Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Nail Stuff

I was in search of pretty nail designs the other day and found this cute, understated design:

I tried this on my nails last week and failed terribly.

Coincidentally when I was meeting Tweety and Co. the week before, I saw Samantha having this nail design. Love it! Which made me realize Sammie’s a really good nail artist. Previously she had bought lace and cut them into really tiny pieces and incorporate it into her nail colours. Things I’ve never thought of before. Nice. ☺

Just over the weekend, the evil Sammy just asked me to pick a Minx nail design for her.

What is Minx nails?!?!!

I don't even know until then.

Images all from Google

When browsing through magazines and images, if you'd notice the nails of Blake Lively, Beyonce, Megan Fox etc, and wonder how on Earth did they manage to get GOLD nails (no, not the glittery ones, this one is reflective), that IS Minx nails.

It works like having a gold foil over your nails, and if you like it, you can have it in Silver too or designs on the gold nails.

Other designs available include the one like this:
Intricate tribal/swirl details that you most probably cannot draw with barehands.

However, due to its new technology it is costly and only available at selected outlets (that I don't even know). Only Sammy knows but she's getting hers done in KL, where she says it's a lot cheaper. Will bug her for address and pictures when she get back. :)

Just last night, this woman asked me to join her for a session of Crackle nails. According to her, can find some cheap ones in Singapore.

Crackle nails are basically, just nail designs that looked cracked:

They come in different variations too.

However, if you try to do Minx x Crackle together it ain't very wise:


She's got a serious nail fetish, I swear.


Lauren said...


That bottom image isn't actually minx and crackle! It's from my blog and it's a review of rio nail foils which claimed to be the new minx but as you can see from the picture they're rubbish!

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