Monday, April 16, 2007

:O .....

Coz' I'm tired. And sick of myself for sleeping soo late every night. I hit the sack last night only at 5am!
Such a darn affair! School's started! I have to get on track again.

Long overdue! :S
Chingay 'o7

I stumbled upon these when I was looking at My Pictures album, might shine some light here:

This Eeyore is drawn by none other than Mr Joshua Tang. He was so excited about it and he prepared this for one of the lesson for the primary school kids in China. If you don't know who is he, I will show his photo, later.

Our indemnity form. Well, there's my siggy. But, NOT EXACTLY, if you know what I mean. Heh. :P

The last day in Sem 2 after we presented our The Cube Website. Farewell to my clique, hello to a new Ah Gong and class. I know you're like Huh? coz' you all don't know who's Ah Gong yet. I will introduce! Later. :)

Last lesson of LocVid. I think. Don't remember posting coz' I thought I didn't have it. My Loc Vid class in Studio.

You'd think she's pretty, but I've got to warn you guys out there. There is this online girl, 19, who claims that she's from Perth, MSN nickname 'Tng' and she's VERY WEIRD. We started out chatting because she thought I added her and actually on my side it's her who added me! I thought," Hey, no harm having a new friend!" and we chat all the way till 3am + as I'm still online. But to my extreme horror, our conversation were drifted and pulled to a far edge where she started asking me questions like (and I quote):
- So what size exactly are your tits?
- Have you had sex with your bf?
- Isn't it weird you don't want to touch your bf?
- Do you have the urge to touch yourself?

And more. So you get the thing. But, this girl in the pic, I don't think it's her. As in, it's probably another pic of another victim? I wouldn'y know. Just spreading the news! Eileen's sister was bugged by 'her' too! Freaky! Oh, I deleted her immediately after Kwang Wei and Yang Xiao repeated asked me to. I should learn my lesson. :S

-CNY this year. We had steamboat at Ying's house again! Will elaborate more in photo albums.

- Above pics can be found in CNY 'o7.


6/4/07 - Casual outing with Victor.

Mom and sis commented that he's a poor thing waiting downstairs under the big hot sun. I smirked. Like he's really a pity! Humpf. And so, he was invited to my living room to wait. While I prepped. :P

Headed to Plaza Singapura. Where I finally claimed my free $5 voucher Anderson's ice-cream. Savoury!

He is such a vainpot I tell you! He's cam sensitive and will immediately turn himself into a emo-shit-rocker-mat-model for you.

We had dinner at Fish & Co. Glasshouse for the second time. The Chocolate Junkie was suuuuper nice. Bloated as usual.

There you go. Had a great power nap home. It feels extremely good to be in his arms sometimes.
But not when he starts saying, " Of course lah, it's my shoulder leh. "

We watched The Number 23. The psychotic killer thriller. It's gooood. The technical stuffs and acting was gooood. Catch it if still possible! jim Carrey's first non-comedy film! However, he's still best at comedy. He's one hell of a comedian! Not emo-shit films.


7/4/07 - Casual outing with Victor 2. Bugis.

Plans were all screwed. We were suposed to head for Queensway. It changed coz' I said I wanna eat laksa. And he brought me to...

Bugis street's Katong Laksa. The heh bee hiam is yummy!

On the bus ride home.

Catched Sunshine. It was EXCELLENT! MUST WATCH. :) Coolness! Although I must admit I didn't want to watch it initially thanks to the movie name and poster. It's definitely not a boys-only movie! :)

My Dad's Birthday. 10/4/07

Kudos to sis since she ordered and hand-carry the cake all by herself from Kovan! Haha. I suggested Angie the Choice, did not force OK! Even though the design is simple like a pile of brown shit, it's costly and super yummy dark chocolate! Cake so soft that it bounces when you cut it! :D

He is such a kid I tell you. The moment he saw present, he's about to tear open it before sis and I stopped him. He's 54!

Well obviously, I'm the photog of the night!

I can't find any photos of me inside. :( I mean, even the family photo that I set timer with, it's not here!
Sis just barged in and complained of my non-existance in the family. Check out her blog where they went Malaysia, it feels odd not to see myself. :(

I don't consider this as being part of the family, literally.
Just credits to myself to know my appearance. Hur

GREAT. My target of sleeping at 11pm+ is RUINED. 3.05am.
I feel something missing...

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