Saturday, April 12, 2008

Awesome Advertisements

Well, at least in my opinion.

I tried looking for the one that has my teacher acting in it, but it wasn't available, and I also don't know of the brand he endorses in.

Because the other day my uncle sent me a Taiwanese commercial and I found it ... 0,0 funny.
I showed it to Bruce the other day and he blamed me for being lag.

Ah, what an inspiring one. I wonder how they make the animals do each other, and how to make the Golden Retriever do the sad face. But I highly suspect it's two different dogs who acted in it.

Hilarious, no? Bruce always liked this kind of ad. :D
Funny the storekeeper only asked for the brand of the ketchup, but not the rice, sugar, biscuit and shampoo?
I like her ultra speed speech and their cute accent. :P

It reminds me of this award-winning ad:

I'm sure Singaporeans know this one well. :)

Bruce followed up with another Indian one:

Wahaha, still say you not racist siahh! :D

My current favourite commercial ad is the 24-hr delivery McDonalds, where the guy shakes his hand to get rid of the electronic icon that we normally see on a computer screen. Cute.

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