Sunday, July 4, 2010

Catching Up With Plurkers

Mmm it's been raining the entire week, Singapore feels so damn refreshing once again. However, the bumps on my legs and arms have yet to recover at all! In fact, it just seemed to have gotten worse today again. Sigh.

Right now, QQ's enjoying the cool breeze at the balcony and looking at her just reminds me how unqualified I am to be a dog owner.

Anyway, when I returned from China, managed to meet up with Rach and TK for dinner. We went to Bugis area (I think ) for some herbal-ly Bak Kut Teh, tastes great but not cheap though.

It was the same night TK introduced me to Sogurt. Apparently I'm the last to know of the place. :(

1) Choose your cup size (for the yogurt!).
2) Dispense yoghurt from machine (DIY). They have a variety to choose from - Green Apple, Strawberry... they update it daily.
3) Add toppings (from near the cashier) if you want.
4) Weigh and pay up.

A big bowl of yogurt shared amongst the three of us costs $20. Expensive? Yes. Entrepreneur concept? Excellent. 

The chocolate-flavoured one may sounds nice in your head but erm, yucks. Aloe vera, almond slice and choco-balls are my favourite toppings.

Sogurt works with loyalty. For every $5 spent, you'll receive a stamp.
 Rach and TK bought a pair of the geeky specs and I fell in love with it. Hur. He also had the bloody bear soft toy from a kiap kiap machine. -,-


Dinner last week was with social media guru cum blogger, Daphnemaia and TK.

Yes, "coincidentally" TK was wearing the same shirt as the previous time I met him.

Thank you Daphne for queuing for us at Mr. Curry! Heh.

I had dined there twice before and rather like the place but after this trip, nah. Check out Daphne's pathetic Enoki Bacon - all shrivelled,  limp and cold! Yikes. And this dish costs $5.90. Outrageous.
Not enough manpower doesn't mean you should sacrifice the quality of the food!

My jar of fattening Matcha Latte.

It was a lazy Friday evening and we were all waiting for the football match to start, so we went Sticky to check out the candies. TK and DM were both mesmorized by the making process while I just can't decide on which jar/packet to buy and keep testing the samples. Hahaha.

<< This 'Yi Xuan' wanted a milk bottle design in her candy but we all thought it looked more like Changi's iconic airport control tower, no?

One last narcissistic picture before I head out - Shine Youth Festival and MAAD at Red Dot!

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