anyway, bookstores in Shanghai is everywhere, I prefer the non-air conditioned lokkok/chui/chakchak (means shabby) because the books are waaaay cheaper! They costs according to their weight! Even my English novels that costs say $25 in Singapore, costs only 18RMB there. Wahaahahah.

11) MOCA (Museum Of Contemporary Art) 上海当代艺术馆

It's the Shanghai version of Singapore Art Musuem, they showcase different artists each month, and costs 20RMB to enter.

I only visited the gift store that is along the main road. Wakakakka. :p More info on the actual museum HERE.

12) 星光摄影器材城

Visit this place if you're a photography fan!  It resembles a mini Sim Lim Square, only without the ahbengs and them trying to con you of more money. The shops within sell anything that has to do with photography - from dual lomo cameras to DSLRs to the latest compact cameras and even the vintage traditional camera!

They have special labs to develop negative and slide films too. It's an all-in-one, but don't buy the digital cameras there, there costs more. Maybe opt for lenses or toy cameras instead, they should be cheaper. :)

Well and erm, that's about all I have!

Sorry Wenqi, I should have done this earlier! :(






Mind Cafe

This was from eons ago when I meet up with my poly mates for an afternoon at Mind Cafe.

My favourite board game now is The Big Taboo, it combines games like Pictionary, the orignal Taboo and also by using an additional purple toy - Bob - to act out the cards' instructions.

So we split into teams and the game starts. Choon didn't have enough time to draw enough cards because he's so anal about drawing! Haha, the peril of a designer. 

Then there's also the innovative Bruce who cannot draw for nuts, so he had to use alternative methods to let me (his team member) to understand his drawings.

The supposed giraffe to the rest was a stool or satellite or something. -,-

More board games outings please, I would be more than happy to join. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

This Condom Ain't Tasty

Sock threw a sleepover party at her place some time back. We spent the whole night playing Rock Band (which by now Choonzie is a freaking pro at it) and talking cock/playing light sticks at her personal pool that is to-die-for!

Bruce then presented this to us:

Which gave us a little shock. Him, having no girlfriend or erm, no sexual relations with anybody, pulled out a box of condoms...

or is it?

Haha. It turned out to be a novelty snack given to him by his friend from Taiwan. Hmm, but it does look convincing doesn't it, that box of strawberry-flavoured white chocolates?

Choir With The Folks

Back in May, I was involved in a choir performance with the veteran singers at 新加坡福建会馆歌唱团。

On the performance night at Victoria Concert Hall, I swear even the primary school choir kids from Nan Chiau and Tao Nan sang so much better than us. Heh.

Luckily for us, we were the guest performers, representing the 青年 group. Songs we performed include:
1)  It's So Hard To Say Goodbye (Acapella)
2)油炸糕、香又脆 (Hokkien)
3)   歌声与欢笑 (Mandarin, with actions)
4)感恩的心 (Mandarin, with actions)

My first performance without any form of rehearsal on stage beforehand. Hahaha. Nervous but a good experience! A friend took a video of us and uploaded on FB but unfortunately she has quit FB and thus no more video!

Spot me! Woots.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Parrot Tulips

The previous entry on birds and pictures of parrots led to today's post on Parrot Tulips.

I received them on the night I went to visit the Double Helix Bridge. After an Anderson JC choir concert, it came as a pleasant surprise to receive a huge bouquet of flowers.

Happy because it's not any special day per se, not Valentine's Day nor my birthday. Not my favourite flower, but close enough. Heh.

Tulips are not a common sight in Singapore or Asia because it requires a relatively low temperature to grow. Often, you have to pre-order them from florists and they will send them over from Holland. They became my favourite when my non-blood related "Sister" got married and that was the flower bouquet they chose for her wedding.

Parrot tulips are classified as a mid-season flowering tulip. They have unique petals that can be feathered, curled, twisted. They're still bulbous, and comes in many different, flamboyant colours. Mine was in green - like a mini cabbage. (Refer to pic on right)

 I'm not sure why but QQ seems to be loving a certain scent of the bouquet. When I came home with it, she was staring at the bunch of cabbage-looking flowers and a little tail wagging furiously.

I let her come near and sniff, then she started licking and nibbling on them!

By the way, the flowers sort of withered the following day. :(
What a pity. Still, gonna have tulips for my wedding (if I ever get married)!

P.S. Thank you for the 小菠菜。^^

Mini Bird Park?

A couple of months ago, our boss took a little detour to Jalan Buloh Perindu after lunch to show us this little fortress of its own.

There was a private estate with a few cars and a big lawn. Peep through the walls and here's what you'll see:
Many many parrots, nothing bizarre I'm sure...Until...

