Friday, August 31, 2007


Exactly a week ago, them girls came to watch my first show at the Victoria Theatre, and after which we headed out for supper/drinks. :)

Sadly, these are the only 3 photos I have, that night I was stoning, and I guess that's because of lethargy, but nevertheless I had fun.

Shy's friend came along (Alan Pang) and we all exchanged racist jokes. At say, near 2am we strolled along Clarke Quay and Boat Quay and bypassed some pubs and MOS (I finally know where~). I did want to enter ChinaOne but am afraid kenna rejected. There after, we each took respective Night Riders home. I fell asleep immediately, waking up to find my assh*** very sore (no idea why, I didn't do anything!).

The following day, Fung and Vic came. Fung brought out his study materials while Vic had to work later at 9.30pm. And according to them, after my afternoon performance ended at 5pm, they headed for lunch and talked non-stop till 9pm.

Fung surprised me when he appeared at the audiences' area (we're supposed to meet at Mac). What was supposed to be "let's take a train home together" became "let's hang around, walk around, and eat and drink" session. Heh. We walked on for about 2 hours, discussing about stupid things/behaviours, genders, figures etc.

Finally settling down at this posh dessert store.
That Parfait of Dark Chocolate is soft and creamy! $7 hor. The harmless Tropical Fruit Tea costs $6.50. There, I made confessions.... And we talked about the old days.... Wahaha.

Also, not forgetting that I received two flowers that day from other people, and when we walked together, people gave us that weird look as though he's my boyfriend, and being very sweet to buy me flowers. :/

On Sunday, Fung still came down! And was already waiting at the audience area. Happy! He was studying with his sister at NLB before.

I promised to accompany him to collect his Sony-Erricsson-being-rolled-over-by-his-dad's-lorry-and-speaker-spoiled, where he surprised me yet again with two tickets to Secrets! :D

It may not a big deal to you, but I was super touched ok!

My HP problem was also solved when we headed down to Paragon to fix it. :P

Not forgetting that I received another two more flowers that day from other people, and when we walked together, people gave us that weird look as though he's my boyfriend, and being very sweet to buy me flowers. :/
Heh heh. We watched it at Cathay Cineileisure and pulled a mini-trick on him, which he quickly dismissed. Hahaha.

We rated Secrets 9/10 for its excellent twisting plot, and 1 point loss to the dissonance at the front part of the movie where we go skeptical, giving comments like, "Huh? So fast?"

Fantastic songs and effects. Jay's acting skill? Err. *Shakes head* Although the kissing scene he was really good!

Moving on the next zone, we require a password, and we traced back to three days ago, where I wanted to pass Ying her birthday present.

Ok, I made this up. Ying very spontaneous huh, when she looked at this card she said, "Woah, I still need to key in on the number pad ah?!"

The cover page.

The insides. She kept laughing at the two bobbing heads (our faces)!
I went to Rivervale Plaza to look for them, and Cherie did this to her.

We were then invited to her house for dinner! Wahaha.

I think there's just something wrong with the cam, we all looked shakened.

What was I doing? My legs looked ugly from behind! Why didn't anybody tell me before? :(

I broke one of the candles.

I don't understand how the host can go and bathe while the guests just loiter around her house, doing their own things. ?,?

Jo came down after her tuition at Ang Mo Kio.

We checked out ALL of Ying's present. One guy delivered a bouquet of red roses and Nike shoes to her house at 10pm. The rest of us bugged her about that the entire night. :D

More: Chalet and NIGHT SAFARI!!!!!

Happy 18th/19th Birthday Ying!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Friends' kinda thing

The time I sleep everyday is increasingly shocking.

It's not like I'm working in a pub till 4.30am.

But yet, I still sleep at 5am .

Frustrating, and I'm going to make myself sleep before 2am today. :/

In the day, I'm still horribly sleepy.


On the train, I saw this secondary kid who's playing Rubik's Cube. And he's no ordinary player.

You should see how he worked his hands around that 9-faced plastic thing. It's not tweak-tick-turn-tat. His hands worked so fast I can barely see him rotating it.

He glides his hands over them and in a few minutes, he completed one puzzle. Then he messed them up again, paused and think, and solved it once more.


Yesterday, I thought it would be another unforgettable night for me, as Vic and I are supposed to watch fireworks at the bay, like last year.

Let's not even begin with how he can't wake up, missed dinner, missed good watching spots, and being an ass because I asked my friend and her BF along.

But also because I got the time of the showcase wrong. It was 9pm, not 8pm. He has to reach his workplace at 9pm, so we in the end we had to give it a miss.

Drama too place at Dhoby Ghaut station again. If you happened to be there yesterday at aroun 6pm-7pm, and you heard loud shouting, that's probably him.

Up till the station master came over to tell him to," Relax". (I heard of the phone when he's yelling)

Obviously, I know he walked out on me to have a puff. Like I don't have sensitive nose. It doesn't matter anymore.

Back in my mind, I had this presumption that no matter I do or say, he will not change the slightest bit for me.

