Friday, August 29, 2008

I Ate A Tree Bark

Two Friday nights ago when I went fine dining for the first time, I was so inane that I ate a tree bark.

Mr. F brought me to The Pump Room at Clarke Quay and I was having dinner with him and Mr. DJ.

I picked a Salmon dish.

On top of it lies a piece of brownish thing.

Well, I didn't know a tree bark can enhance the flavour of the Salmon, and stupidly ate three quarter of it even when I knew it tasted like rattan. It was pretty woody and I asked Mr. F and Mr DJ what that was.

Mr. DJ enquired a waiter nearby.

"Sorry excuse me, may I know what's this brown thing on her Salmon?"

"Ah siiir, that's a tree bark. It's suppose to enhance the flavour of the Salmon to make it taste better."

Me: *Credulous look*

The waiter then added a line.

"You're not supposed to eat it."

Both of them: "Ohhhhhh!" and proceeds to look at my plate, then up at my face, then burst out into laughter.

Woah, I am The Joke of The Night. :S

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Derrick Hoh's D-Day

From the first season of  , we have Derrick Hoh - the second runner-up from the Males’ category. It had been two years since the competition, yet his avid fans had not forgotten him. 

On 31 July, Derrick finally released his debut album named “Unclassified”. As if to prove his popularity, all the CDs in all major music outlets were sold out the moment people are allowed to  purchase! Good job! Fans who have not had the chance to buy the album will have to wait for the second batch of CDs. ☹

With his boyish good looks, Derrick Hoh is definitely here to stay, especially with the teenagers. He had ditched his army boy image and now presented in a wholesome manly manner. In this new album, he had also picked up dancing and in one of the music videos, he did a provocative one with two sexy babes from Taiwan.

The MVs were shown on the screen (above).

A month ago, Magdalene and I went down to The Fashion Bar at The Cannery to celebrate his victory. Despite standing at a small frame of 1.68m, the multi-talented dude edited his own videos as well as created his own website and blog!

This was the video clip he compiled that included behind-the-scenes footages.

 "Come come, let's all watch the video".

The host was 93.3FM DJ, Pei Fen, whom I think did a great job too.

Throughout the two-hour interview, he shared with the media his agony of preparing for this album and the filming experiences. The sixth song in the album was inspired by host Quan Yi Feng because during the Superstar competition, she once mentioned about his muffled speech when singing. A pretty interesting song I would say. :d

As a pleasant surprise, Derrick’s pals  (also the candidates) from came down to show their support! These friends include busker Chen Wei Lian, Chanel, Shi Xin Hui, Silver, and a few others.

They were supposed to dish out his dirty secrets but Derrick's too clean! :D

Each of them gave him some words of encouragement and of congratulations.
I personally recommend his two hits “Unclassified”  and “碰碰爱”. Derrick’s power vocal shone through along with the music. With his ongoing efforts pumped into this one, we can hear his hard work from two of his creations in the album too.

Here's an Imeem page if you want to listen to his album!

Or alternatively if you adore him, you can visit him at his blog site.

Did you know that he was an Ngee Ann graduate?


Attachment is over! I'm no longer part of the full-time crew of RHW.

I swear I'm going to miss the silly times with  Lamont and Kym.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Prawn FAIL

In this case, I'm the only failure of the bunch! :(

In the office, Darrick have been telling us so much about his prawning escapades and how it had become his latest hobby, and we have also been discussing for a long time to go prawning together.

Well the rest of them did go for prawning a few times already, and the reason why I was absent was because I either 1) diarrhoea so I stayed home, 2) Forgot about the prawn date and went out or  3) "have something on"; so much so that they start to get irritated by me. Damn guilty.

So this is how a normal conversation starts, with Darrick acting stupid.

I would bug them and ask, "When can we go prawning together?!!!"

"YOU SURE YOU FREE OR NOT? Not going out with ___ or ___?"

"Pfft, tell me a date then I'll set that day free!"

"Okay, tonight."

"Huh, cannot. I have something on."

"Okay, tomorrow night."

"Huh, but I'm going to.... in fact, I'm not free unless it's Sunday. How about next Tues?"

"WTF. We go on our own already. "

"What! Don't like that leh!"

They will then proceed to ignore me. 0,0

Of course I managed to go prawning with them once!

I dislike the journey there though. That kinda day where you already looked and felt horrible yet you have to carry your laptop and big bag and walk a long distance in the humid weather to reach a destination to get bitten by mosquitoes? Ya, that kind.

We finally reached this forbidden place named Bottle Tree Park.

I was looking forward to it because I liked beautiful scenery and all, but the 'park' turned out to be the size of two standard classrooms merged together, with three tiny trees scattered around.

Of the three, this is the most gorgeous one already. I do like the odd shape though. Heh.

Anyway the prawning place is at Yishun and next to the Bottle Tree Park.

I refused to mention the part where I did not manage to catch any prawns. Too many a time I allow the prawns to steal my bait and when I want to hook it out, it got away.

At the very least, I made myself useful by helping to pull out the pincers and wash them and I skewered them alive (stupid twitchy thingys)! Heh. Pretty proud of myself. Unless I am taught how to fish out the prawns, I told them I am not going back to the place again. What a waste of my money. :(

But the tasty BBQ-ed prawns justified for my money spent. Heh.

