Monday, November 30, 2009

Nebo Quest 2009

You may or may not heard of this Singaporean youth version of "Amazing Race" called Nebo Quest, organised by the Nebo club, a youth club by youths under the NTUC group. If you frequent the arcades at Ang Mo Kio Hub and E! Hub (Pasir Ris) then you'll prolly see the orange space dedicated to them.

In my opinion, this Nebo Quest challenge is an evil plan for non-members to pay and join them. To take part in the contest, non-members have to pay $15. And according to them, the goodie bag we receive was supposed to mount up to $50, which is utter bullshit. Okay fine, in a way $20 arcade top-up value with additional $20 top-up value = gives you $20 credits worth! (Chey.)

Plus the facial cleanser and  men's shaving cream (yeah like I need it badly) and Chipster potato chips thrown into it, I think that makes another $10.

Anyway, when I saw about this advertisement I thought it would be fun for friends to gather, you know. So I initiated an email to my two buddies, cousin and sister and asked (more like pressured) them to take part. Heh.

I must say I'm surprised they ALL agreed, and because some of them haven't met one another, we even had another bonding session. They came over to my place for Chinese checkers and Mahjong and had  blast. After which, we had dinner and they watched a movie.

The week after we all gathered at Fort Canning Park at 8.15 in the bloody morning for this game. And me, being the team leader, got all of them shirts (which us girls eventually shred and braid on our own).

However, I do think it's a waste of our time when the quest only starts at 10AM, we spent a lot time before that standing under the sun and learning the rather childish Quest Cheer. Unfortunately, the booklet in our hands gave us a very hard route, almost redundant - From ECP > National Museum (Which was just next to Fort Canning?! KNN) > SAM 8Q > Siglap > Bedok Reservoir > Tampines Mart > Downtown East - and only on that day do I realised I spent much on travelling fares and utilised toooooooooooo much of my mobile data plan.

We ran so much, were dead tired, and in the end, won nothing but a stupid goodie bag. I was quite pissed off actually. To make it worth my effort, I down lots of Milo from the Milo truck parked outside (which of course is quite stupid).

It was also the first time in my adulthood that I FELL ASLEEP in during my lunch due to fatigue. I know, it's a WTF moment.

I don't think we stand a chance of winning next year either, so maybe this is a "screw it, I'm staying in to sleep" decision. The majority of the winners are almost all guys, and even with the girls, their almost like guys, so... I don't know.

The entertainment segment after the challenge was a bore, and the sound system sucked. Please don't make us go through all these again just to wait for the lucky draw and announcements. The salvation were perhaps the emcee and the simple games performed at the 6 points.

At the end of the day, the question is: HOW FAIR WAS THE GAME? I cannot say.
All I can say is I enjoy the times I had with my family and friends. Thank you guys! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've Decided...

... that today is a good day to reveal my dream bike!!

Yes it's a cruiser, but not in this shade of green. I'm going to save up for an additional basket as well so it can accommodate QQ when we go for breeze rides.

But the saving up is going to take a couple of months though, considering I'm no longer working soon! :( 

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Letter From Taiwan

My Yi Po from Taiwan sent over a letter containing some pictures we took over there! Apparently the official photographer of the wedding took our pictures and developed them out. :D

I still think I look more like dad and she looks more like mom. Her eyes are bigger and chio-er!

Grandma, who looks similar to Yi Po, was mistaken as the groom's mom the whole afternoon!

Family photo which I was absent for because I was pooping in the loo, just right behind the walls.

The bride's dress looks so pretty. Well, at least something this sweet in pink that I like...

I'm sorry we were too bored while waiting for the guests, we didn't really know anyone!! Didn't know we got taken in this one anyway. Heh...

Sigh. I miss Yi Po and Tiu Gong, Taiwan, food, shopping, and the neighbours over there. I hope I can save up enough to go visit them again. :(

For now, it's Bangkok next.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

River Crusin'

The same day last week, I met up with Anodize and Rachie for some Awfully Chocolate.