Isn't give and take part of a healthy relationship?

Then why Wei Long would argue that,"Why would you want to change your partner?"

Even so, helping to correct harmful lifestyle, is that wrong too?

I want certain things to be better, but I'm helpless.

The quarrel went on and on, and only ceased when Victor really don't want to waste the 45mins we have got left and attempted to make me happy.

"Do you want to eat?"

What moved me last night was what he asked and what I knew.

"What is it that you still see in me?"

"Our love."

"Precisely because I know you loved me."

He closed his eyes and pull me towards him.

We hugged.

In the middle of nowhere, still inside Dhoby Ghaut station.

Just to clarify, I called my friend because I knew watching fireworks is something everybody enjoys, I casually asked her.

Moreover, after Vic left for work, I'm all alone.

I hate to think of the idea of being alone on a Fri night, after a quarrel, missed the fireworks, and had to go home sourly.

The night would REALLY be somber if without the three people who accompanied me.

Best pal Fung, Jo and Ying.

After I walked him to his workplace, I headed to Fernvale Koufu Coffeshop.

There, we chatted.

I must really say, the talk was awesome. Even after events that happened, we were still able to converse freely, and that felt great.

More topics were exchanged, gossips, everything under the sky.

I mustn't deny that there was many silent moments as well. Heh.

The couple:


I have a dog!

A miniature Schnauzer!

Somebody had too many dogs and so gave away one of them to Jian Wei. Sis called to tell me he and JW owned him now.

I am also now the proud co-owner of the dog. :)

It stays over at Jian Wei's house and I just now I bumped into BB (dog's name!) and JW.

It smelled my leg. :D

Very pitiful, he cried because he missed his parents a lot. And he had skin problems, having rashes now, so he is 'botak' now.


Cute little thing, although people will think he's very ugly for now. I still think he's adorable!

As compared to Wen Jun's Shimmy:
It's a big difference. I'll try my best to see what I can do for BB. :)


Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reasons to SHOP

Ms. Procrastinator wasted yet another day doing online shopping and playing demo Mac games.

What a loser, I know.

Reason why I shop even when I said I'm broke now:

1) SuperSampler
If you had understood my previous chinese entry, I mentioned I was feeling to buy a camera to bring to Korea to take photo, in addition to the mini purple digital one that I have. And I adore this ever since Ohgoodnessgolly held their Holga spree. Just that I don't know if this is cheaper?

Cost: $80/-

2) Caluculator Watch
This is also to equip me for my trip to Korea, because the conversion rate is SGD1 = 608.9WON? And it's very complicated, even to mental calculate ok. It would also be an ugly situation if you were to decide to buy something there (say clothes), and then whip out a huge calculator, start pressing away, then say,"Ka ka ha sae yo!" (Very expensive!)

*Waves my hand and walk out of the shop.

So with this, I could do this privately, acting like I'm checking the time, and decide if I should buy it. Heh heh. Smart right. Sis and Mom said they were keen too. This isn't the design I wanted, because this costs $75. The one I want is $40, and the site owner seems to be on a holiday, so the pic is unavailable.

Anyway, I'm going to Mustafa Shopping Centre to check first, since Clarity said Mustafa SC costs cheaper.

Cost: A normal black one $25. I'm thinking of mine, $32. :D

3) Harry Potter Fan Must-Have!
This has nothing to do with necessity, I just want to own this very badly. Don't tell me you don't know why.

Leather + Vintage + HP + fits A4 = Thiang's favourite.


Cost: $65. Seller says price nego, but then, what?

"$20 can? Heh heh. "
*Exudes some sex appeal, (if have)*

4) Mac Game
I just cannot curb my itch for games now. Once every 6 hours, I find myself playing demo games for 1 hour, before the stupid pop-up window says, "Time's up! Buy the full version for $19.90 at ________"


Cost: $2 only leh! (But don't know Mac compatible not, asking now.) If buy in bundle, 8 games for $9.90! (Which means I can buy Tycoon games, Belle's Beauty Boutique.... Wahahaahah)

So you see why I need to shop? All for a PURPOSE. :)

I can't tolerate having to spend 3 and a half hours SMS-ing the place to meet.

And it bloody hell happened. From 2pm-5.30pm. And alas, I meet Vic at CP. =.=

But his 5-days-never-see-you-liao syndrome kept him very, very sticky and sweet, and teh-hy, so I guessed it made up for it. Heh. Girl mah, I'm very easily appeased, and also easily annoyed. :D

I was trying to make that cherubic face similar to his, but failed.

HAHAHA. He was laughing at me, because I was imitating a dinosaur.

I was supposed to study. Three pages? Tsk.
From Monday, NLB:

Any word to replace 'F***ing' in fucking hilarious?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


And this I'm referring to both iSight and that snack. :P

Today, was very wasted. I couldn't wake up so didn't go to Bras Basah (to re-print newspaper) nor follow them to school to submit the paper. In the end, even our 1pm Simpsons movie outing was cancelled. Sigh. This is like the third time already. I'm guessing it'll have to wait again...

