Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I am Not a Game Addict

Shortly since I acquired the spanking new red PSP Slim & Lite I have received many, many games from our fellow gamer friends as well *coughs* (You don't need to know whether it's in hard copy or soft copy) *coughs*.

Earlier on I was playing with God of War -easy mode (O.I.E, don't judge) and completed it. Now with unlocked characters, yet I"m sick of playing it. The Normal mode - I died multiple tiems in a row, and I jumped to Ridge Racer 2. Heh.

But the other time at Glenn's house I was introduced to Guitar Hero, though I can't lose weight with it as like Dance Dance Revolutions eons ago, this is much more challenging and have got pretty awesome songs. (Tsk, unlike the techno songs Butterfly, Turn Me On etc on DDR).
Gosh, I heard Wii is awesome, is it true

On the train every day, I see many people playing with PSP/ DS lite. In comparision, PSP provides crystal clear visuals but it seems to me that the DS lite is more engaging, is it not?
This brings me back when I own the first Tamagotchi and my first Digimon (one spoilt one lost). This is how mine looks like in Primary 5 (in the same colour):

It was purchased by my maid, one for my sis and I. I know, very generous of her huh. And no, I didn't give her anything in return! :x

In Sec three, I guess probably due to peer influence, I got the version 3 of the Tamagotchi. And just last year I think, my sis went to buy the Version 4 of it:

It still costs $39.90, which is quite costly for a little virtual pet that dies in 7 days.
Anyway, that day when I was at Carrefour  there was the Tamagotchi Ver 4. It retails at $19.90.

Right now, I'm trying to figure how to play a game named Patapon, which is freakin' difficult to play!

Now, who says girls can't game at all?

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