Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yet Another Idol ...

who is better off acting in drama serials, flaunting what they have - appearance.

I mean, are you going to tell me Zai Zai can sing well? I highly doubt so. Just in case you don't know who is this Taiwanese Idol here, he's Wang Chuan Yi, made popular by the recent Taiwanese drama serial, Huan Huan Ai (Change change love). He had released his new EP, including the theme song for the dram serial, named Huan Huan Ai. To listen to the song, read on where I've attached a mini clip of him singing that song at Bugis Junction last Saturday. :)

Although I have said that he doesn't look exactly gorgeous, but I think he looks pretty cool in this one. Hoards of fans. Literally. Hur. Your english name KingOne leh. :P

Because my friend was there to help out, I got these photos from Kelly Loh! :) Xiao Zhu was the host that day to promote his new EP.

Xiao Zhu's giraffe earring damn cute right?! :D

He may be unknown to you, but by judging the number of people who turned up for his event, snatching his signed poster, waving frantically their painted boards, he should have quite a personality huh?

As promised, the video clip of his singing:

You be the judge. *giggles*

Bugis's Christmas decorations! I swear if I have the time, I want to take all the malls' Christmas decoration this year!
After which, Kelly came to find Dao Kai, Neng and I (after the Kelly event) at Vivo. We walked aimlessly for awhile, and we bypassed Coffebean.

Mini gingerbread man. Si-eh adorable right?!
And then there's the big one, even cuter:

Heh heh! And it costs $2.50 each. I want to hang one on my wall. :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Podcast: Invasion of Thiang's House

3 days ago, Dao Kai, Wan Fen (both UFM 100 part-time DJs and Neng Hao came over to my place for some 'work' business. We only reached my place at 11pm, but Mom was of course very pleased to see them come, especially with Dao Kai around. Haha. The two of them spent like a full hour just talking about me, when I was just sitting like, 5 meters away from them.

Anyway, the four of us had hanged around all afternoon after the Kelly's gathering, and we had an awesome at my place (please, not foursome). It's weird how casual it seemed, playing with hula-hoop and keyboard in the middle of the night, and watching YouTube videos at 1am.

The wacky duo came up with a brilliant to 'whack' me. We did a video shoot of my house and my messy room (which I quickly neaten up a little!). So heh, if you're interested to see how my house and room looks like, enjoy the video! :)

Meanwhile, I still have loads to blog about, but then this week's I'm bombarded with loads of work yet again, I'll try my best nevertheless!

P.S. Pardon the quality of the video, it was randomly taken OK!
UPDATED: Apparently, a friend of mine informed me that the video was cut off halfway, am uploading it to YouTube now,hang on! Hee.
UPDATED UPDATED: YouTube sucks. Now I'm trying. :(

UPDATED x3: You can view the full clip HERE.


Sunday, November 25, 2007


Just when you thought spending Sunday in Ngee Ann Poly was bad enough, I ended up alone at the National Library (Lee Kong Chian Reference Section: Social Sciences), spending my afternoon at a freezing temperature of 18 degrees celcius with no jacket.

You know sometimes in life we encounter dilemmas, irony and contradictions and you just don't know what to do so that you could do it RIGHT? In one week, I've been stumbling upon so many barriers I hardly can walk anymore.

I was laughing to myself on Friday when I was reading the mail from NuffNang Marketing. It was a generated message informing me that I have an incoming ad this Sunday (today) from Motorola. And moments ago I was just blogging about I love its competitors' (Nokia) free Wifi service on-board bus. What a coincidence, no?

Then I'll have to start thinking if I should delete that new blog entry, and talk about Motorola' new handphone instead (I did went to read about it leh! {From Advertlets}). See, how contradicting! Yet a few minutes later, Advertlets too, mailed all Singaporean bloggers about an incoming ad, and had to be put at the top of the sidebar, visible at the first page load (which is now already taken by Nuffnang as you can see), thus causing even MORE dilemma.

Life's been a bit*h lately, including those people whom I can mix around with beginning to become extremely short-tempered (ok, maybe myself included but that's because I can't stand the attitude!) Well, I can't blame them anyway if I think about it, everyone's under stress, just that the level of stress might differ. I've been really busy lately, sleeping at 4am and waking up at 7am is such a chore. ( That also explains my horrible skin condition currently.)

It doesn't help that I keep eating and not at all health conscious of what I take in. This is an average meal I ate with a friend:

Teo Chew porridge, pork meat, salted egg, mushroom, Kai Lan, preserved vegetables with meat, one Snow Fish, Teh (ice) and canned carrot juice.

And within the hour:
Other than dedicating time to dance, I had also helped out for my friends in UFM 1003. (Yeah, I'm not a goal-oriented person)

I was being nominated for "Best-dressed" 'fan' (well, supposedly helping out ain't I?). And uhm, you might see me on MyPaper (WoBao) on Tuesday. Hur.

