Saturday, June 23, 2007

Radio Heatwave

It's what you want.


I have this very very strong urge to blog. And the reason why I'm still up is because unknowly my mind is switched on alert mode to wait for Hon's SMS or phonecall (if any) until he knocks off. And if I get disappointed, I will hug Leopart and cry and sleep and wake up early tomorrow morning to watch Cartoon Network. Oh well.

I am very bored. I went to read Xiaxue's blog. Amazingly, I like to read it. She relates to people, probably that's why she's popular. She IS a celebrity now no doubt, and it's the kind of real-life story which alot of people wants to follow suit (me me!). Err, but with my own identity of course. Surprisingly, her entries with alot of her camwhored photos weren't the ones that generate the most comments, it was her controversy entries (guess Singaporeans are really anal bout' that. [ Eh, wait, why my iTunes not on? Hur. Talk about randomness.] The one that conjured up to 300+ comments was the ones with words like whores and bitches and Geylang and men. Her updated version of the entry is very funny. Defending herself with facts about herself and her boyfriend, Mike. [ Wakao, I just found an insect on my desk!!!!!$%$%^&*^&^%&^$%#$ ! In my house the possibility to see an ant is quite rare, mind you. Freaked! ]

As mentioned, Wei Long and I decided to do a 'Holiday Special' hosting today. But from the initial 2-4pm, became 2-6pm. And with the addtion of Valerie (senior) joining us as well. It started a little awkward, since I haven't hosted in English before, and obviously my Eng kinda sucked. So I kept quiet most of the times to save myself from embarassment. But the chatting and chilling was likeable. But Wei Long said it was ALL pretentious. Which is sad. Which means we're actually just faking. And it made me wonder when he said in the end, " I had a GREAT time here today......." and repeated like, twice. =,= So perhaps it's not real either. Inside he might be thinking:" Damn, what a f***ing waste of time today. I could have worked on my Comm Iss. Moreover, Jie Ting can't stop the teasing about *ahem* and I feel so awkward and all. KNNBCB!"

Woah, that's a scary thought. :(

I just feel uncomfortable with speaking with people with their English-perfect accents. They make me feel stupid. :( So I chose to keep quiet. And let them do the talking. And try not to make a fool of myself. No, don't get me wrong, today was really fun. Like, the very traditional chilling. Heh.

Anyway, DO start tuning in to Radio Heatwave. I notice the very pathetic group of listeners (if it's even a group =,=). i only have Kenneth today. :( Starting next term, we'll be on the Intranet; using handphone to become our very own wireless microphone; giving out Zouk passes every show; Surf 'n' Turf vouchers; New Urban Male goodies; Radio Heatwave pens and we do dedications! Just come up to the conty or we'll be walking around. I hope I have songs for the Chinese listeners out there. :X

INTRANET! Oh man. And I thought my friends from the other side of Singapore can hear me even when they're doing their thing just to support me. :( Guess only the NP students get to try to see if the Intranet is good. But next week's the assessment's week. So I might just do as badly as the previous times like how I leave the mic on, loads of dead air etc. Crap.

In black and white. Of a very dull mood.

Wei Long in the conty. I have noticed that the way I blog about him does sounds like I fancy him, no? Maybe it's about time I put Victor in the spotlight.

My very lonely Subway dinner I had tonight was eaten on the bus to SHHK for drama rehearsal. And I have to act all childish. I'm not very good at acting anyway. No lines, just looks like a mime show to me. But still. I think I'll be better shutting up. Haha. The others laugh when I proclaim I'm practically doing a mime show on my own.

Maybe if you would like to watch me at Victoria Theatre in August...

Eileen, is this he?

And I've got the quiz questions already. I'm going to generate it. :) For you.

I must do this.

It's been quite a journey.
The first day he picked me up from school.

All the memories.
Waiting my dear, waiting.

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