Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Friends' kinda thing

The time I sleep everyday is increasingly shocking.

It's not like I'm working in a pub till 4.30am.

But yet, I still sleep at 5am .

Frustrating, and I'm going to make myself sleep before 2am today. :/

In the day, I'm still horribly sleepy.


On the train, I saw this secondary kid who's playing Rubik's Cube. And he's no ordinary player.

You should see how he worked his hands around that 9-faced plastic thing. It's not tweak-tick-turn-tat. His hands worked so fast I can barely see him rotating it.

He glides his hands over them and in a few minutes, he completed one puzzle. Then he messed them up again, paused and think, and solved it once more.


Yesterday, I thought it would be another unforgettable night for me, as Vic and I are supposed to watch fireworks at the bay, like last year.

Let's not even begin with how he can't wake up, missed dinner, missed good watching spots, and being an ass because I asked my friend and her BF along.

But also because I got the time of the showcase wrong. It was 9pm, not 8pm. He has to reach his workplace at 9pm, so we in the end we had to give it a miss.

Drama too place at Dhoby Ghaut station again. If you happened to be there yesterday at aroun 6pm-7pm, and you heard loud shouting, that's probably him.

Up till the station master came over to tell him to," Relax". (I heard of the phone when he's yelling)

Obviously, I know he walked out on me to have a puff. Like I don't have sensitive nose. It doesn't matter anymore.

Back in my mind, I had this presumption that no matter I do or say, he will not change the slightest bit for me.

Isn't give and take part of a healthy relationship?

Then why Wei Long would argue that,"Why would you want to change your partner?"

Even so, helping to correct harmful lifestyle, is that wrong too?

I want certain things to be better, but I'm helpless.

The quarrel went on and on, and only ceased when Victor really don't want to waste the 45mins we have got left and attempted to make me happy.

"Do you want to eat?"

What moved me last night was what he asked and what I knew.

"What is it that you still see in me?"

"Our love."

"Precisely because I know you loved me."

He closed his eyes and pull me towards him.

We hugged.

In the middle of nowhere, still inside Dhoby Ghaut station.

Just to clarify, I called my friend because I knew watching fireworks is something everybody enjoys, I casually asked her.

Moreover, after Vic left for work, I'm all alone.

I hate to think of the idea of being alone on a Fri night, after a quarrel, missed the fireworks, and had to go home sourly.

The night would REALLY be somber if without the three people who accompanied me.

Best pal Fung, Jo and Ying.

After I walked him to his workplace, I headed to Fernvale Koufu Coffeshop.

There, we chatted.

I must really say, the talk was awesome. Even after events that happened, we were still able to converse freely, and that felt great.

More topics were exchanged, gossips, everything under the sky.

I mustn't deny that there was many silent moments as well. Heh.

The couple:


I have a dog!

A miniature Schnauzer!

Somebody had too many dogs and so gave away one of them to Jian Wei. Sis called to tell me he and JW owned him now.

I am also now the proud co-owner of the dog. :)

It stays over at Jian Wei's house and I just now I bumped into BB (dog's name!) and JW.

It smelled my leg. :D

Very pitiful, he cried because he missed his parents a lot. And he had skin problems, having rashes now, so he is 'botak' now.


Cute little thing, although people will think he's very ugly for now. I still think he's adorable!

As compared to Wen Jun's Shimmy:
It's a big difference. I'll try my best to see what I can do for BB. :)


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