Thursday, June 21, 2007

Bad timing

Oh great. When my old friends finally came to visit my hollow blog, it was emo entries. Now I can never shake that thang off. Argh.

Hasn't been a great time anyway. Been struggling for a day, and seriously I haven't smiled for 24 hours. My initial plan was only not to smile in photos with him. But, things happened and now I'm all battered and sore (emotionally).

Tuesday was a hyped night out with Fung and his bunch of JC friends. We were out to Serangoon Garden to celebrate this chap's birthday:

Like I told myself, no mini skirt nor deep V-neck top. It's a short sleeve shirt and my badly faded cheap skinnies!

There's more photos but it's in my cam, and I can't find my card reader. So have to wait. :(

Fung had to shit halfway while waiting for me so I he went to do his business. We travelled and talked and talked and talked like the good old times. Erm, not exactly. It's the first time we talk about something Special, and perhaps now we're more open and frank with each other. By right we were suposed to reach at 7pm, but the intriguing talk led us to nearly 9pm before we had dinner with the bunch.

The birthday boy's name Hong Qing, one of the most talkative person I've known. Crappy, funny, drooling for pretty/hot babes, he may just have a kind soul inside him. :)

We headed to the common Ah Pek pub which we all went for the third time, and started with a jug of beer and light singing, before developing into a bottle of vodka and poker cards. I didn't get a chance to play though. But I sang like 4-5 songs. Heh. Made a couple of new friends. Augusting and Yong Jun I think. All in all, the night was fun, really. We ended up giggles and felt closer (right) with people.

Oh bugger. Do you think it's ok to kiss or get kissed by a birthday boy? Hmm.

I can't believe I travelled to school for nearly 2 hours and for mere 5-10 mins of briefing, I can leave! Such as waste of time and effort and everything is. So I called Ah Gong who happened to be in the library as well and we chilled a little to discuss about DJ-ing on Fri. (2-4pm! NOTE!)

Oh yes, Joanne Peh happened to be there filming with a chinese DJ if I'm not wrong. Joanne Peh is too skinny that's it's kinda awful. I think short hair suits her better. I don't really fancy her that much.

I re-watched Pirates 2 at Hon's place and I finally got all the details of Pirates Series right. That's an achievement! And I'll try to substitutemy possibly vulgar word to BUGGER. It works great for Jack Sparrow. ♥

Eil showed me this the other night, she is SO cool SO sweet!:

Let her voice soothe your nerves.

And of course I need some of these:

Goodnight, my love (the one that's to me).

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