Friday, December 18, 2009

Bear & Bruno Are Actors

Bear & Bruno are TV actors now!

In case you haven’t already know, the lovely Rotties have been involved in a Malay drama serial! It’s great exposure and experience for them I suppose  - what with Rottweilers’ reputation gone and
working with a lot of Muslims on set. The boys were very obedient, according to their Pa, and he even sent me some pictures on set!

So adorable.

Their main duties were to bark and chase after the school students (I know you may think it’ll worsen the reputation, but hey, Bear & Bruno were instructed to do whatever the director wants). Switch around your thinking. Besides, at the end of the day, the boys are paid and their blog/name will be credited as well.

I am looking forward to the episode on Suria channel when it will be aired in January.

Also, on the boys’ blog, they have an abandoned husky named Shiloh waiting to be adopted. Interested parties please go to their site to find out more details and contact person/ viewing appointment.

Remember, pets are for life! Don’t be irresponsible like me – QQ is suffering from very bad skin now due to my negligence. I hadcompletely forgotten about giving her time to switch food of different brands.

Skinny monster, poor thing. :( (Not that I didn't feed her. She refused to eat some foods that I gave her. )

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Handburger

Last week I finally gave this new (sort of ) restaurant a try. It was featured in 8 Days once and I’ve wanted to go there. Rachie and I decided to settle in there for a good meal. Apparently,the burgers are all handmade - thus the name.

For burgers, the prices are a little steep ($13.80 for the Original Handburger and Portobello Mushroom Handburger) excluding GST and service charge. You get to choose either a chilled tomato or a bowl of
their homemade fries as a side. The drinks and dessert lists look equally yummy but  it was out of my budget.

The chilled tomato tastes really fresh, and coming from somebody who doesn’t even like cherry tomatoes, I would say this is good stuff. Within the tomato is like a coleslaw salad, which was too overbearing for me though.

If you picked the fries, good choice. Hahaha. The fat’s worth it. Somehow they used their special ingredients and marinated the fries to perfection (by that I mean just the way I like it). Heh. Don’t forget to eat it with their BBQ sauce (kop-ed from Rach’s Portobello Mushroom burger)!

The atmosphere was a little noisy, it didn’t really seem like a restaurant, but more like an atas fast food place. However, I lovetheir slightly lower-than-usual cube table and chairs, felt like I dined on practical art. :D

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Career Fairs

The past two months has been a frenzy of career fairs! I've been to 5 polytechnics, 1 university and 1 ITE and 2 army camps.

All of the trips sure were fun, those were also the times I talked to her A LOT, and almost about everything under the sun.

The first one at Nanyang Technological University I was not dressed properly as all the others present were either in their blazer or black ties, while I'm in my spaghetti violent romper. Hur hur. The people there were really chatty though. Kang was also right about the level of geekiness.

In Plurk I mentioned that I loved Republic Poly because the school is so conducive it makes me feel like sitting by the big pond and study for my exams all day. Hahaha.

Um, and I seriously think that Temasek Poly needs to refurnish the canteen, or renovate the entire canteens altogether. And why do I need to scan my student pass to just go and pee in the library?! Then you had an electricity trip while we pee as well. Greeeeeeat.

And I conclude that Singapore Poly IS indeed bigger than Ngee Ann Poly. I got lost even before I entered the school. Luckily Onion was there to rescue me! Thank you. :)

The crowd at Ngee Ann Poly was simply pathetic. I talked to less than 5 people on that day. Nobody care about their future career! Or about winning 3 sets of wii home! Damn you people! The sandwiches at the atrium were still as costly and cheapskate and the aunties as rude and grouchy as ever!!

Nanyang Poly have hidden talents. They have a CCA group that performs tap dancing at the age of 17. I'm not kidding. It's not a 6-member group, but more like a 60-member group performing at the foyer where we were. I was surprised. Their hip-hop group is up to par with TP's and NP's.

Simei ITE looks majestic. I told her it looks like a theme park to me, very fun. They have lifts and escalators everywhere!! The canteen serves yummy laksa too. Students seem to know one another everywhere, just the kind of "fun" environment you wish you can learn in. Not to mention thre are a lot of hot babes and good-looking guys in there too.

I also feel damn proud because the banner stand used at these roadshows, is designed by me! Heh.

My first attempt with a big-scale print.

And also the brochure that were printed in bulk:

Still makes me happy, although the paper material I messed it up. It's okay, next batch will come up to make a solid design! :P

Notes to self: *must work hard*

Friday, December 4, 2009

Some Balls

As you're reading this entry, I am still in Singapore (sadly yes I know). But not at home or work, probably at the airport laughing with MsV!

My colleagues are scrambling around their houses/shops dressing up for the annual D&D, this year's theme being Back To School (I would very much like to attend, knowing I can dress up! - Think Gossip Girl style). Hur. During one of the morning breakfast sessions they were talking about what they want to wear, and my job that day was to style their hair or something.

It should be fun. I also missed the opportunity to meet all the hunky officers! Hahaha. Just kidding. Although one DID really ask me if I was going to the dinner. *shy*

Anyway, friend-who-says-I-remind-him-of-sex-goddess gave me this (vaguely remember I blogged about this before leh):

A huge ball. A huge lollipop that's bigger than my fist. Or both my fists (I think). I was petrified thinking about the big candy I have to suck on.

Sis used to have one and she took one whole month to finish it. Gross. She has to leave them unwrapped in the fridge for so long.

It was a relief when I finally unwrapped it in the office to reveal:

Jeng jeng! A lollipop of lollipops! I've distributed them to my colleagues (hope you don't mind hor) and they were all wow-ed by the packaging. I'm sorry I'm not a fan of lollipops.

Just the lollipops. :p

I'll be off now! Be good!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

QQ & New Toys

QQ likes to disturb.

Even at our personal photoshoot.

Scrambling around with her new toy from Pets Lovers. Yet another toy to pamper and to kill her boredom (as much as possible) in the day.

The toy apparently makes crinkling noises to keep them engaged. Hahaha. I still want to get her a kong, or bring her out as much as possible. But I don't know how to play Fetch with her outdoors! :(

Last month, there was a lucky draw at PetUgamart. I thought I had a high chance of winning, considering the fact that you need to spend at least $150 for each coupon. I had one with me.

Then again, I never had luck when it comes to lucky draws. The Nebo Quest was a good example.

On the day of the draw itself, I can't be more wrong. The dog owner to my right had about 5 coupons holding out using both his hands, and the auntie to my left had 10 coupons opened up like a china fan. 0,0! She spent $1500 on dog food/accessories?! Or actually buy a dog with that money?!

Either way, I know I had no hope. Sigh. 8th prize is a Wii leh! Can you imagine what is the 1st,2nd and 3rd prize?!

Feeling disheartened, QQ was completely unaffected and had fun with the fellow furmates. In the end, Sis and I shared a strawberry cake for her.

She was so greedy she almost ate it whole that night! Her mouth was coloured pink, almost like the one in Legally Blonde (was it?).

Also, knowing how much she adores the opposite gender, I paired her up with Uncle KAM Fung, her new playmate. Haha.

It was weird because all along I thought he told me before that he wasn't a dog person, yet QQ snuggled in his lap the whole afternoon while we Mahjong-ed.

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