Sunday, June 29, 2008

Pregnancy Pact

I came across this piece of news last week.

If you're lazy to read about it, let me do the summary.

In a nutshell, 17 teenage girls have had a "Pregnancy Pact" together in Gloucester High School in US. It states that the rising trend of teenagers getting pregnant at such a young age is alarming (oddly reminds me of  Catholic Junior Collage).

These 17 girls have been trying to conceive together (well not all at the same time, but you get it). What is surprising is that the girls are more upset when they are not pregnant than pregnant. Presumably, they see pregnancy as a shortcut to to adulthood and also gaining more freedom from parents.

BBC is not the only news agency that reports on this issue.

My question is, do these girls do it because they are really good friends and want to give birth one after another so they feel that they have a special 'girl bond', or what?

BBC points out that it could be under the influence of iconic star, Jamie Lynn Spears, who gave birth to her baby at the tender age of 17 that let teenagers think that it is okay to have children when two is in love.

I highly doubt it's because of the movie Juno that people will want to get pregnant. I mean, unless you really think that when you get pregnant you will have such supportive parents, a non judging female BFF and a best friend who happened to be your lover who also happen to willingly taking up the full responsibility for getting you pregnant. Uh huh, that is highly unlikely to happen.

My Top 5 Reasons why Pregnancy is so NOT happening to youths, or rather to me:

1) Unstable Relationship

I'm guessing no mothers want their innocent cherub growing up fatherless, so don't risk having kids with irresponsible man who jilt you the moment they hear that you're pregnant. At the peak of our youth life, nothing seemed certain for the future, because we change, and situation changes as well.

2) Unstable Finance

Unless you're born with a silver spoon in your mouth (even so, you're leeching off your parents for your own baby), you won't be able to raise a kid. If keeping a dog as a pet can incur so much cost, how much will it cost to raise a kid of a lifetime? Sure, the dog will live for 12 years, but your kid? That's not even mentioning dogs naturally no need to go to school nor wear pretty clothes.

3) Center of Attraction

On normal days it would be nice to be in the spotlight once in a while, but it isn't if you have to tolerate whispers and judging eyes for 9 months, let alone nasty comments from relatives and friends. Too much stress, to much to handle.

4) Parents' Acceptance

Even if you share the closest relationship with your dad/mom, I don't think it will still be an easy feat to go up to them, give a nudge and announce casually, "Mommy! I'm having a baby!".

I'm pretty sure you won't get a response like, "Wow really?! I'm so proud of you sweetie!"

5) Love

Foremost, the ability to care for your baby. It's not something you read the information online and know exactly what to do. It's not like a dog where the dog can be independent and trained to pee/shit in the allocated place within 2 weeks. It takes time and effort and a whole lot of love to raise a child. Plus, you have to suffer the cervix dilation and excruciating(wild guess) pain of squeezing out the crying being.

Funny thing is, even at my age of 18, I can't see myself being a mother in 10 years' time. Fine, give it 7 years or 5, I don't think I can do it. In fact, I'm mortified of being a mother.

Okay, end of rant. :X

Friday, June 27, 2008

RHW Barbecue!

Instead of using the typical "it was a blast!", I'm going to describe this BBQ as an unforgettable one.

The event took place last Tuesday over at Marc's place, The Belleforte, and it took six people to make it happen.

In order to save time, Darrick ordered from BBQ Wholesale which I think has a pretty good website. The party was organised for all part-timers and I think they had a hell of a good time.

We went over early to help out. Kym, Darrick and I helped carry the first batch of food downstairs, while the others were upstairs *coughs* gaming *coughs*.

See that styrofoam box? The entire bottom piece of the styrofoam broke apart, thanks to Darrick's clumsiness. What was supposed to be the ice cooler snapped, became the tool to help us pick up the frisbee when it fell into the pool many many times. :D Water was flowing freely all over the ground and Darrick wet himself, in shock.

The frisbee was the main entertainment we have there and many times it went in the wrong direction, thrice entering somebody else's house.

If you're just curious about what our frisbee is for, check this VIDEO.

So anyway, I started the fire (yay!) with Darrick and Kym, as the part-timers start to fill in.

The green flame toy was purchased at Daiso the other time and it's pretty cool actually, just that it burns only for 5 minutes, what a waste of $2, no wonder people want to steal the green liquid only.

The girl in the foreground is Elyse (or Elise?), with a big-ass bird tattooed onto her right shoulder blade.

Surprisingly, for the first half of the BBQ, Khurshed and I were the cook, so we had to stand the heat and oiliness to serve everybody. Talk about community service. Heh. The food was fantastic (I didn't eat the chicken so I don't know how it taste like) but the salmon, sotong and otah are damn nice. That also explains the cost of them.

Darrick and Kym were fascinated by the squirting sausages that I think so-so only lah.

With great company and all, we did not neglect to prepare drinks, that resulted in a very hyperactive group talking gibberish. It was all in good fun.

