Monday, September 13, 2010

AQUALABEL - Panasonic Video Workshop

The video challenge is the toughest task thus far! 
That's what I exclaimed when I met Green Man after right after the video challenge that ended pretty late.

Since I had school before that, I was the last one to arrive at the workshop (sorry!). The guys from Panasonic had prepared a brief presentation on their latest digital camera and how to take better videos.

Although we were told to prepare for the challenge, it was nerve wrecking for me because I was tied down with school and work that I hadn't thought about what to do!

The worst part is, it was at this exact vision....

Other bloggers have started snapping away

...that I realised I forgot to borrow my Sis's camera for this challenge. How silly is that? Luckily for me, I had purchased my new mobile phone in the same week and hence I have my handy mobile's camera to use.

But there was another problem. The battery was running low. I was hoping so hard it wouldn't die on me (and it didn't lah). :3

Yes, welcome to the Get Reel stage where each contestant will have to deliver a short-liner and express our passion for AQUALABEL. We were each given 3 takes, shot using Panasonic's Lumix FX75 that is equipped with High-Definition(HD) video function.

As luck would have it, I progressed to the next stage with Xinyi and Jaclyn, and this also means one step closer to throwing my own AQUALABEL Private Party (will reveal more on this if I get into that round!). Heh.

As per last session, we had refreshments laid out on the table, and being the glutton that I am, I began to pig out at the available refreshments while our speaker prepares for his presentation:
Om nom nom
Later, Stella came over and handed me a tag:

Tag number for filming
Each blogger present at the workshop were given a tag that indicates who goes filming before or after. Mine was a reasonable number that gave me some time to prepare.

The presentation began with the features packed in the brand new Panasonic Lumix FX75, which include sensitive face detection (thanks to Intelligence Auto), a big touch screen and of course the ability to take HD videos.

This camera also came with three filter modes - Cosmetic (real), Soft Skin (snow white!) and Summer (tanned skin).  I fiddled with some of the modes and took a few pictures of myself in different skin tones.

We were also taught the importance of white balance and shooting with the aid of horizontal grid lines. The rule of third is just fundamental and what intrigued me is lighting and composition, how the video/picture tells a story.

The presenter identified some of the main problems with videos. For example, bad lighting angles and multiple light sources (conflict of lights). He also included a clip for further explanation, where the girl in the clip did not show her face or reflect accurately the colours of the make up she was using.

Finally, he showed us how to use the PhotofunStudio that comes with each Lumix FX75.

While the first blogger moves outside to start her filming, I was so nervous I keep on running to the washroom.

Here's how the makeshift "studio" looks like:

During the wait, I talked to Jaclyn and Verlyn who were sitting together with me. Jaclyn and I talked about everything from blogs to beauty contests to travel and I even asked her about her boyfriend before she left.

Although this is ultimately a competition, I don't feel any tension between Jaclyn and I. When Jaclyn asked me what I had prepared, I just shared it with her openly and in its entirety. She was practising her lines in the washroom too. There wasn't any enmity between us nor any signs of catfight going to break out.

She even suggested what I could change or improvised on, because I wasn't so sure myself. Thankfully,  I did follow her advice in the end and changed my entire line five minutes before my turn. Hurhur.

And you know what? I was happy with my performance that I changed at the last minute.

I enjoyed being part of this friendly and enriching contest where I make new friends, gain new insights, and the fight for the grand prize becomes secondary (not that I don't want it! :p). At every milestone of this journey, I picked up a new skill. :3

Stella, Me, Jaclyn
Stella later joined in our conversation too. Heh. Without her help, I wouldn't be able to resolve all my technical problems! :3

So now, you be the judge!

The final video clip (after my own edit) is going to be posted up on AQUALABEL FACEBOOK PAGE soon, so please show your support by 'like'-ing it!

This challenge seems to be full of ups and downs for me, especially when it comes down to the technical aspects. The laptop couldn't determine where the media files were, and they were in a format that was not Mac-compatible (.MTS). I had to go plough through many, erm, systems/sites before I found a converter that works well for me. Phew!

I know I got to be thick skin for this, so I'm gonna be shameless and ask YOU to cast your votes for me. It's perfectly fine if you don't feel the same way as I do, thus refuse to click on the 'like' button, no hard feelings okay?

Please leave comments and let me know what I could have improved on, or what you dislike! I welcome constructive comments.

Thank you very much to the AQUALABEL team and Zi Ang (presenter from Panasonic)!

Yes, I went back to eating after filming. :p I promise to share my food with you at the next challenge if you vote for me. :D


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