Thursday, August 16, 2007

Reasons to SHOP

Ms. Procrastinator wasted yet another day doing online shopping and playing demo Mac games.

What a loser, I know.

Reason why I shop even when I said I'm broke now:

1) SuperSampler
If you had understood my previous chinese entry, I mentioned I was feeling to buy a camera to bring to Korea to take photo, in addition to the mini purple digital one that I have. And I adore this ever since Ohgoodnessgolly held their Holga spree. Just that I don't know if this is cheaper?

Cost: $80/-

2) Caluculator Watch
This is also to equip me for my trip to Korea, because the conversion rate is SGD1 = 608.9WON? And it's very complicated, even to mental calculate ok. It would also be an ugly situation if you were to decide to buy something there (say clothes), and then whip out a huge calculator, start pressing away, then say,"Ka ka ha sae yo!" (Very expensive!)

*Waves my hand and walk out of the shop.

So with this, I could do this privately, acting like I'm checking the time, and decide if I should buy it. Heh heh. Smart right. Sis and Mom said they were keen too. This isn't the design I wanted, because this costs $75. The one I want is $40, and the site owner seems to be on a holiday, so the pic is unavailable.

Anyway, I'm going to Mustafa Shopping Centre to check first, since Clarity said Mustafa SC costs cheaper.

Cost: A normal black one $25. I'm thinking of mine, $32. :D

3) Harry Potter Fan Must-Have!
This has nothing to do with necessity, I just want to own this very badly. Don't tell me you don't know why.

Leather + Vintage + HP + fits A4 = Thiang's favourite.


Cost: $65. Seller says price nego, but then, what?

"$20 can? Heh heh. "
*Exudes some sex appeal, (if have)*

4) Mac Game
I just cannot curb my itch for games now. Once every 6 hours, I find myself playing demo games for 1 hour, before the stupid pop-up window says, "Time's up! Buy the full version for $19.90 at ________"


Cost: $2 only leh! (But don't know Mac compatible not, asking now.) If buy in bundle, 8 games for $9.90! (Which means I can buy Tycoon games, Belle's Beauty Boutique.... Wahahaahah)

So you see why I need to shop? All for a PURPOSE. :)

I can't tolerate having to spend 3 and a half hours SMS-ing the place to meet.

And it bloody hell happened. From 2pm-5.30pm. And alas, I meet Vic at CP. =.=

But his 5-days-never-see-you-liao syndrome kept him very, very sticky and sweet, and teh-hy, so I guessed it made up for it. Heh. Girl mah, I'm very easily appeased, and also easily annoyed. :D

I was trying to make that cherubic face similar to his, but failed.

HAHAHA. He was laughing at me, because I was imitating a dinosaur.

I was supposed to study. Three pages? Tsk.
From Monday, NLB:

Any word to replace 'F***ing' in fucking hilarious?

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