Friday, February 10, 2012

Chingay 2012

Last week, Chingay 2012 was one of the deal of the day! What do I mean by that?

Although the tickets were priced at $50 each, you can save 25% if you purchase through!  There are many more similar deals if you're looking for a short getaway trip, meal deals and/or treatments. invited us to catch the Chingay performance at the pit building, category 1, which was worth S$50!  I had no idea the pit building was so far away from the Promenade station. 0,0  I was drenched in sweat by the time I found my down.  There was a delay and I think the performance didn't start until after 8.30pm.

Here's a view from my seat:

I didn't expect to see a big pool of water in front of me. Little did I know that it was ACTUALLY the stage. Its stage set-up was very different from the previous years and I know I was in for a real treat. 

The show started with a huge dragon swimming across the sky, looking magnificent and very"huat".

As it moved across the stage, I see how challenging it was to control the direction of the dragon and make it look "alive".  The dragon was off to find his partner on the other side of the stage - a phoenix.

The VIPs arrived in style. They stood in sampan boats and waved to the audience.  I thought that was really cool, making use of the water stage!

We then enter Prelude Scene 1 where students lined the stage, playing the Erhu (although it does look a bit creepy since the girl on stage wore traditional Chinese clothes, braided her hair and playing a rather melancholy tune against the blue lighting...).

There were fire torches and speedboat! It zoomed across the water so rapidly my shutter wasn't fast enough to capture 0.0!

The performers used a spade or something to create patterned splashes, very creative and looks good!

Clearly the theme this year was Dragon, because it almost all the segments, there will be at least one.  These two dragons are made up of drums!


Combination of rhythm and gusto!

Well the first vehicle on parade is a replica of the Singapore Flyer, gorgeous!

Does the dragon have a spastic expression? Hehe.

This has got to be my favorite. There's actually water flowing down, almost like a veil wrapping around the vehicle, pretty!

The beautiful swan and elephants were presented by the Indian community.

A huge colorful vehicle made of balloons!

I was very impressed with the Taekwondo performance. Not only did they break wooden planks while showing their moves in the water, they also threw some high kicks and did a few flips in the air. Fwah.

Bicycles and unicycles in the water!

What about characters from your favorite movie?

At first glance I was like, cheh, it's lion dance performance again.... sian *goes back to phone*. But upon a closer look, these are balloon lions! I can imagine how gentle the guys have to be in order not to pop them.

Balloons, brides and trishaws~

HIGHLIGHT OF MY NIGHT goes to these two horses that gallantly trod across the water stage. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!

This was the final scene and nearing the finale!

Burst of colors and confetti!  I was really thankful that it didn't rain and the air was cool throughout the performance. :)  Can you imagine the confetti being damp and sticking onto us and the color runs? Eek.

Chingay 2012 ended on a good note with fireworks display lasting about 10 minutes. And this post also officially marks the end of Lunar New Year 2012. Hope you had a great one, just as I did!

Huat ah!

To be honest, even if I'd to pay $50 for this year's Chingay, I would say it's worth every dollar! It was really a spectacular performance and enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you once again for bringing us to the Chingay Parade Powered by Blogger.