 There are flamingos, cranes, ducks, pelicans (maybe?) on the big lawn! The parrots in all sorts of colours were chained, and must have got about ten of them.

We speculate that the owner might be the owner of Bird Park or something, but that's just silly! It's impossible they flew in because flamingos can't fly. =,=

None of us knew the story behind it though. Do you?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Polly Pocket

I still have two of them in my cardboard and I'll take it out to play once in a blue moon, just because I like them so much. Do you have a favourite toy?

Bolt Eardarts

When I went Taiwan last year, I chanced upon these gorgeous pair of ear darts:
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I knew I need to have them (which I did). I only started using them in February after the old earphones died and it served me surprisingly well.

Only that the good times didn't last. :(

During the second week, it had been dipped in my cup of water twice due to my carelessness. However, nothing went wrong and the audio effects were still great.

The following week when I brought it out on a test drive with my new bicycle (what a TERRIBLE mistake!), one side of the ear darts was being pulled off because of the entanglement with the bicycle.

Extremely pissed off with myself.

I was elated to find that Indiesin sells them and bought it immediately (though I find it odd they sell it at $13).

When I bought it from Taiwan, it wasn't this cheap. It was such a disappointment to find what Indiesin had mailed to me is far from what I had expected. The box was smashed pretty badly and the earphones were almost crushed.  Besides, the earphones were "fake". The quality was so bad, and the printed design can be easily scraped off. I had to use my black markers to colour them in. =,=

Seriously after this incident I really don't trust Indiesin for their quality in their products.

The original one I had can still be used now (although only the left side), whereas the one from Indiesin had long went faulty because the wires jut out and is no longer in my possession.

Any kind soul who is going to Taiwan soon can help me get this pair of ear darts again? (I will let you know where I get them, drop me a message!)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Noise Singapore 2010


I'm terribly sorry for not writing on this, was so busy during that period of time! Nuffnang very nicely invited us to visit the Noise Singapore 2010 showcase cum opening at Raffles City on 26 Feb. The showcase lasted till 10 March.

In case you didn't know, Noise is an initiative of the National Arts Council, and Noise Singapore is Singapore’s foremost youth arts festival, dedicated to creating noise about the creative talents of youths below the age of 35 in Singapore.

Instead of presenting these works in conventional exhibitions held at predictable spaces, Noise works will be seen and heard across all media channels such as the Internet, radio, television, magazines and newspapers, allowing them to be seen by the world, enabling the nation’s best young talents to get spotted for their creativity.

These young talents doesn't just restrict to graphic artists or painters, it also extends to budding musicians and entrepreneurs with 'crafted' talents.

I mean, artists get to sell their handmade art pieces during the showcase event this year.

On the website, you can still see the submissions and winners for the past year. Or better, join as a member and start contributing to the arts scene! :)

The event had a theme to it this year - Rooms/studios.

For example, this is the "Workroom"where they have the biggest printer I've ever seen:

Followed by the "Makeup/Photoshoot Studio":

Each of us were given a goodie bag as well and in it are the finalists' work, stickers, CD (just to name a few) in support of the YOUNG local artistes.

Will you make some Noise next year?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lunar New Year Dish

There's something I noticed during Lunar New Year this year, the Chinese in Singapore celebrates CNY differently from Chinese in other countries, say Taiwan, Malaysia or China.

But some traditions don't change.

For one, it's eating Poon Chai, 盆菜。

盆菜 is also known as Big Bowl Feast, a traditional type of food originated from the Hakka cusine. According to Wiki, it may also be found in different parts of Hong Kong, and is served in wooden, porcelain or metal basin.

Since ours is bought from a restaurant and costs a few hundred dollars just for that medium sized Poon Chai, they better give us the porcelain one! Hehe. 

It was said that Poon Choi was invented during the late Song Dynasty of China. To serve the Emperor as well as his army, the locals collected all their best food available, cooked it, and because there were not enough dishes, put the resulting dish in wooden washing basins. By doing so Poon Choi was invented.

Our Poon Choi includes ingredients such as chicken, abalone, ginseng, sharks fin, fish maw, red dates, mushrooms, beancurd and Chinese radish.

And finally, some bloggers over the world who eats 盆菜  as well, Alan and Maiji.

Remember to eat this for the next Lunar New Year! You don't have to spend $ at a restaurant, you can also make on for your family. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Harry Potter World Opens!

As a mega-huge fan of Harry Potter (yes, I still am), I am beyond psyched to announce that The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is now open and Universal Orlando!

If you don't already know what this is all about, it's actually a theme park that is entirely based on the widely successful Harry Potter series created by J.K Rowling !

Nah, this isn't a advertorial though I would DIE to write one for them in exchange for a paid trip to visit this wonderful venue.

