Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Little About Travelling...

This year has been a fruitful year for me in terms of travelling. I think I'm just lucky I get to travel to three different countries within 3 months.

Other than the normal sighseeing (because we signed up with the tour package), I like to explore more than just the very "popular" and common things people do.

For example, I miss walking down the chilly street alongside my sister, hand-in-hand to a local bakery shop to see if we can pick a cake for daddy. However, since we're moving on to another location the following day, we did not get any birthday cake.

In the end, I bought the final tiramisu in the display shelf while Sis settled for the blueberry cake. We didn't bother about the melamine issue that was raging in China, we just indulge with our little snack. The feeling is so.....nice. It's like I blend into the surroundings at the moment.

On the way back, we also went by a convenience store, which I bought ice-cream (yayness, coz' they won't melt even if you leave it in the open for 15-30 mins!) and red wine potato chips. Yes, I like to try small things here and there that Singapore do not offer.

Also this time, I am of age to consume alcohol on flight! While looking through the dinner menu do I realise they offer a variety of drinks. Being the typical Singaporean that I am, I quickly think of making the full use of SIA. Hahaha. It was my first time drinking Bailey's in the air! Boy did that felt good. Heh. But the dinner sucked! *coughs* ahtiong feedback *coughs*

Then I began to miss 西湖, a place where it's full of history and culture, yet the essence of it still remain intact. The picturesque bridges were just like the illustrations of my Secondary school Higher Chinese textbook. Hahaha.

There's even litte shophouses that we can rent to spend the night, and proper tea shops to enjoy 吃茶。

I feel stupid to have the urge to start throwing out all the Chinese poems I learnt before as I stroll along the lake! What 李白 la, 杜甫la、白居易 la etc..

While doing my shopping, I do not only look at clothes (despite what you may think of me). At 7-11, I compare prices of condoms (it's like SGD10 for a pack of 3 over there, ex!). I also checked out the prices of film over there, which after conversion, cost about the same in Singapore. So it doesn't mean China = cheap okay! It depends on the items as well!

There were also these bun keychains that are selling at every corner of the streets. Out of curiosity (and because they look damn adorabel with the smiley faces and all), I went to touch it. It looked like it's made of those cheap plastic, but I tell you, THEY FEEL LIKE REAL BUNS, or even softer. They even smell like freshly-made bread. Very nice.

I also went through a funny experience of chatting with a masseuse while soaking my feet it 80 degrees hot herbal water. He just couldn't stop talking and went on and on about his hometown, class chairperson and Singapore.

I will also remember how my Sis and I bumped into a couple of dudes from Mumbai complaining about the poor service and attitude in China (and mainly because we can speak English), and eventually became our Facebook friend within 30 minutes. Hahaha.

Travelling is my favourite past time (literally man).

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