Friday, August 31, 2007


Exactly a week ago, them girls came to watch my first show at the Victoria Theatre, and after which we headed out for supper/drinks. :)

Sadly, these are the only 3 photos I have, that night I was stoning, and I guess that's because of lethargy, but nevertheless I had fun.

Shy's friend came along (Alan Pang) and we all exchanged racist jokes. At say, near 2am we strolled along Clarke Quay and Boat Quay and bypassed some pubs and MOS (I finally know where~). I did want to enter ChinaOne but am afraid kenna rejected. There after, we each took respective Night Riders home. I fell asleep immediately, waking up to find my assh*** very sore (no idea why, I didn't do anything!).

The following day, Fung and Vic came. Fung brought out his study materials while Vic had to work later at 9.30pm. And according to them, after my afternoon performance ended at 5pm, they headed for lunch and talked non-stop till 9pm.

Fung surprised me when he appeared at the audiences' area (we're supposed to meet at Mac). What was supposed to be "let's take a train home together" became "let's hang around, walk around, and eat and drink" session. Heh. We walked on for about 2 hours, discussing about stupid things/behaviours, genders, figures etc.

Finally settling down at this posh dessert store.
That Parfait of Dark Chocolate is soft and creamy! $7 hor. The harmless Tropical Fruit Tea costs $6.50. There, I made confessions.... And we talked about the old days.... Wahaha.

Also, not forgetting that I received two flowers that day from other people, and when we walked together, people gave us that weird look as though he's my boyfriend, and being very sweet to buy me flowers. :/

On Sunday, Fung still came down! And was already waiting at the audience area. Happy! He was studying with his sister at NLB before.

I promised to accompany him to collect his Sony-Erricsson-being-rolled-over-by-his-dad's-lorry-and-speaker-spoiled, where he surprised me yet again with two tickets to Secrets! :D

It may not a big deal to you, but I was super touched ok!

My HP problem was also solved when we headed down to Paragon to fix it. :P

Not forgetting that I received another two more flowers that day from other people, and when we walked together, people gave us that weird look as though he's my boyfriend, and being very sweet to buy me flowers. :/
Heh heh. We watched it at Cathay Cineileisure and pulled a mini-trick on him, which he quickly dismissed. Hahaha.

We rated Secrets 9/10 for its excellent twisting plot, and 1 point loss to the dissonance at the front part of the movie where we go skeptical, giving comments like, "Huh? So fast?"

Fantastic songs and effects. Jay's acting skill? Err. *Shakes head* Although the kissing scene he was really good!

Moving on the next zone, we require a password, and we traced back to three days ago, where I wanted to pass Ying her birthday present.

Ok, I made this up. Ying very spontaneous huh, when she looked at this card she said, "Woah, I still need to key in on the number pad ah?!"

The cover page.

The insides. She kept laughing at the two bobbing heads (our faces)!
I went to Rivervale Plaza to look for them, and Cherie did this to her.

We were then invited to her house for dinner! Wahaha.

I think there's just something wrong with the cam, we all looked shakened.

What was I doing? My legs looked ugly from behind! Why didn't anybody tell me before? :(

I broke one of the candles.

I don't understand how the host can go and bathe while the guests just loiter around her house, doing their own things. ?,?

Jo came down after her tuition at Ang Mo Kio.

We checked out ALL of Ying's present. One guy delivered a bouquet of red roses and Nike shoes to her house at 10pm. The rest of us bugged her about that the entire night. :D

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Happy 18th/19th Birthday Ying!

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