I feel so guilty when I took photo with her because back in 2004 the night the competition was held, I was furiously sms-ing away to Victor (Ho), telling him that I support Wei Lian, and that I had called his number 6 times. On the other hand, Victor preferred Kelly, so he was singing praises to her. To express my unhappiness (I was childish!), I imitated the way she says "Thank You" almost everyday and said she looks average.

However, when I went on stage yesterday, I find her really pretty. Well, although she doesn't have the err, perfect teeth, she's got the legs and head (as in th shape!). If you're asking me whether she looks better in person or on the MV, I would say in person, but I can guarantee you that her figure isn't that fantastic up-close, but good enough nonetheless. Heh.

The fans' gathering was held at Dragonfly (the same location as SIX party), and I've got with me some photos to show.

If you ever want to hold an event that has an extraordinary sound system, pick Dragonfly. The surround sound is so good, you would definitely enjoy the music. Plus, your voice will sound damn nice lah! But then again, because sh*t happens every now and then, there was thrice where the loud shrieking sound heard my ear drums, bad.

The fans of Kelly came prepared with CDs for her to sign, some even wore the "Shakalaka Baby" T-shirt they won (which I want also! :( ).

Needless to say, her first performance was none other than her single hit "Shakalaka Baby", and alongside with 4 dancers, the crowd loved it (including me). Local music ain't that bad afterall.

Following that, Ah Ken continued chatting with her and then invited 4 of her fans to sing her songs, randomly picked from rolls of paper distributed by him.

Alright, Kelly's teaching someone how to pose.

There was this one guy fan, who was very enthusiastic as a matter of fact that attracted everyone's attention.
P.S. Not that he was good. In this kind of situation, it normally means you 'stick out like a sore thumb' and probably weird as well.

Up next was another of her rendition of One Minute of Forever (Yi Miao Zhong De Yong Yuan), which I find pretty good as well.

Following that was another game, and I was kinda confused by the points system anyway. So ya, just look at the pictures luh! She looks very pretty in the second photo, don't she? I take one ok!

Strip of paper torn up by Neng and I are put into a glass cup. On each strip of paper is a question that's going to pose to Kelly. They were right about her being able to speak well now. She managed to answer all her questions promptly without embarrassing herself.

As the event drew to a close, the lucky 'fan' get to pose for a photo with her on stage, using her personal handphone to take a picture as well. Guess what? The person is me. Yay! Oh wow! (Note: There IS sarcasm). But I'm happy. :)

After the Kelly event, there's another Wang Chuan Yi (Idol actor in Huan Huan Ai) event held at Bugis. I have photos of that as well, but it'll have it wait! Hee, sorry.

*Zooms off for dance performance at Serangoon Country Club on a Sunday night*

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Going Bonkers


I seem to be in a foul mood in the last entry! :P

No worries (well, it’s not like you worried at all), Thiang is happy again! :D (Thanks Fung for your blessing, hur.) The reason behind this is because I had an AWESOME weekend, and I mean it. Even though I didn’t touch on any assignments at all, I still feel satisfied and contented over the weekend. It seems to me that I didn’t waste a single minute, and that’s how I would like my life to be! :D

Friday after dance practice, we were let off pretty early, I headed to Holland V to look for Heatwave seniors and found out that they are really funny people. Haha. I can almost imagine Kenneth’s expression and Nadhirah’s enthusiastic face. Ya lah, and Neng’s outfit (there, that typical long-sleeve/polo with bermudas). :D

Coincidentally, I found out that I have a couple of Heatwave DJs’ pictures I took two weeks ago.

This is Serena. She’s very sweet-looking right??! If I were a guy, I think I might be attracted to her. :D By the way, she’s a part-time DJ like me, just that she’s my junior. ☺

This is Mal. He is a funny Indian. But people say all Indians are funny in a way or another, do you agree? Haha. If I’m not mistaken, I think he likes Chinese girls. Haha. By chance, I saw him doodled on his notebook or something, and what talent he has! :D

Haha, so cute uh? He’s the first Indian I know who actually enjoys drawing.

Heatwave’s current Programme Director is none other than Lee Neng Hao, also known as Tall Boy.

Augh, just note that he looks spastic when he’s in front of cameras.

Lastly, my classmate/odd pal, Wei Long! Now, I just realized he has the tendency to go “AND……erm” in an annoying/funny(w/ nasal voice) way when he’s hosting. :P

On Saturday, I worked my legs off at Junction 8 (for standing on my feet for 7 hours), and the sales were SOOO bad. ☹ The job is quite mundane and boring. =.= Really.

My favourite part of the job is getting to be the cashier! Even counting the stocks daily, is more fun than giving out free 2008 calendar during shift hours. At least Dao Kai came to find me at 4pm and bought a torch keychain from me! ☺ Thanks!

We headed to Coffeebean and chatted for a couple of hours before we went Suntec. I happen to see Onion at J8 as well! Hur.

