Friday, April 22, 2011

Fashion Styling Workshop {Fashion Season @ Orchard}

The Fashion Season@Orchard (FSO) 2011 Organizing Committee was very kind to invite me for one of their fashion styling workshops last weekend at Centrepoint. It was held in conjunction with the Fashion Season @ Orchard to celebrate Singapore's Art & Fashion scene! 

These styling workshops are part of a full lineup of events that span from late March to early May.

The Fashion Styling Workshops will end THIS WEEKEND so quickly sign up for them now if you want to learn tips of hair styling, makeup and dress to impress this Spring/Summer.

Here's what I wore last Saturday:

My session began at 11 in the morning with the hair stylists from Redken sharing some hairstyling techniques. 

Yeah, I was asked to be their 'model', hehe. 

My hairstylist is Joelle and she is very pretty! She works at Centrepoint, Capello Loft.

Step 1: She divided my hair into three sections. 

Step 2: She tied them up so it's easier to work with each portion.

Step 3: She twisted and turned the hair sections into bun, then pinned them down with normal bobby pins. 

Step 4: Secure the rest of the hair with hairspray. 

This is how I look from the back:

Very creative eh?! I like how she styled my fringe to make me look classy. 

There were other participants getting their hair styled too.

Girl on the right had a printed headband worked into her french braid, nice hor? Why I cannot do my own French?!!

The rack of clothes featured at the workshop

Sammy went with me and I <3 her crochet top design!

Other participants asking for more hair care tips

Always comb back your hair to give it more volume!

Asian heads (shape) are flatter on the top, so comb back, twist, push and pin it in!

On the other side, the Senior Hairstylist is working on a different hairstyle, explaining that it is important to practise using the curling rods (before switching it on) in order to get the direction right.

Within 5 minutes, he completed his curling for that lady and they look gorgeous please. 

He later gathered the lower half of the hair and tucked them inside to create this cute bob look.

Later, the beauty professionals from Shu Uemura to introduce their new line of mosturizer and foundation products. 

Shu Uemura UV Underbase Mousse {new!}

In addition, they gave a makeup demonstration and taught us how to enhance the eyes. 

Following that, Patrick Sin from Her World shared his professional opinions on how to pull off the latest Spring/Summer looks with frocks and loud prints.

Tie-dye dresses are in.

My favourite looks from the workshop are these:

White/cream crochet dresses; and instead of matching them with plain white flats, go for animal prints for more character.

And I love this lace dress that comes with the necklace. I would totally use that as a belt too. 

For a more casual look, go andro with a blouse and pants (I forgot the name for this particular type, starts with C! :( ). The bag's from Nine West.

This maxi dress is the bomb (pun intended)! It costs about $300+ (I think!), but the boob area is well-supported.

Spoilt for choice

After we left and headed for Robinsons, there was a fashion show at the atrium and look - Same hairstyle for all the models! Hehe. So bloody tall and good-looking... *self-pity*

We walked along Orchard Road and after that Sam went to meet her friends and I went to ION to shop. Hehe. Took pictures of my hair in the loo:

Side view -

Front view -

<3 my HOH-inspired necklace

Loots for the day: Goodie bag from the workshop and my new Nike Free Run + 2 (will blog about this another time!).

I have started using the envelope clutch that I got from the workshop, it even matches my outfit that day. Very spacious, it fits my 15" laptop.

A closer look at the bag. But I don't intend to use it for Poppy, too filmsy for that already.

Also, you can Shop & Win during FOS. I already submitted my Nike purchase for the draw, hope to win some shopping vouchers!

Have a great weekend! My Good Friday was awesome. :D

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rakku Shoe Wheel Sucks!

Some two years ago after chancing upon a particular brilliantly-designed shoe storage system, I decided to buy it despite its capacity for less than 20 pairs of shoes and cost of approx S$130.

The Rakku Shoe Wheel
won a Good Design Award in 2006 and was sold online, as well as retail shops like Fourskin and Anthropology (in SG). I got mine online from WHOA-HO, since they deliver it to my place.

My first Wheel was pink, and for the first few weeks I was very happy, thinking it saves space and eases the retrieval of my shoes.

The Wheel is made of hard plastic, separated by more transparent sheets of soft plastic and held together by elastic bands (like those thicker kind that we girls use to tie our hair in primary school).

So the first few months went by and the wheel was working fine, maybe it cannot turn as well because the weight of my shoes combined has weighed it down or something. My sister liked it so much because it is aesthetically pleasing so we ordered two more - in black and silver.

My happiness did not last. :( In less than a year, this is what happened to the elastic.

I didn't even pull apart it with strength whenever I take out my shoes. I even dropped by several shopps to ask whether I can replace the elastic, but to no avail.

Actually I also examined the Wheel and I don't think can be replaced just by cutting away the old one.

Then it became worse:

To the point that it can no longer hold my shoes, except for some pockets at the top.

