Tuesday, May 6, 2008


According to Sheylara, by posting loads of pictures at one go and giving it short, lame captions make a blogger lazy. Well, I have here 55 photos, but not because I'm lazy, but because they're dated nearly a month ago and I have forgotten the details. Hur.


It was a Thursday night we bunch meet at PS, and settled in Ajisen Ramen for dinner.
Chio bu, what big eyes you have. But..but.. what bushy eyebrows you have too.

Twist. Don't take can?

Aspiring photographer. Tee hee hee, with my $5000 watch lying on my wrist.


Hmmm? Geek attack.

I got this from Shy's cam, I'm assuming they took it from the bus, I made minor changes and liked the effects, so I decided to log in down.

Her tongue can transform! Hmmm, kinky. :D

Yes I know, my double chin is forming and revealed, becoming bigger with each passing day... :(
Well I did attempt editing it like how Xiaxue does it, but it requires lots of time and skill. The end product looks horrible.

I just realised I've got wispy hair. I hate my fringe - digression : I want to cut bangs, should I or should I not? If not, then what kind of fringe?!!!

Kimmo and Shy was like playing this typing game. My fastest was only 66 I think. :(

Shy with her 1-5 finger poses.

I joined in at 6-10. Spastic.

Our Stng Sta face. :D

I think I started this. :P

Our set of tools and props.

I'll get whacked.

Somebody taught me this, but I couldn't master it without using my teeth.

I had to teach them to try to do the mustache.

Shy passed around a serviette for us to sign on. What did I write?


Little fact about me: I think flipping through the menu for more than 10 mins is a waste of time, no?
I took this. :)

Something au naturale.
One of my favourite photos of the year. The red sofa makes a really pretty backdrop don't you think?

The common see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil, only better. :)

The bushy eyebrow joke is here to stay as long as Kimmo have eyebrows. Haha.

Well, it's only natural that Marvin was checking out her cleavage.

Big man with a fragile heart.

Still a DSL (dua suay liap - big small eyes)!

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