NEVERMIND! Another will make up for it! Thurs 2.20pm Lido, License to Wed with the Poly Clique, for the first time in 2 years! So exciting, no?

And I spent all day blog-hopping plus I bookmarked quite a handful of sites. Heh. Overwhelmed by other people's lives.

Watched Black Snake Moan as well. Riveting tearjerker. And I think Justin Timberlake is hot. So I googled him as well, but he's a bad boy. :(

Then I saw Janet Jackson's nipple spill on stage, then Britney's no-panty news, you get it.

Love = Sex..

So much more than that.

It's a bad thing to haolian my iSight to Sis. For starters:
Copycat! Trying to pinch her cheeks with her index fingers and middle finger!
Duh, I have to play along with her. But I don't like it because she's in her out-of-house look while I'm in spectacles and pinned-up fringe.

Her just one more went on till Photobooth reaches 30 ok.
Imagine if she had a MacBook, 100 photos per day won't be enough as well. Haha.

Last night, I recommended Sis to download Skype, so we could try web-camming, since she exchanged her old laptop for Pap's newly bought one (cunning!).

So if you want to web-cam with me, add me on Skype alright! My username is: saltpop . :)

Mom happened to join us last night as well.

I'd better go to sleep, so if she finds out, she'd kill me. But if I'm asleep, all she can do is one loud "TSK" and walk back to her room.



Sunday, August 12, 2007




我说呀,这全都是声亮 (victor's chinese name) 的错。

他是出了名的讲话不清不处,“哈?你说什么?” 的例子。


多一个学期就要attachment了,我想尝试 1)MTV Chinese; 2)UFM 100。3 ;3)MediaCorp。 要怎么报名?





讨厌的Heng Han (my locvid teacher last sem)有必要在走廊上宣布给全世界吗。。。 Argh。


从左起:Sam(她有一间卖gothic lolita apparels 的blogshop!),Hedwig plushie, 苏吉 (Sujith,我给他的华文名!哈哈!)

从左起:JiaLing;DiShan; 洁婷

碰见老朋友慧仪啦,她还是老样子,总得将她自己放在一个因隐形的泡泡里。我真搞不懂她到底发生了什么是所以才把自己关起来。好想知道哦。。。*hint coughs hint*

可是!人变瘦啦,漂亮啦,很会打扮啦! 大美人。


Something New

I know this is three days late. But still, my spanking new!(not smackin' new =.=") Macbook has arrived on Fri afternoon! *cheers*

Yah lah , nothing amazing like the black version one or the expensive one, however, I bet you yearn to have one too.

Woo! Looks like it's for storing eggs~
Bloody hell, Bruce and Princess only told me that school will provide all the free softwares, which means purchasing a Mac from outside will be cheaper. @#%$^&*(&^$%#$@# I paid like $400 more? Grr.

It's so white, you may think that Christmas came earlier this year. :D

I've also formatted and customized my laptop. What with super-duper cute icons, Firefox add-ons, Mac games, Harry Potter screensaver, POTC comic wallpaper, and many more. Don't you wanna take a look? (I aint' accept No.)

In additon, yesterday I bought a cheap and sleek laptop cover for it. I was considering between the $13 one with the Mickey Mouse one, but the 12" is too small, 15" is too big. SO I assumed it t be fated. :)

My Saturday was spent, at the National Library (not for borrowing books, mind you). Ms Editor called for meeting at Bugis, which I was late by 2 1/2 hours. *looks around*. Well, I slept only at 5, it's understandable right?

They were desperately looking for plugs, and we sat at the prominent spot of lobby (where they've three plugs in a row!), so gleeful.

We were chased away by the Librarian. Once.

Twice, at the 12th floor 'lobby'. (Tyler and Wei Long kept making lame and sarcastic jokes about him)

The third time is at Exhibition Area at the 10th floor, and we had to go to The Retreat, which apparently got many Africans there.

It's like this mini jungle, it's so weird because there isn't enough space, and we're sitting on the gravel, doing Newspaper layout. =.=

I was VERY GROUCHY and hungry and ate the wrong food ($6.50 leh! Tmd.) and felt all queasy.

So I took my cam and went to the railings to rest.

Suj thought I took pictures of myself. (He thinks I'm a camwhore) The swimming pool of the InterContinental Hotel sure looks small. Hur. NO idea why this looks as though it's my house pool. Hahaha.

I saw the DHL hot air balloon in the skies before in landed. And it made me remember I'm supposed to take this trip with Vic but that day it rained, and we never talked about this anymore. BTW, the trip is costly, like around $32 for one round.

The only blooming flower visible in the garden. The rest were all big green leaves. I wanted to see if I can take good flower photos like the pros. (Haha).

All these I never edit with Photoshop one okay!

Funny thing the flowers have got black tips, so I didn't dare to touch it, for fear I might be poisoned or get a rash. *Shudders*

This is my favourite photo! <3

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