I gained some knowledge about prawning though - like how I should always pluck out the blue pincers coz' they can grab and I can bleed. Also grab the sides of the prawns, not the middle near the stomach coz' the tail can still sting if they swing it your way! :D

Ah, perhaps Uncle Jaywalk can enlighten me about getting the prawns out of the water, in practice. Heh.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Onion's BBQ

My great pleasure to meet a bunch of humourous guys, and girls at the BBQ at Pasir Ris.

What I initially thought was the unbreakable ice melted almost instantly when Jeremy gathered us around the stone table to talk about his Theory of Attraction and Relationships. That was deep man. Yet I'm not the only one who did not understood what he said.

It seemed like the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy to me from the way he said it.

It was such an embarrassment to let them think my English is the best amongst the clique of 18. I think I disgraced my course. :(

I was running late because it was National Day (Happy Birthday by the way) and I went to watched Money No Enough 2 with a pal before heading down alone.

But if I haven't, I wouldn't get to see the pretty lights shining from this new building I see.

I was bobbing my head to the tune until I reached the pit, and met many new faces. Let's see if I can recall them from this picture:

Apple?, O-e-she, Jun Guang?, Jeremy, Onion!.......wait. I had better stop. I can't recall. 0,0

Must be the lack of sleep.

I had a great time with all of them, and a pity no photos with Wan Shan and Glenda. Oh well, at least we know we can get along just fine. More than fine, great actually, hor? :)

I'm sorry, don't be angry already okay? :)
And thanks for the invitation plus talking at the tent side. LOL. You know what I mean.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Was So High

I did not recognize, the fire burning in my eyes, the chaos that controlled my mind.

Okay enough, I just love that line. Heh.

The hiatus thing still seemed to be going on, and I'm sacrificing my rest time to update my daily log (which I love to do so).

Cherie's birthday may be well over a month, but the night was crazy and wild that it stuck in my head for weeks. Minty also finally updated the pics, and since I stupidly forgotten to bring my camera, we all had to depend on her godly one. So all credits to her! I only did the editing though. Heh.

Can't. Help. It.

So here goes.

In school Radio Heatwave were helping out at a school event named Splash! party (which turns out to be a complete failure anyway) and we lingered around the Alumni area till about 10PM, an hour before the speakers exploded and the night foiled.

I got changed and headed down to Loof to find a couple of girls seated cosily in one of the bird cages. In any case, I really hated the glass flooring because though I know it was covered, I still felt this high sense of insecurity and tend to step over it than on it. Especially when I looked down. Freaky.

I mean, we four girls are already considered early, reaching at 11PM.

Slowly the filed in and I think I should kick the habit of messaging when I'm out. It's just plain rude but I always fail to adhere to that principle. :(

While waiting for the crowd to file in, the professional clubbers picked Clicquot Veuve as their selected champagne of the night. I must say, Loof isn't exactly the cheapest place around and in fact one of the pricier ones around that area.

Meanwhile the birthday girl went to pick up two of her friends from TP so we went on lighting up the "everlasting" candles and put them on Ying's handmade cupcakes (awesomeness!)!

So along came two gorgeous babes donned in dance outfits and make-up.
Like my sister, they just finished their dance concert in school. They cabbed down.
One's called Stephanie, and the other one Ying Ying.

We each had a share of champagne and it was bubbly so I got red.

We sang the Birthday song pretty loudly for the birthday girl, Cherie.

Of the good company, two were not there yet, Ah Hui and Will (new!).

It's been some time since I met them girls and once again each had undergone certain transformations be it in behaviour or appearances. But I guess that's life and I've come to accept whatever they're doing! Heh.

Cheers to all of us independent babes! Hee.

So being the birthday girl and all means being in the spotlight and open to sabotage. Thus Hui Shi came up with this idea of kissing or giving cupcakes or something. Cherie particularly eyed this one and said he's a cutie who looked like Edison Chen. So there, a proof.

Plus I chose a dao but nice waiter that she to present the cupcake to, whom in return bought her a sweeeeeeeet drink of strawberries. Hui Shi then started deducing what was the meaning behind the drink. According to her, different drinks you received actually conveys a different message. Curious.

Gotta thanks the birthday girl for the invitation! :D

Upon leaving Loof, Will came and greeted us with a coy smile, and only to release his inner devil later.

We took on separate cabs headed towards boat quay and settled in this small KTV pub.

The pros went on to open a bottle of whisky, or also known as Scotch.

The graffitti girls group seemed to have shrunk. (Goodness! Wai is BACKKKKKK!)

The alcohol kicks in. Into almost. Every. One. Of. Us. I can't deny I was injected with the sweet poison.

But I saw like the other side of the girls, and of course the real drunk, Will.
I quote him, " Not Wilfred, not William, just Will". He said that, tipsy.

Plus, he kept complaining that why it wasn't our turn to sing, and that the next table's singing was horrible. He even proceeded to shout, "You know what, go and tell them their singing is like shit!" *throws ice cube at them*. 0,0

"I'm not drunk! I know 1 + 1 = 4, and 2 + 2 = 8! Hahahahahaha!"

Cherie went bonkers that night too and had to be taken care of.

Will is mental (please ah, I'm kidding here). Guess what, he couldn't remember us, okay or rather just me the following day. At all. After all he told me about his interests and where he lives and showed me videos of himself......doing gymnastics. Bastard. :P

I gotta thank the guy for the lift home from Ying's friend, Ting Yao (I didn't get to see his face). And I still think he's into her. I mean, why would any guy be available at 4AM to beck-and-call if he has no motive (in a nice kind of way lah)?!

And this one's to 5 years of friendship/acquaintance, and counting. Toodles!  :) Powered by Blogger.