Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Rude Encounter With Racist Customer

Before I begin this entry, I must warn those hot-headed individual Singaporeans (especially the Chinese - you'll know why later), who like me, might get pissed and upset at this man whom I am going to discuss about. This story happens last night when I was working at an F&B outlet.

It begins with a man in blue long sleeve shirt named Sebastian Hernil. He and his friend, let's call him Mr. A (for Asshole or Arrogant bastard) because I don't know his name.

So throughout the night, I was in charge of serving them Guinnesses and food (which they were rather picky with it by the way). Mr A wanted me to check with the kitchen whether it was American bacon or Danish bacon in the Bacon Butty Sandwich (I should have known by then he was a pest).

On the other hand, I seem to get along very well with Sebastian, as we start our casual chat on which country he's from and what's his occupation. We were having a free-flow (which is forbidden by the way) enjoyable conversation, that is, until Mr. A came back from a phone call, or smoking break.

I asked them one last time if they wanted any more drinks, but they declined. Out of a friendly gesture, asked them what they were talking about. And here the terror begins.

Mr. A said they were just talking about history, and so I asked what about history (there can be history of beer, history of parents, history of wars etc etc what). He gave me this surprised look as though he can't believe I asked him that. He proceeded telling me that Scotland is the best country in the whole wide world (so I'm more or less guessing he's a Scottish).

I asked him why he said so.

Oh, because it was the Scottish who invented the television, the telephone, roads, planes and a lot more other things!
 Look, no INDIVIDUAL could invent something that was mentioned above, because it is a collaboration work between countries and people to work harmoniously to benefit the human population. I tried finding out who invented what, but even so the results vary. You know why? Because some countries would want to claim credit more than others. In fact, I believe that these useful inventions could be created by the Americans, Scottish people, Romans and Japanese.

So STFU about you and your "oh-Scotland-is-the-best!"

I said, "Oh really?"

Yeah! Of course! And did you know that Singapore used to belong to Scotland as well?

At this point of time I am very puzzled. We were taught that Singapore was once occupied by the British, so since when did the Scottish come into picture?

Yes, I'm sure Scotland is beautiful place but don't you think labelling as "best" country is exaggerating?

I haven't gotten to the racist part yet.

He started getting agitated when I told him "err, no, I don't think so" and told him that we learnt about Raffles and Singapore once merged with Malaysia and it didn't lasted long.

NOTE: Mr. A started to mention Mr. Lee Kuan Yew here ->

That's what you learnt in school, don't you think Lee Kuan Yew is trying to hide somthing from you? He was being kicked out of the Federation because apparently he was too arrogant.

I'm like thinking to myself, "Woh woh woh, you're defaming him!"

The worse has yet to come.

He proceeded saying that Singapore is NOT EVEN A COUNTRY. By then, I was speechless by his ridiculous-ness but I can't argue with him because of the "status"(working) I was in. He said everything we have here belongs to somewhere else, eg. Malaysia and/or Scotland.

Don't you know your history? Don't you question it??????!!!! How do you think YOU came about here in Singapore?
 I said I don't know.

What?! I can date back my family history to the year 752 but you can't even date back a 150 years ago??!!
Well, I learnt my history 3 years ago and I can't retain a lot of thi...

That's what's wrong with your education system here! You all are taught to pass your exams but you don't UNDERSTAND what you're taught!
No, that's not tru....

Yes! Yes! That's is what it is. Look how Lee Kuan Yew has shaped Singapore.
 *In my mind: I. Have. To . Control. My. Temper*
It was us Scottish/British (can't remember clearly) who brought slaves from China to work as cheap labour here in Singapore. 
Huh?! Is it?!

From this moment onwards, my smile has drained almost completely from my face (the most annoying thing is that I can't retaliate him!!!)

In order to change subject,  I said, " Oh, I'm not really interested in Singapore's history you know. I'm more into other history like...Korea. The cold war, you know?"

Oh! My wife's a Korean, so I know all about it.

*skeptical* "REALLY?"

If you think Scotland and Korea is way off better than Singapore because of the inventions, land space and HISTORY, why don't you fucking tell me why Koreans are killing one another?! But oh, why don't we look at World Reports that Singapore's health care system is ranked as one of the best in the world, or wait, PERHAPS WE ARE THE BEST, you fucking moron.