Ah, the milk. Why would we need milk for a BBQ? Go figure, what does it goes with? B.B

Amidst the mingling, Khurshed was standing in a corner palm-reading us, and I have no idea how Taina cried.

Through all the talking, I got to know the part-timers, though not all, I've found a few whom I can talk to. :)

Marissa (in green) has a voice a 12-year-old and good friend of Tinah, who happens to look like Paul Twohill.

Beverly got upset and they comforted her.

The monster who is all the part-timers' best friend, and I am jealous. :D

The party drew to a close with everyone laughing and further interaction - a very successful BBQ!

The happy Heatwave people!


Kym was heading back to JB last weekend and she had to show-off her pet turtle. I purposely mishandle it. :D And if you notice, I left out the tail. Muahaha.

This is the kind of photo I like, au naturale (this time I don't want to ask Kym, she surely say no)!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

TRACE TV Launch Party!

On the 16th of June 2008 over 100 media executives gathered at Barfly, Clark Quay to celebrate the launch of TRACE TV, the latest addition to Singtel’s MIO TV family.

The night started with free flow conversation and drinks while the VJ prepped himself for the highlight of the night – video mixing. After the speech by Chairman and CEO of TRACE TV, Olivier Laouchez, a group of dancers performed a high energy hip-hop dance to kick start the night. VJ Hi-Grade wowed the crowd as he showcased his talent in video mixing – live.

The crowd continued to mingle and dance as the night came to a close. Guests were given TRACE TV goodie bags as they exited.

I'll let the photos do the rest of the depiction!

Hip-hop dance performance and the media, spotlight on the CEO of TRACE.

VJ Hi-Grade mixed videos of Justin Timberlake, Fergie etc (of which some were provocative and all R&B, hip-hop tunes). :D

Mid-30s conversing and mingling around with people whom they might not even know.

Shy went over to the bar and took this. Many foreigners to ogle, but! they're out of the 20-30 range. Hur.

I have zero idea on who they are. I only know that they work as waiter/waitress there since they're wearing the TRACE TV shirt, which was one of the freebie! Hee.

Speaking of booze, I was flaming red again. There were two occasions where guys approached us and talked about irrelevant things. We tried to converse, but, it was really hard.

Roar. I want my double eyelid back this instance!

Shy who was very bored at the party.

Cheers to the cliche "frenz 4eva". LOL. Closet lians.

Pretty coasters compulsory for every drink. =,= I mean, it's not as though the tables are exactly clean, no?

Many very chio chandelier lightings decoration.

Spotted: Few horny women scouring the male species for ONS. Hmm.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Street Festival Wow! Semi-Finals

As Singapore Street Festival came to an end, Wow! Band Competition (known as Best of the Best Competition previously) was the main highlight for the closing. These were the last two days we emceed for Street Fest.

It was held at Plaza Singapura and boy was it fun. This time round due to the loud but good music , crowds gathered even though the bands were just doing sound checks.

The semi-final round commenced and surprise surprise, two of our friends dropped by too.

Mag was popular and bumped into her friend who happened to the friend of one of YY's favourite band Supernova and was soon chatting away.

The guy we worked with that day was Nigel from Pulze (who reminds me of Shaun).

Note: Only after I edited this photo do I realised I spelt the band's name wrongly. Hee. He's the vocalist of the champion band, Axe Calibur.

Darrick and a couple of them were using my notes and in this one, he was erm, memorising the information?

The dynamic duo, Johari and Panda, is my favourite sound team! They're so jovial all the time and Panda even passed me his secret collection of groovy music! Thanks!

Karin, the head of Pulze currently. I happened to partner with her for the Finals.

The moment they finished their performance, many were singing praises and were predicting that they would win the competition.

The right hand man of Annie Pek (the founder/hag/b!tch) is a nice guy.

I know this is super unglam for the up and coming Superband finalist, but I can't help but snap a candid photo of him, with Emerson in the background looking sheepish. :D

I didn't know these were taken until I loaded them into ButtPop. Mag and I did the closing for the night (which wasn't good, sadly).

That guy in red could make somebody drool in her sleep. Haha. The lead singer of Supernova, Shawn (no idea about the spelling) gives her the jitters. Anyway if I'm not mistaken, you can see him in the current KFC advertisement on TvMobile and Channel 5.

The finalists also include Hidama, Supernova, Quis and (insert name - band that play instrumentals). Sorry I can't recall!

Winner of WoW! Band Compeition, walking away with $300o worth of prizes (normally bullshit). Personally I like the drummer (left). And the bassist (I suppose) on the right resembles Afiq.

Something bad happened on the last day which made me really really blew my top but I had to swallow it down. Nothing could be done but I wished I will never see them daughter/mother again or I'll give them a piece of my mind.

On the bright side, I've meet many many new people and exposed to more local bands/music and gained emcee-ing experience.

This was taken after the even ended. For a reason. *coughs* Yoka *coughs*

All in all, good job guys!

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