Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tron Night 2010

Tron Night was a blast at Cathay Cineileisure last Thursday as we were invited to Tron Night. As one of the first viewers to get a sneak peek at the movie, I feel really honoured.

Unfortunately, I arrived slightly late and so I sat alone at the corner! The security clearance was pretty tight too. But I managed to catch the entire preview. :D

Come December 16, we will all be able to catch Tron: Legacy, and I can't wait for the full version release!

At Tron Night, we were first greeted with a personal message  written to the people in the theatre, and that was really refreshing.

In the first scene, which was shown in 2D, we got to take a closer look at Sam Flynn's apartment. His uncle (if I'm not mistaken) showed up at his loft to pass him the keys to the old Flynn arcade. Initially adamant about checking out the old arcade, Sam became curious as to who sent the pager message to him (Sam's father, Kevin had gone missing for 20 years) and we were cut to the next scene where he checked out the dusty place.

I like this particular scene because it showcases an awesome classic hit, Sweet Dreams Are Made of These, while Sam explores the arcade. The machines looked vintage and awesome; he approached the one in the centre and attempted playing the game (it was the classic version of Tron Bike). It was then he realised the secret doorway that led him  into The Grid.

We were cut to the next scene where Sam was captured and installed with a memory disk before he engage in his first game - Disc Wars.

Did I mention too that Siren in Tron is SUPER HOT in her suit and style?

My favourite scene from the preview would be the Light Bike scene.

Just in case you don't know what the bike game is all about, it is an addictive game where you have to force your opponent to be trapped or knocked out from the game. Players ride in their own motorbicycles and each trail created are marked. This means that the players are unable to take the same route again. Here's a video clip to illustrate:

The preview ended with Sam finally meeting his father with the help of Quorra.

Outside, the bloggers were busy taking pictures and HP was so silly, he refused to come in the the picture-taking before he fixed his faulty camera! 
HP Fail #1

HP Fail #2

I went home with a L33K PACK and a set of pretty movie postcards courtesy of Disney (& TRON)!

What does the gamer pack contains?

Appealing to the gamers

Oh somebody would love to have this!

I passed the pack and postcards to my unimate, Joshua, because he's a huge fan and the one who introduced me to Tron and explained the wonder of the virtual world. So he deserves to keep it! :)

And if you're interested to catch the first Tron that was made in 1982: (Joshua's passing me the first movie too, heh.)

Lastly, you'll be glad to know that Tron is filmed in 3D, so there isn't any lousy post-production experience. Be ready to be impressed by the 3D effects!

I'll leave you with one advice: MUST WATCH THIS MOVIE IN 3D.

See you at The Grid! :3

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