Hmm let's see what's the results when I key in "Scotland's problem" in Google...

And I get... tsk, tsk, tsk, DRUG ABUSE AND ALCOHOLISM. Oh, and that maybe explains why you had 6 pints (or so) of Guinnesses, blabber nonsense, and proceed to carry out a crime in Singapore by driving home after that?

So back to my story.

He carried on non-stop about putting down Singapore.
That's what's wrong with you Singaporeans. All of you need foreign talents, so Lee Kuan Yew brought them in and you Singaporean despise them.

I said, "That's not true!"

Yes yes, it's true! You Singaporeans spit on them and look down on them. My wife's a Korean, so I know.

HAR?! Your judgement is just based on this one person who is your Korean wife?! And you generalised it to all Singaporeans.

It was then Sebastian Hernil decided to call it a day. He stood up, gesturing Mr. A to leave. Before he left, I gritted my teeth and said, "Thank you! Goodnight!"

Shame on you! Shame on you! You should be ashamed of yourself! You don't even know your history!

I don't know if I should really feel humiliated, hurt by what he said about Singapore and us as Chinese being  slaves to the whites, or REALLY pissed off.

I became really affected by that encounter. Luckily for me, it was already near closing time and there were not many customers left to deal.

There, I shared my story, what's your view on this?

P.S. I don't think Mr. A was drunk because both of them seem perfectly fine when they left. I think it's more of a case where he thinks the whites are more superior than any other races.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


As the Hokkien saying goes, "别死死做!”, we should know when to play and when to work.

I found this in Qian Hu Fish Farm:

Was there to try out the Fish Spa.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oil It

Fine I know it's time to oil the machine again. Since I have free time on hand (due to procrastination, restlessness, giddiness, lethargy... yah you get the gist), I've decided to start with a short resolution list (I've never done this before!).

Ten of it. Firm decisions of what to do and what not.

1. Start saving more money. 

This time round it is not to sponsor my retail therapy, but others. I foresee many closer friends turning 21 this year, including my sis (WARNING!), and this will mean a humongous hole in my pocket. Need. To. Save. Or I can embarrass myself, saying
"Aiyah, it's the thought that counts mah!"
My current source of income; Muddy Murphy's 38th birthday

2. Stop peeling/nibbling my nails. 

3. Be a good dog owner. 

I will bring QQ out more often and spend time with her. I will not drive her into insanity or depression. I will stop bullying her. I will brush her teeth. I will clean her ears. I will teach her right from wrong. And the list goes on.

 QQ @ KM8, Sentosa

4. Join the dance troupe. 

As planned a year ago, upon graduation, I would risk scolding, hardship and body aches to go back to where I feel I belong.

Nuffnang Christmas Party 'o8 + Boiler Rubba Kissin Room

5. Work on interpersonal relationships. 

That being said, everytime I try to break the ice between us, I didn't have the courage and words became silence, and silence became a meek smile. This is not good. My social life is on its way to zero ground and I do not want that to happen!

Shirlyn's back to Wala Day!

6. Start new hobbies. 

At the moment, I've decided to play with Holga cameras (not that I have one yet) and hold your Don't give me that look.  Okay I don't have gas at home so I can't learn cooking. Fine, I'll do bakery instead?

95.8FM One-day tour with Mom

7. Pack up my room/leftover boxes and items in the house. 

That will take about 3 days, but the tough part is maintaining it. It takes 2 days to mess it up. All the filing, wiping, cleaning, vacuuming...

What if your cupboard doesn't have enough space for your clothes? How do you deal with the clothes ah? I can't bear to throw it away, so give me some suggestions!

Tiong's first Wii party

8. Iron my clothes on a regularly basis, say once a week. 

If not, the clothes piling behind my door are getting on my nerves.

 2E Gathering on New Year's Day

9. Know what I want to do and get into it. 

As of right now I'm confused whether I should take the education path or career path. I'm graduating yet I am totally clueless. In addition to that I need to know what I want to do exactly. Oh crap.

 Singapore Science Center

10. Update the blog and be careful with it.

Nuff' said.

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