In December when I went Nepal I bought this pair of leather flats, brand new, and left it in the Wheel. A week later when I decided to wear it...

The whole freakin' pair is covered in mould!!!

Damn gross, I cannot even hold the pair of shoes without dirtying my hands. Even the INTERIOR of the shoe is affected. The problem wouldn't lie in the shoe because just two weeks before I placed the shoe on the floor for 3-5 days and nothing happened.

This means that the Wheel cannot allow your shoes to "breathe" or 通风,that explains the moist that caused the mould.

The silver Wheel's elastic also became problematic soon after. Only my sister's wheel (Black) still working okay, but...

It's very dirty with stains and cannot be cleaned conveniently. They become these dried up mouldy stains.

Moral of the story?

Don't buy something just because it LOOKS nice!

In happier news, Facebook prompted this image to me for almost a week now:

Hehehe. We're celebrating it in the way we discussed it when we were only together for 3 months. So this is really happening! Gonna wear my new dress out, hopefully he likes it; I even went for a pedicure just now. Hahaha. Bimbo moments.

Pfft, what message? I'm going to talk to him straight in the face! :D

Thursday, April 14, 2011

PUMA Social Club Party @Limited Edt MBS

Haven’t you heard about the PUMA Social Club yet?

It’s a series of parties organized by PUMA and their Finale party is actually tonight {edit// on 21st April!}.
But I went to the last one on Friday and boy, it was tons of fun.

The third party was held at Limted Etd at MBS Sands Shoppes, the BF was supposed to be my guest but couldn’t make it last minute.

I reached about an hour after the party officially began and the shop venue was already packed with people! The mood set for the party was great, just the kind of soft lightings I like with a bit of those diudiu coloured balls.

The latest collection of the sports gear lined the walls, so guest could get a sneak peek at it while enjoying a bottle of ice cold beer or Sky Vodka.

What initially caught my for the PUMA Social Club parties are the quirky quotes used in the campaign. I saw it in Catalog, on the coasters and now in stores!


My favourite: Sometimes victory is a phone number. Hehe, so cheeky.

So true. :P

Most of the guests wore PUMA from head-to-toe that  matches the rows and rows of bright-coloured shoes at the side. Kinda made me feel embarrassed coz’ I didn’t have any! :/

Near the entrance, there was a table full of accessories for guests to play dress up. The police cap got me interested so…

…and it goes with my fake leather skirt anyway.

I think the highlight of the party for me was the guests PUMA invited. Here are the people whom I spotted that night:

Rebecca Tan,  model & TV host

Bobby Tonelli (left), Radio DJ at Class 95

George Young, writer and lawyer, and going into acting soon. Sizzles. He was the host for the all the PUMA parties too.

Dawn Yeoh, actress for Mediacorp

Pamelyn Chee, actress and FLY Entertainment,  and Mindy Ong, actress (think 881)

Irene Ang, Founder of FLY Entertainment – I find her extremely inspiring after reading the interview about her in 8 days 2 weeks ago. See, she’s damn friendly.

Jade Seah, model & host – her birthday was two days before the event, so everybody celebrated her birthday too.

She couldn’t escape the mandatory tahhhh-ing of alcohol.

Andie Chen, actor for Mediacorp  – the dude whom we (Nat and I) secretly admire for his acting skills. His bloody tall can! And I wasn’t wearing heels that day! Gahh.

James Seah, Top 10 Star Search Finalist – the hottie that kept our eyes (Janessa and I) busy the whole night. Hurhur.

I was almost with Janessa the entire night and we just hopped from one station to another, fooling around. :D

The activities going on for the night include ping pong and foozball.

I didn’t get a chance to play on the customized pingpong ball table.

So I watched the celebrities play lor.

The display layout of the PUMA gear was very nicely done  - shoes suspended in mid-air… although many of the display tops were used as tables for unfinished drinks and many drinks were knocked over. Yikes.

All guests were given a PUMA Social Card to collect stamps by playing games. The person with the highest number of “ball” stamps will win prizes, receive invites for the finale party, and enjoy 20% of merchandise.

More foozball, and a cute person caught on candid camera. Haha.

Terence and some other bloggers were there too. He’s so much fun lah, mingling and joining the other guests for ball games.

Janessa and I even played a couple of rounds of foozball with the editor-in-chief  of FHM Singapore, David Fuhrmann-Lim. Very haps okay.

My favourite pair of sneakers that I saw in the store:

I like the details on the side. If I’m not wrong, it’s also the pair that Irene Ang was wearing that day (scroll up to see her outfit picture).

Visit the official site for more information and designs about the collection.

I also got to know from Twitter that Genevieve would be there:

Actually I first got to know about the party from her blog, because she had been to the previous one at Blu Jaz Café. Love her Pingpong bat USB thumbdrive!

To those who are rocking at the finale party tonight, get high and have a ball of a time! To those who haven’t, join the club!

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