Saturday, February 16, 2008

Lodging Complaints

As a Singaporean, I'm proud to present my complaint about dishonest cab drivers:

It wasn't published but it's all right. Just a nagging thought.

And I have a another complaint at the back of my head regarding Sakae Sushi.

You see, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Everybody knows this special day, but never was it ever a public holiday, yes?

Being naive, I thought the Sakae lunch buffet was available.

To my disappointment, the waiter simply said,

Err, today there is no buffet because it's Valentine's Day.
What to do? I can't simply walk out and say I'm not eating coz' there is no buffet! However, I turned my head to read the sticker that explains the buffet system.

It read: Monday - Friday, 3 - 6pm, 6.30pm - 10pm, except Public Holidays.

Yet on the pamphlet it says, "except Public Holidays unless otherwise stated". So to say, if business happens to be bad on Hari Raya and Deepavali (both public holidays), you just tell any potential customers, "Oh it's all right, ignore the sticker instructions, buffet is still available today. Schneemaseehhhh(or something like that)!

Totally incomprehensible.

I haven't even went on about the service. The order sent via the computer system was Salman Karaage. When the item came, it was not clarified. Unknowingly, food was consumed. Then the bill stated that it was Sakura Ebi ______, which costs $5 more than the Salmon Karaage. So the waiter was called upon to explain.

I think the computer system a bit messed up. Sorry.

And the additional price was charged to bill.
Sakae on Valentines, bad choice. No wait, you might just walk in on Friday 13th and they tell you because it's a special day, they do not offer you the buffet.

Basket - people.

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