Truth be told, I have been following all their updates via newsletters, videos, artists' impression and every information that I can get my hands on. I've been waiting for this very day, hoping I can have the ability to go Florida to visit this place when it's opened. Now that it is officially open to the public, my bank account is looking extremely sick. :(

So they are some really interesting rides such as the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and the Dragon Challenge. You can have the full description of all the shops and attractions HERE.

If you're so damn lucky to go, don't miss out shops like Honeydukes (for all sorts of candies including Every-Flavour Beans! and Chocolate Frogs), Ollivanders (for wands that choose you!) and Zonko's Joke shop opened by the Weasley Brothers.

Personally, I would rush to the Three Broomsticks for a mug of Butterbeer! Heh.

Universal Studios had live feed from USA on its opening on the 18th June 2010, here's what I've recorded:

Part I

and Part II:

I thought the opening was kinda bad and loose, same for its Celebrity opening (go youtube for videos on that).

That night, I waited eagerly for my live feed to begin:

First it was the stage, the opening completely started a whole 20 mins late or so. I was SO eager.

Then it proceeded to an image of the school train...

.... before I lost everything and the first part of the opening. -,-

They looped the "live" feed several times after that, =,=" 

For more news on Harry Potter and ticketing information, please look at their site.
If you do go, please take lots of photos, tag me and tell me all the magical stories!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tiger Show!

In late February, I attended an event called "Tiger Show". No, not that kind where we encounter in Thailand, Patpong, but it's  held in conjunction with Cats Welfare Society (CWS) for the year of the Tiger.

It was during the CNY period, here's how the poster looked like:

Actually my main motive there was to show some support for Barffie, who organised this show as the chairperson of the CWS. I wasn't aware I went on a Thursday, which was a "single's night", so it was odd when a man in his 30s or 40s approached me to talk about cats when my interest clearly rests with the canine breed. It was a little uncomfortable.

Not to mention I didn't have enough money for the entry! I had $10 with me. I didn't want alcoholic drinks so I thought it was $8. Anyway, somebody helped me cover the $2 and I got 2 bottles of mint green tea.

The event space wasn't big so I took a quick tour. This was my favourite art piece made from pieces of wood.

There were performances going on and the star of the show was Maia Lee, but I didn't wait till she arrived. I left at 8 plus for dinner.

It was an eye-opener but all the artwork were overpriced in my opinion, thus making it very hard to purchase anything. :/

Indie museum shows like that are rather cool, hope to attend more.

Six Months After Christmas 09

Six months down, and only now do I post up Nuffnang's Christmas Party photos. =,= (Not that I have a lot to post.) In fact, I only have 2. Haha.

Well I was busy, and thus the delay. :(

Nuffnang rented the biggest space at K Suites for the invited bloggers - inside completed with a pool table, area to play console games and of course, unlimited karaoke sessions.

The night was enjoyable with new friends made - Pei Ling and Joanne.

I itchy backside, went to take part in the karaoke competition and left after I lost in its semi-finals. Heh.

It was also the same night that Nuffnang introduced a group called the Glitterati + (plus). I was formerly in it but I may have dropped out due to the lack of blogging entries the past six months. :.(

Hope to see you all back in the blogging real soon! :)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NC Alumni Dance Camp

I am aching in pain as I take my seat to come up with this blog entry. Ouch.

My past weekend was spent fruitfully, spending a night over at Nan Chiaiu Primary School (no, that's not where I previously studied) for their Dance Camp.

It's something new that the Alumni came up with, and I'm glad I joined in. The four types of dance that we touched on was something I thought out of my league prior to the camp, and thus I decided to give it a shot since I have nothing going on now. Heh.

Dances I tried were Jazz Funk by Nash, LA Hip Hop by Ash (walao,totally cannot tell that he's Malay...), Hip Hop by Eve (... or that she was Indonesian.) and Popping by Marcus (muahaha, yes I am good at stalking) in chronological order.

Apparently they are all instructors from either Danz People or O School. 

By the end of the second lesson on the first day I was so mentally drained I wasn't aware what my body was doing. It was out of my control. :(

On the second day it became worse, the first lesson whizzed by and I already felt like giving up and head for the sleeping bag in the next room. :/

Nevertheless I pushed on and it was rewarding, but I guess I still prefer Chinese and/or Contemporary dance.
Pictures and videos will be uploaded on FB. Heh. 

Now it's time to curl back in bed. Aaaaah~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

See You Later Alligator!

It was a heated debacle between Sophia and Shermaine/Fei over this scenario that led us to think that we have a real alligator residing near the office!

At a random back alley near the office in Joo Chiat we saw this - somebody rearing an alligator privately - or is it?

We were puzzled. The "scales" of the alligator looked real, there was slight bobbing, bubbles emerging from the "aquarium" and the alligator changes positions sometimes!

