Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Making Way To The Press!

My comment that was sent to the forum the other day, received some strong response from this obviously well-educated man.

I had the urge to write back a short comment, but had no time and energy to do so. :( However, his second last paragraph was a bit sarcastic though. Hmmm.

It's ok. :D I got my 5 bonus marks anyway! Heh. While reading his entry, I actually have to Google the many English vocabulary words he used. Now, I think I've learnt more good words!

And then it was Ah Ma and Uncle:

It just so happen that my uncle and grandmother went to apply for a mass wedding organised by an external organisation and bumped into each other when making payment. I can almost imagine their expressions. Like the saying goes, like mother like son, cute. Haha.

The wedding dinner will take place on the last day of CNY, I can't wait. It's an important day for me as well. :)

* * *
On another note, I realised something: be it a backstabber, credit snatcher or two-headed snake, it all boils down to one thing - to push one's responsibility onto somebody else's shoulder, hypocrite. As long as I keep a clear conscience, I am fine.

P.S. It is hard to believe what I know. I thought you were funny and helpful, a loyal friend even though you appear cold . That's how far you've come. Tsk, I despise you. Oh, I think I also left out the rest who thinks they're innocent like a white dove. My ass. I may be younger and less knowledgeable, but I think I'm waaaaaay nicer.

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