Then all of a sudden I find myself having late dinner with Rachie, TK and his client at Timbre @ Arts House. The weather was great and because we were bored, TK whipped out his handy iPhone for the Truth or Dare game. Mm hmm. Most of the Dare we did it, except for one that is TK has to lick his feet. 0,0

After which, the client wanted to take the River Cruise and we tagged along.

I've never felt like a tourist in my home country!! Point being, it can sometimes be nice to meet new people, this one being Australian and just enjoy the company of both my old and new friends.

I'm glad I met them.

On the way back, an old man fell over in the middle of the road. His bicycle fell and the heavy stuffs that came with it fell. TK pulled over while the guys went to helped him up. THAT is kind.

*Scribbles in black book* Rachel not as good girl as she seems. :P


In other news, hosting again tomorrow at the same time 11.30AM to 3.30PM @ Raffles Xchange!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

TLB @ Raffles Xchange

I'll be hosting next at Raffles Xchange on the 16th, 19th, 23rd and 26th this month!

Nothing much, same old "hosting"but just different sponsors.

Time: 11.30AM to 3.30PM.

Hope I don't screw up this time. :(

A Christmas Carol


I'm sorry I defied the instructions. I refuse to watch the trailer...


because I've watched it for so many damned times in the theatres!!!

This is an upcoming movie that's very well-advertised (well what I can say, it's Walt Disney Studios!), and in every movie that I watched since August, they show it before every movie starts. I can even memorise the lines for one of the trailers.

Christmas comes but once a year, but for one man......BAH! Humbug. ..... that's one too often.

Okay you get the gist.

In A Christmas Carol, Jim Carrey not only plays the unfeeling Ebenezer Scrooge(pronounced as Eh-ber-nee-zer-screwwwwwge), but also all three ghosts of Christmas in the classic tale by Charles Dickens.

Charles Dickens - the same person who also brought about David Copperfield - the famous Oliver Twist and The Great Expectations.

  1. The story unfolds with Ebenezer Scrooge being a miserly rich man who had lived alone all his life. Even with his only loyal clerk, Bob Cratchet (starring Gary Oldman!!!), he mistreats him and demanded that he works on Christmas Eve. He hates Christmas, though we don't know why at the beginning of the movie. Oh by the way, "Bah! Humbug!" is Ebenezer's favourite phrase. 

  1. After he was warned by his dead business partner, Joseph Marley (also starring Gary Oldman!), Christmas Past (Jim Carrey) comes to visit Ebenezer. In the movie trailer, the Christmas Past looks like a ball of fire, orange and glowy, speaking in a floaty voice. But according to the novel, he was supposed to be dwarfish - short and stout - and in fact, a very jolly young man. He represents Scrooge's attitude towards Christmas when he was a young kid. This is where we look at Scrooge's Past: A happy young man who likes company, had the love of his life...However, when he was in school, his family was too poor to afford a carriage to send him home for Christmas, and he was the only one being left behind. As a result, he swore to work hard and become a rich man. He worked so hard, he neglected his supposed fiance and eventually he was alone, and became a miser who worked through Christmas. 

  1. Christmas Present - a big man with a heart laughter, long golden beard and entwined in a coat of grape vines - showed Scrooge the current situation. Despite being invited to his only nephew's Christmas party, he declined. We see his nephew toasting to Scrooge because he was his only family. As Scrooge grew older, he became colder and drifted away from his family because he was too engrossed in work. We also sees Bob Cratchet's big family toasting to Scrooge. They are poor, but very happy. Bob Cratchet's youngest son Tiny Tim is crippled, but that did not get to him or their family. In fact, Scrooge likes Tiny Tim a lot.

  1. Last but not least Christmas Yet To Be - a dementor-like figure - showed him the near future. His nephew was no longer doing well and the same party scene was now depressing. Tiny Tim died. And where did Scrooge go? Nowhere but under his tombstone.  This was where he realised that everything bad is going to happen if he doesn't change his evil ways. 
    I shall not go into details but you'll have to catch the movie to find out.

    And so am I hoping to watch it in 3D next week. Heh. :D



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