We later verified with the owner that it was just a fake wooden alligator to scare off strays/thieves. =,= Thanks ah Uncle.

Japanese Dessert Made From Black Sugar

Tucked in a corner of Liang Court located at the basement opposite Tampopo Deli, is a cozy Japanese restaurant (pardon me there's so many there that I cannot remember the name!).

A number of Japanese businessmen decked in their shirts and suits was spotted having ramen for dinner.  The outlook of the restaurant is vintage, and is decorated with cute knick-knacks. The staff were apparently, all Japanese!

The main courses were typical and rather expensive, but their dessert stood out strongly.

I had this dessert in January so I cannot think back on what it's called, but I know it's made from black sugar. Dip it with whipped cream, put it in your mouth, it melts instantly. Om nom nom.

For 8 pieces, it costs $8.80 per plate.  Thank you Yvonne and Cheow Yong for the dinner farewell treat back then! :)

Toy Story 3


For the past few months, I have seen multiple Toy Story 3 trailers and this highly anticipated film is the third instalment of the Toy Story series since 1995. Believe in or not, Toy Story has not only gained much popularity over the few years, and had even garnered ardent fans as young as 3 years old.

Here's one of Toy Story fan:

Rachel Long, 3 years old
She's so adorable, especially the way she looked so sad and excited at the same time when her best friend called, wanting to borrow her Toy Story DVD 1 & 2.

My favourite lead-up to Toy Story is the one where the producers used snippets at the toymaker store to warn the viewers to support originality. That was brilliant - to encourage moviegoers NOT to support piracy, and at the same time promote viewers to watch it in 3D Imax. Awesome. Reminds me of how much fun I had at the Disney studio and Buzz Lightyear ride in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Toy Story 3 introduces a series of new characters this time round, and dear Ken has gotten my absolute attention. What? He's such a metrosexual and behaves ever so 'himbotic', I got to give it to him.

I adore his fashion sense - donned in blue leopard prints, shorts (it comes with a gold belt! Hahaha.) and loafers; gorgeous brown hair and nice teeth.

And then it was his award-winning scene in the trailer where he was mesmorized by Barbie's beauty that really got me cracking up and decided that I HAVE to watch this.

Besides Ken, I also like Chunk and Stretch.

The gargantuan creature sports protective shoulder spikes, while his ferocious fists are ready to smash whatever enemy gets in his way. Chunk’s oversized limbs are fully posable, making him ready for hours of imaginative fun. As an added bonus, the press of a hidden head spike will spin Chunk’s facial expression from friendly to fierce! 

Chunk will literally rock my world. No batteries needed, cute. What a soft-looking toughie! *squeals*

Stretch is a fun-loving under-the-sea octopus friend that shines in glittery purple. Kids can count her eight rubbery legs and dozens of sticky suckers that are sure to stand up to rough-and-tumble play and extreme stretching. Toss her high on the wall and watch her climb her way down! Clean in mild soap solution to remove dust and lint.

Stretch reminds me of the toy which I used to get by putting a dollar into the capsule machine and I get to spin it out, but Stretch is a lot prettier! I recall the days where I always throw it up the ceiling and took note of how many seconds it will require to peel itself away. Hours of mindless fun. :P

If you haven't already watched the trailer, here you go:

Remember to catch Toy Story 3 Movie starting from 17th June 2010 and join the official Facebook and Twitter page!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Phillips Networking Dinner

Boy was it a great night!

Though just a temporary employment with Pico (second time), this time it was much more pleasant. Thank you Derek for your guidance. :)

Dinner was an extravagant affair at Capella Hotel in Sentosa, I didn't get the chance to take pictures of the food, but they were oh-so-yummy! Here's what I had tonight:

Appetizer - Combination of Trio:
Roasted Duck Breast with Thai Mango Salad,
Tandoori Chicken with Cucumber Raita,
Tauhu Goreng with Prawn Paste Sauce

They were flavourful yet not overpowering. Naise.

Authentic Bak Kut Teh with Condiments

I thought it was delightfully "herbal-flavoured", but apparently I was told by Derek that the ones in Malaysia are - I quote him - unbeatable. Mmmm, would love to go there one day and try it out. I can't recall the place right now, but was it "Klang", located below KL?

Main Course:
Singapore Style Chilli Crab accompanied with Seafood Nasi Goreng

Woah, this was damn shiok I tell you, the meat from the crab pincer was already peeled! Wahahaha, done to perfection!


Baked Raspberry Tart with Fresh Lychee & Green Tea Ice

Interesting fusion, one word - divine.

To end the good night, had a quick get-together time in conjunction to cheer Shun Hong up with the SHHKACT peeps -

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