Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Oil It

Fine I know it's time to oil the machine again. Since I have free time on hand (due to procrastination, restlessness, giddiness, lethargy... yah you get the gist), I've decided to start with a short resolution list (I've never done this before!).

Ten of it. Firm decisions of what to do and what not.

1. Start saving more money. 

This time round it is not to sponsor my retail therapy, but others. I foresee many closer friends turning 21 this year, including my sis (WARNING!), and this will mean a humongous hole in my pocket. Need. To. Save. Or I can embarrass myself, saying
"Aiyah, it's the thought that counts mah!"
My current source of income; Muddy Murphy's 38th birthday

2. Stop peeling/nibbling my nails. 

3. Be a good dog owner. 

I will bring QQ out more often and spend time with her. I will not drive her into insanity or depression. I will stop bullying her. I will brush her teeth. I will clean her ears. I will teach her right from wrong. And the list goes on.

 QQ @ KM8, Sentosa

4. Join the dance troupe. 

As planned a year ago, upon graduation, I would risk scolding, hardship and body aches to go back to where I feel I belong.

Nuffnang Christmas Party 'o8 + Boiler Rubba Kissin Room

5. Work on interpersonal relationships. 

That being said, everytime I try to break the ice between us, I didn't have the courage and words became silence, and silence became a meek smile. This is not good. My social life is on its way to zero ground and I do not want that to happen!

Shirlyn's back to Wala Day!

6. Start new hobbies. 

At the moment, I've decided to play with Holga cameras (not that I have one yet) and hold your Don't give me that look.  Okay I don't have gas at home so I can't learn cooking. Fine, I'll do bakery instead?

95.8FM One-day tour with Mom

7. Pack up my room/leftover boxes and items in the house. 

That will take about 3 days, but the tough part is maintaining it. It takes 2 days to mess it up. All the filing, wiping, cleaning, vacuuming...

What if your cupboard doesn't have enough space for your clothes? How do you deal with the clothes ah? I can't bear to throw it away, so give me some suggestions!

Tiong's first Wii party

8. Iron my clothes on a regularly basis, say once a week. 

If not, the clothes piling behind my door are getting on my nerves.

 2E Gathering on New Year's Day

9. Know what I want to do and get into it. 

As of right now I'm confused whether I should take the education path or career path. I'm graduating yet I am totally clueless. In addition to that I need to know what I want to do exactly. Oh crap.

 Singapore Science Center

10. Update the blog and be careful with it.

Nuff' said.

Marina Barrage

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