On the way to Suntec, Dao Kai and I bypassed this marketing gimmick/ creative advertising:

{Nope, I do not wish to explain to you. :P}

From 7pm onwards, Cindy, Dao Kai and I went for a K Golden session! Only at around 9 plus did Yan Zhi appear. I’m sure all of us had an awesome time, singing to old hits (Reallllly old songs), and the cooliest ones. :P

Eventually we were so ‘high’ we were basically screaming singing. It was so much fun! Heh. On the down side, the bill choked up to $31 per head. Scary shite. And I didn’t have dinner. ☹

Just merely a day ago, I was at Bishan Park performing with D3, and Neng and Dao Kai came to support me. They both had trouble finding the location and reached only just in time to catch me dance. Haha, lucky!

We did a remix for Whine Up, and was asked to do an encore because the emcee wanted to sabotage the organizer (Charlie) and crew/staff. I was super shagged, and I was already forcing every bit of my body to excrete energy to keep my body dancing.

After the dance, I asked Charlie here to take a photo with me.

If you don’t know who he is, go watch Phoa Chu Kang please. I truly believed every Singaporean had watched at least one episode of PCK before, and you would know that Charlie is the subordinate of Chu Kang. No?

Remember “Eh Boss Boss! Can I have my tau huay break now?” with him, wobbling in that retarded manner? So cute! :D

My body was limp and sweaty when I met Neng under a tree. I introduced both of them to one another, and throughout the Coffeebean session at AMK Hub, I knew they could get along well. =.= They talked about everything under the sun, to the point that I actually stopped talking and played with Dao Kai’s O2 instead. Hur hur, it’s a good thing anyway! ☺

Dinner was SUPERB/FABULOUS at Ichiban Sushi, the queuing was all worthwhile! The atmosphere was right, music was good and most importantly, very yummy food! It still puzzles me why I dared tried every single food I haven’t tried before in my entire life. (Maybe it's the company, maybe it's a new experience) Haha, but I didn’t regret it at all. I was stuffed with good food. ☺

Everything was so natural, fulfilling and nice. We three people dwelled into deeper topics about love, life and family. Thank you both for those inspiring chit-chat sessions. I will work hard.

You, might be too nice to be true. How ah how? *coughs*

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Losing Grip

Note: Blogged on 2 Nov o7.

I can’t believe I’m wasting my precious school hours just to travel all the way down to Lavender to collect my IC. I could have used it to catch up with my school work, listen to Wei Long’s show or uh, talk to people.

I’m blogging this while the train bypassed Queenstown, and there is this strong that’s pushing my back, making me desire to go visit Gu Jie…

As mentioned in the previous post, I was going to load this piece of memory into my blog, the TV Production day on Halloween. Normally during workshop, we seldom whip out our cameras and snap away, it is just so random we started behaving like real crew members and hosts. :D

For starters, we rotated roles and I had chance being the host (Yay!), then cameraman, followed by the graphic person and lastly, the director. To be honest, it finally dawned on me I’m bad handling with video cameras. As much as I want to prove other people wrong, I really have trouble controlling the movements, especially with a height like mine, it’s really difficult trying to maneuver the heavy machinery. ☹

However, I think I think a pretty good job being the director, switcher and hosts, all of those roles that play a major part as well. I digress a little, but for my upcoming attachment next semester, I’ve picked TV as my second choice, next to Radio. ☺ So I’ve made up my mind to do well in TV, so that I can go to Beijing in 2008 for the special making for Olympics with 4 lecturers and 35 other outstanding students!

Now I’m making my way back to school and I’m feeling a tad out of place, reason is some odd mid-thirties men are looking at me, making me itch in my seat. Another would be this Caucasian sitting next to me, I hope he doesn’t shift his eyes to my screen, just focus on his female friend. There’s something about Caucasians that I like, it seems like no matter what, I will always find something very attractive about them to look at. Hmm. So, I’m kinda nervous now as well. Hur hur.

Firstly, I was the host. The soundman had to check my microphone, the cameraman the framing etc. To show you how cheeky, naughty and annoying Selwyn can get, check out my shoulders. It’s already tough for me to sit on a high chair, and in addition, I have to balance Sam’s Hoot Hoot and Helen’s broken arm.

Right, you might now know who’s Helen. Nah, look.

Selwyn pulling out Helen’s hand and them having fun. :D

Being the typical Thiang, I would ask others how I look on screen etc, and I’m glad I have positive remarks, except that my complexion is shiny (oily, if you get the point).

Out of nowhere, Selwyn pulled out a toy gun from somewhere neat the table and Mag and I just fooled around with it. Heh heh. Plus, how the studio looks like:

Directing a TV programme is very challenging in my opinion, not only do you have to give precise commands, you have to also take note of the filming, music, graphic and being tactful at the same time.

{Ok, the smell of this cabin is unbearable, I want to get out of here ASAP. Woah, BTH!}

Here’s my teacher:

I’m reaching Dover! Yay. I’m nearing school. I’m nearing… happiness. :P

P.S {Oh yes! On bus 74 now, and there’s two Caucasian eye candies for me. :P }
{{Walao, a guy sitting opposite me is playing PSP.}}

I'm sorry for this very unconventional post. My life's starting to screw, pretty badly. I'm lost track, I'm confused, I'm out of time and energy, I'm outta my mind.

Till I get back on my feet,


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